Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sun Trine Uranus July 18 8:36pm (EDT)

Another great aspect in a week of pretty decent aspects. Today's Trine will power through the whole weekend. We should feel inspired and creative. Some of us will have emotional breakthrus and some of us will feel a little brighter and lighter than we have felt in awhile. It is the perfect aspect for a inpromptu invitation to a friend for an outting or maybe a small party will manifest quickly. An overall joyful day. I don't usually talk about aspects with the moon (there are hundreds of astrologers who cover that topic every day--so you are good for that data) but sunday has got two great trines and two crunchy squares. Add today's Trine with Sun and Uranus and I say the weekend is pretty darn good.

Go out and have FUN! That is an order.

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