Saturday, July 25, 2009

North Node---The First Move into Capricorn--Game on!

In the evening (EDT) of July 26---- The Mean North Node will move into Capricorn. I know some of you are not too versed in astrology but still enjoy my blog (Thanks for your kind thoughts) so I don't want to bog you down with too much tech talk...but let me just explain that the movement of the nodes is wonky and the mean node takes into account the weird rate the nodes move. If you want to learn more on it go check out Molly's sight who does a nice job explaining it.
Having said that---The Mean Node is crossing into Capricorn on July 26...but the True Node makes the move into Cap on August 21st. In looking down the future I had it in my mind to post my text on Node Cap change on August 21st. However, in thinking about it I have decided to go ahead and post it now, with the Mean Node's transit into Cap. I think it will be interesting to see if we experience some stufff now----my gut is more will come out after the True nodes makes the move but we may still see stuff now that is very Capricorn North Node. ( And Cancer South Node--tsk, tsk). Anyway, here it is:
This is from my New Moon article
Now the important stuff---Ch, ch, ch, changes……

The nodes of the moon are going to change signs. First of all, the nodes are not planets, they are points. They have to do with the sun, the moon and the earth and the paths that they take. The nodes are a bit erratic in that they go backwards and forwards all the time and in no set pattern. They also go through the signs backwards. Instead of Aries, Taurus, Gemini---they go into Gemini, Taurus then Aries. The nodes are split into North Node and South Node. And it is the North Node where we have to stretch. The South Node is where we are lazy and where we have to be careful that we don’t fall victim to our past. The North Node is harder but more much more rewarding. I will share a personal experience just to help clarify the nodes. I have a North Node in Scorpio in the 7th house and the South Node in Taurus in my first house was very easy. I could do anything alone (first house). Go to a movie, go to an event, hang out somewhere, go to dinner, I didn’t care if I was alone. I cherished it. Perhaps too much. What I was supposed to do was be in partnership. And the fact that I have North Node in Scorpio I needed to be a resource for others and ask people, ”What do you need?” Let me tell you---that was very hard for my South Node in Taurus in the first house!! I wanted to be my own person, do my own thing in my own time. At the same time, it was a bit lonely (Do ya think?). But once I put myself out there in a seventh house way my life was inordinately richer. Doors opened for me in ways I cannot explain. Perhaps downright miraculous. The funny thing is that I made the move to my North Node before I actually learned about the nodes. I felt compelled to stretch and get beyond myself. I knew it was calling me and I was doing the work but when I actually learned about the nodes it sealed the deal and I could never look back. If you want to learn more about your nodes I strongly encourage you to get Jan Spiller’s book “Astrology for the Soul.” It is a seminal book on the topic.

But back to my point (as always I drift). The nodes are going to change signs in August. The North node will move from “We are the world- Aquarius” into “Is this prudent?- Capricorn” and the south node will move from “I am great” Leo into “My feelings are so important Cancer”. While the North Node was in Aquarius (since Jan 2008), the need to be social and gather within groups was extremely pronounced. It is interesting to me that the stock market crashed while the North Node was in Aquarius, I mean didn’t it help to know that we all were in it together? We all lost 1/3 of our investments (or greater). But now when the bell gets rung in Capricorn it will be a bit different.

Before I speak of North Node in Capricorn let’s look back and see how the nodes work. In 2005 the North Node was in Aries. Aries demands to be a leader, it gets out in front, it is fiery, it is a general in search of an army. The South Node in Libra is waiting for others to take charge. Libra leans back and let’s others pick up the slack. Curiously, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and I remember marveling at the power of the nodes. Here was North Node in Aries and there was no leader. No president, no FEMA, no governor, or senator was leading. Many of them tried but it seemed like we were a boat without a rudder. Perhaps the only one who seemed to know things was that guy from Amsterdam working on dams at the University in Baton Rouge who had warned the levees were not sound. But then he was not a leader. He was just a smart guy that everyone ignored. The energy was out there for all of us to witness---I don’t know about you, but I found myself standing up in my world a bit more during that time. I was so frustrated by the lack of leader that I became my own leader.

