Friday, July 31, 2009

Mars Square Saturn--August 10

Mars Square Saturn Monday August 10 8:16 pm (EDT)

Mars in Gemini is talking a lot of trash. Have you noticed the fear mongering lately? Trash, trash, trash but today the trash talking is going to hit a wall.

Closed Door Meetings will be popping up everywhere as Saturn in Virgo says, "Shut, the 'eff up." Well, actually, Virgo is a bit too delicate for that language, rather Saturn in Virgo will just shut the door quietly and put up a sign, "gone fishin' ''

If you are feeling argumentative and want to get into it with someone, well, do so at your own peril. This is not the time to push anyone. You could regret it later. Instead, take your self out for a huge workout. Go to the gym, go for a good run. Do something physical. But at the same time---do NOT race your car. Give yourself plenty of time to go anywhere because remember everyone has got a SHORT fuse and would love to go off on you.


  1. this explains a lot. Seems all of us in our house have a short fuse of late, especially my hubby. How long is this going to last?

  2. it depends on the aspect and the planets but in this case we have been building towards it for a couple of days. We will still feel it tomorrow. but it will start to dissipate. breathe through it.