Monday, July 27, 2009

Jupiter gets Bruised!

I have been so busy lately that sometimes I miss an event that I really should NOT miss. Case in point, "Who slugged Jupiter when I wasn't looking?"
My husband and I were driving and he happened to mention to me, "Hey what about that bruise on Jupiter?" I said, 'What are you talking about?" and he said, "Didn't you hear, an amateur astrologer found a bruise on Jupiter and now astronomers are trying to figure out what hit it."
Talk about an astrological chiropractic adjustment! I sat up straight and said, "I had no idea about this, I am going to see what I can find." So, last night I went to learn more and actually I am glad it took me a week to hear this story. Evidently in the beginning there was conjecture that the thing that hit Jove was as big as Earth. By the time I got to the news they have learned it was probably only a few hundred meters in size (Thank Heavens!)
I, of course, (like I am sure every astrologer) thought about the astrological connection to this big 'shiner' and the conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron and Neptune. Chiron conjunctions bring wounds that need to be healed. It appears Jupiter's massiveness attracts everything and anything floating through his corner of the universe. And Neptune can bring out the victims.
I wonder what this means for Jupiter personalities? Bigger than life, Oxygen suckers, KnowItAlls, Judges---The people who walk into a room and before long everyone is circling around them, will they attract some hits? I don't know I am just mulling this over for the first time this morning.
Curiously, I remember fifteen years ago when Shoemaker-Levy Comet hit Jupiter. It was a thing of beauty. And I recall Buzz Myers my old astrologer spoke at length about the connection to Jupiter. I remember he suggested that Jupiter was getting something to change it or if not change it, something to influence it. Something from out of Jupiter's normal influence of power, a foreign visitor coming to teach him something. He mused about it but of course we could not know for sure about the implicatons.
At that time Pluto was at 25 degrees of Scorpio and we were dealing with all kinds of Scorpio issues (google S&L scandals) but now looking back on it I am wondering about that influence on Jupiter considering Pluto moved into Sag his home sign a couple years later. Had that rock'em sock'em Shoemaker Levy shaken Jupiter up so much it was a message of what was to come?
Colombine and 9/11 showed how a handful of benign looking guys (not unlike shoemaker levy) can do a whole world of hurt. I certainly don't know this for sure but it does make me scratch my head as we see this new wound.
Anyway, since I am late on the party on this one I have gone to see what some other astrologers have said and I think you might want to read Philip Sedgwick's take. It is interesting and thoughtful. Give it a read.

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