Monday, July 20, 2009

It is now the Second New Moon in Cancer- Solar Eclipse

Cancer New Moon July 21 10:36 PM EDT

As most of you know I generate a New Moon report on my very good friend Margaret Wendt's Metaphyiscal website which you can find here,
Some of you are aware that this new moon is a solar eclipse and it is also the second new moon in cancer this year. It is also the 2nd eclipse out of 3 that we are experiencing in a row this summer. (Next is the lunar eclipse in August).
It is a very potent new moon but not has gut churning as the last Cancer New Moon (which had a big ass opposition from Pluto.) This one is not as difficult and in fact has a beautiful aspect with Uranus and a nice conjunction with Mercury which will give it a different feeling that the earlier New Moon in Cancer. But it is still very important for us to work on our feelings and emotions and how we process stuff. Next month the nodes will be switching axis to Capricorn and Cancer and we would be best served if we could get our emotions and feelings in check. I have written a lot------

Perhaps on the last Cancer cycle we were spinning out of control trying to
take care of this person or that person. Maybe we were running around
putting out fires that were caused by one dysfunctional situation after
another. Then by the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse we were not so sure it
was all worth the “sturm and drang” (get out your German dictionary). We felt spent. We lay on our couch staring up at the ceiling wondering, “What was that I just experienced and was it worth it?” And the
answer? Most likely “NO.”

Now the question to ask is, “Are you going to do things differently on this Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse?” Spirit is giving you
another Cancer cycle to get it right. And by getting it right I am talking
about learning how to differentiate between real proactive emotions versus knee jerk juvenile emotions
---and the patterns that those reactions create.

I am sure many of you have already done that differentiation during
the last 28 days, so much that you will think long and hard before you
invest one more dollar, one more drop of sweat, tear or blood towards
anything and everything. And if you are silly and misguided and continue to respond with juvenile reactions, attitudes or beliefs you will have another lunar eclipse to set you straight (August 5). The August Full Moon Lunar eclipse is asking people to find their group of likeminded people (Aquarius Moon) and see how they can move their life to a better spot or at the very least an elevated spot where they can grow and shine (Leo Sun). And guess what? No juveniles
allowed! See why you are getting a second Cancer New
Moon? It is time to work out the kinks in your emotional and feeling body.

I write quite a bit more about the moon especially the issues with the nodes and I encourage you to read the whole article. There is a lot to share.


  1. Tracy, are you available to do a quickie node reading for me? This seems like exactly the info I need at this time. Just LMK if that's possible for you, please! As always, thanks so much for all your work and info!! I love reading your blog and articles!


  2. what is your birthdate time and location?

  3. 4-5-65 7:53 am Washington DC


  4. ABS---North node in Gemini, in the 1st house. This lifetime is about writing, communicating with neighbors and siblings. It is about being a bit gossipy. It is about being light. Last lifetimes you were too heavy--everything was about religion and philosophy and being "right." Right is might was your credo in the last lifetime. I'm sure you brought some of that to this lifetime..but remember it is the opposite of what you should be focused. Get a subscription to People magazin and get 'light.' Through that lightness will come the more important part of Spirit. Light touches go much further for you than you'll ever know.
    Also, this lifetime... get rid of your dependency on partners. Doesn't mean you can't have a partner just means you better not "need" them. "Want" "Enjoy" ---great. Put your value on a partner or feel insignificant because of your partner or lack of one---and you are missing the point. This life time you need to be about YOU. From that you will attract the right one.
    Dine out will make you grow.
    anyway, get Jan Spiller's book. She knows her stuff on this topic.