And on September 11, the North Node was in Cancer and the South Node was in Capricorn. Remember the south node is the lazy side, the thing we need to stretch out from. Like many astrologers on that Tuesday morning, I quickly drafted a chart for the day and saw a lot of aspects but I did note that the South Node was in Capricorn. Capricorn when it is in the South Node is a bit of a scrooge and a task master and hung up with work. Sadly, the vast majority of those people who died on 9/11 died at work. After it happened didn’t all of us go home and hug our children and family more? Didn’t we all GET the North Node in Cancer energy at that moment?

Now eight years later the nodes will switch from 9/11. It will be the North Node who will be in Capricorn and we will need to release the south node in Cancer meaning we will release the emotions, the feelings, the neediness. What does that mean? Well, I can tell you that I know a lot of people who were born with North Node in Capricorn and they never got their career off the ground because of their South Node in Cancer. They didn’t feel like pushing themselves. They didn’t feel like moving to a new town with more opportunities. They clung to the familiar even when it was no longer prudent. This is absolutely the wrong message for North Node in Capricorn. Capricorn is not particularly sentimental. Of course when it is bad it is a scrooge and penny pincher and cold ass. But when it is excelling, it has long vision and is the ultimate survivor. Don’t believe me? Between 1935 and 1936 the North Node was in Capricorn and many Jewish families in Berlin said, “Get me out of here.” They left behind generations of memories and history and they headed for new countries because they saw the writing on the wall and they knew survival was more important than sentiment. Many took a financial bath but it was still worth it to keep the family alive. Isn’t that the positive side of cancer? That is the positive side of the nodes, stretch and blend.

And in ’35 in America , it was the depths of The Depression and the Dust Bowl was so bad many Oklahoman’s, Iowans and Missourians packed up and moved to California and other states. There was no work or sustenance for them in their bread basket state. They knew they had to move and they did what they could to get there. They left roots because those roots were now barren. Who benefited? Their children and their children’s children. That is a perfect example of blending the two nodes. When you stretch out to the north you get results that come from the south. But if you do it in reverse and hang out and hide in the south energy you suffer greatly.

Let’s continue to look back at North Node in Capricorn South Node in Cancer. It took place right smack in the middle of World War 1 (between 1916 and 1918) and it was during this time that the United States joined the war.

It also took place between 1953 and 1955 during the escalation of the Cold War and McCarthyism and in that case I think we can see where the fear in Cancer South Node got the better of the nation. We got another round of North Node in Capricorn between 1972 & 1973 and between 1990 until 1992 which both coincided with huge financial recessions in America. Does all of this feel familiar?

Basically, when we look back on the last century of North Nodes in Capricorn we see they are associated with very tough times. And in tough times you have to make tough choices, there is not much room for sentimentality (cancer south node). We should expect the same for our next round of North Node Cap/ South node Cancer which will last from August 2009 until March 2011. If I believed in coincidences I would say, how curious we are getting two new moons in Cancer where we are processing out our emotions just before the nodes switch into Capricorn and Cancer. Isn’t that convenient that we can clean up our act before the nodes change signs? But of course, I don’t believe in coincidences and I think this is a wonderful opportunity (by design) to prep us for the next two years which are going to have a hurdle of challenges. Don’t sleep through the next twenty eight days. Live light, eat light, watch your neediness and overt sentimentality and just for sport google north node in Capricorn. See what you can learn to prep yourself.


  1. well written. I have North Node in Scorpio too (in 8th house)..I find though its easy to be
    Scoprio like.. but I tend to have trouble with letting go of "things" which would be my Taurus 2nd house South Node. I also have trouble with managing money and have borrowed alot.

    I definitely feel the last year and half or so
    was Aquarian - were in it together - outlook,
    but the shadow side is everyone trying to fend for themselves and survive through this hard economic times.

  2. I have south node in Scotrpio , in the 2nd house , too. It is a bit vice versa influences , des someone have such an 'conicidence' ?:))))))) I may switch to info change

  3. This article was very well written.

    However, I can find nowhere some information concerning the transit of NN on the SN of someone's natal chart.

    For example, my South Node is in Capricorn. How could this be interpreted?

    That would be a great article...!

  4. Hi Tracy,
    Your article is very well written and it has shed some light on some of the issues going on in my life right now, or at least that's the impression I'm getting right now.
    Since mid August I have felt much more "detached" from emotioanal issues and mucho more focused on carrying out my carrer and life plans. That sounds so Capricornian...
    Could that be the nodes changing signs? I have my North node in Scorpio, 9 house, and I'm SO into getting my career , life and everything on track!!
    Thanks for your clear insights!
    from Argentina

  5. I have found this fascinating. I am an Aries ascendent gemini with North Node Capricorn (SN Cancer).. I only found out 5 days ago !! Sorry not an astrology buff! So this falls into my natal N and S nodes...I wondered: how do changes in N and S nodes play out with other configuration, for example, how does this entry into North Node Capricorn (S cancer) impact people who are for example, N node Taurus (SN Scorpio) or N node Pisces (SN Virgo)..? Thank you

  6. Tracy,

    I am a 34 year old Cancer woman that found it truly uncanny to have someone with the same nodes as I do. Your comment on "alone time" hit the nail on the head. I am fiercly independent and have a hard time humbling myself for help if I need it. Right now I am dating an 55 year old Libra man who wants to lavish me with romance and I am having a hard time allowing such to happen. I tend to exhibit alot of scorp triaits especially the negative scorp traits - possessiveness and being vengeful. I recently realized that part of the reason for my coldness has been that i REFUSED TO ADMIT that I was in love with another woman's man. While we were friends, his recent marriage has left me feeling angry and like he should pay in some way. How can I learn to let go of the past so that I do not miss out on the fabulous present that I have in front of me?

  7. First of all, many apologies to all of you. I had no idea there were six postings here. I was out of town and was doing everything on a laptop that was old and harder for me to work.

    let me work backwards

  8. 34 year old cancer,
    what house is your south node?

    It seems like there are some 'ghosts' around a possible past life with your friend's husband.
    I would strongly urge you to do some kind of ceremonial around it. You know, cry, release, go to a spa, release any energies. Burn sage. Clear everything out on it. And start fresh. Start writing what you want in a man. Start journaling. Clear the space. Einstein said "not two things can occupy the same space." So, clear out him and all the emotions.
    If you need help... pay $5 an download this movie.

    Remember, Scorpio is the big Rebirth sign. Out of the ashes, the phoenix will rise. YOu can do it!

  9. anonymous,
    this should be an interesting time for you. You may be compelled to be extra bad and childish (south node) and extra good, Wise, executive descisions (north node). Both will be accented. The good news is you will see examples in the world at large and in your personal life which will make it so clear for you to adjust your own behaviors.
    You know, you see someone eat a whole cake..makes all of us think twice when we sneak a chocolate bar, "yeesh, I don't want to be like him/her!"

    you'll be on alert for your own stuff for the next 2 years. God speed!

  10. Jan Spiller has written a seminal book on the subject of nodes. Go find her book Spiritual Astrology. And if you check out her website you will find more info.

  11. I know what you mean about releasing stuff (2nd house south node)---it is challenging... but do it now. No matter how much you think you have cleared out have more to do.
    My south node in Taurus, knows this shit.
    Watch how your life shifts when you take things out of yoru life that no longer work, no longer serve and have a new life with someone else.
    That will rock your north node in 8th!
    Trust me.

  12. Argentina,
    Yes, we are all getting cooler, more detached. And if we aren't then we will get pushed around by the world a bit. We need the sobriety of Capricorn North Node. Or if you will... we can be cozy but we need to be practical about it.