Sunday, December 17, 2017

Seasons Greetings

Hello Dear Friends—
Tracy Astrosalon will return the first week of January. 
You will find below pertinent astrological information between December 18 – January 2. 

I wish for all of you a bright and cheerful holiday season and of course a wonderful 2018.



The Next Two Weeks

Tracy Astrosalon is going on a small winter break during the holidays.  

I wanted to post the astrology insights for the next couple of weeks so you have a road map.  

We are in the New Phase of Sag from December 18th until December 22. 

This focus:  Are you feeling the need to find your truth?   What is your truth?  What are your beliefs?  How are you moving forward?  How are you putting your arrow up in the sky and aiming for a target?   How are you inspired and how are you offering inspiration? 

Special focus
12/19:  Saturn enters Capricorn (see separate post)
12/21:  Sun enter Capricorn
12/21:  Sun conjunct Saturn.    Negativity and pessimism serve whom and how?

Crescent Moon Phase
Dec 22, 2017
 5:18 am EST

Focus on: What are you learning about your friends? What are you learning though your like minded groups?   Where are you finding your elevated thinking?  Who is bringing it out in you?  What are you learning from others and how do they bring out your uniqueness?  How are you learning the value of breaking out of normal thinking?  

Special focus:

12/22: Mercury direct 8:50pm and together we say, “hurray.”  (see separate post)
12/24: Venus enters Capricorn
12/25: Venus conjunct Saturn:  Serious about love and money.  Practical approach to values.

First Quarter Moon
December 26, 2017  
4:20am EST

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that support self?  What actions are you taking that speak to your independence?  What actions are you taking that are spirited?  What actions are you taking that speak to breaking out?   What actions are you taking that set you off on some new beginning? 
Special focus

12/27:  Mars Trine Neptune:  Actions based on faith and spirit reward new growth.  

Gibbous Moon
December 29, 2017
4:42 pm EST

Focus on:

How are you refining your finances?  How are you refining your resources?  How are you refining your banking?  How are you refining your ‘stick-to-it-ness’?  How are you refining your practicality?  

Full Moon Phase
January 1, 2018
9:25pm EDT 
11 Cancer 37

Focus on:   Full Moon in Cancer.   Our emotions are up.  Our family is up.  Our cozy is up.  Our tenderness is up.  Our thin-skinned is up.  Our snappiness is up.   What are we doing about all of it?    For a more detailed report on Cancer Full Moon---
Please Visit Astrology King, he has done a very thoughtful report.  

Special focus:

1/2/18 Uranus direct  (9:10am) 24 Aries 34 (see separate pose)

Uranus Direct January 2, 2018

Uranus Direct
January 2, 2018
9:10am EST

During the Sag New Moon, the Sun & Moon trine Uranus in Aries.    Surprises that inspire could bring joy and freedom.   For 29 days of the Sag lunar cycle we may see and feel liberation in a curious moment.    During the period you may feel inclined to do something out of the norm.  See if it broadens your world and adds excitement and inspiration or optimism.   Perhaps the liberation of being a straight (as an arrow) shooter will open you up in new ways.    And moments of independence can be invigorating and set up a new belief system.  

It is interesting we are getting this trine with Uranus on the New Moon since it is one of the last goodies we can get from Uranus before it moves into Taurus next spring.   On January 2, 2018 Uranus will turn direct at 24 Aries 34 during the Cancer Full Moon.   The Aries energy stokes independence and moving forward by our own initiative.  Given it is happening during our Cancer Full Moon our emotions may be speaking to us in a real gut level way about changes we need to make.  It could be very hard to ignore those desires and of course the question is—should we even ignore them?  Uranus in Aries like its fellow fire sign Sagittarius speaks to truth and independence.   How do we step out from our family, partner, friends, associates, neighbors to put our self forward?   What have you learned since it turned retrograde in July.  Go here to consider the Uranus process and how it impacted you in the last five months.

Use this information of independence to its fullest because you may need it when Uranus goes into Taurus.  Just sayin’.

Mercury Direct December 22

Mercury Direct
December 22
8:50pm EST

Mercury turned retrograde on Dec 3 and for three weeks our mental focus has been on our beliefs.  It may not be a case of waking up each morning and asking, “What do I believe?”   In fact --probably not. But more it is a case of experiencing a moment or a thought or an observation where we think something is right or wrong.   A string of these moments speaks to our beliefs.    Now with the retrograde concluding have we considered what beliefs work?  During retrograde did we bump into beliefs that maybe no longer serve us?   Have we started to realize our life is not in alignment with our inner truth?   How are our judgments keeping us small?   Is there a new you who wants to come forward but silly opinions are getting in the way?  And what about our prejudices how are they keeping us away from a higher good? Not just with other people but higher good for us?   
Issues around generosity may have been considered during this period.  What does it mean to be generous?  As the giver and as the recipient?    And how are we big?  What are our thoughts on being ‘big’?  Do we judge it? 
And how have we been inspired?   Where or who has provided a light for us?   Did we feel a little extra joy?  What inspired it?  

And finally, like all Mercury retrogrades, we could have had miscommunication or misplaced things or broken things appear that suddenly had to be repaired – Sigh.  Yes, that part of Mercury retrograde will be over.    And together we say, “Phew!”

Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn
Dec 19, 11:48 pm EST through March 21, 2020 11:58pm EDT
July 1, 2020 7:37pm Saturn Retrograde re-enters Cap
Dec 17, 2020 12:04 am Saturn re-enters Aquarius

The day after the new moon Saturn moves into Capricorn where it will be for the next two and half years.    Saturn is comfortable in Capricorn since it is a home sign.   Saturn with its legendary rings likes to pull in the reins and get serious the minute it transits a sign.  In Capricorn issues around business, career, economy, infrastructure, government (lots of Capricorn in politicians), aged community, traditions and conservation take front stage.

Thirty years ago, the last Saturn in Capricorn 1988-1991 followed right on the heels of the 1987 economic crash.   And in 1929 Saturn was in Cap for half of the year then it retrograded back into Sag and while it was at the Galactic Center (note that!) we had the 1929 crash, which activated the Great Depression.   Saturn helped focus people to do hard work while the world struggled.  Actually the hard work and struggle is exactly what Saturn in Capricorn likes to do     And you don’t need to be a Rhode Scholar to see there is great work in front of the world at this time.   I do wonder if and what seeds were planted in the last month when Saturn went over the GC and how will we spend the next couple years perhaps working on it?

We will talk a lot about Saturn in Capricorn for the next three years especially as it heads towards Pluto in 2020 but when I poked around on my ephemeris I see that the last time Saturn was on Pluto in Capricorn was January 1518 and more to the point--- in the run up to the conjunction during that fall of 1517 Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation.  Also in the run up the first European dignitary met the Ming Chinese officials.   What will we be building towards something between now and 2020?   A new reformation?   Something important in the international community?   Who knows but we will talking about it going forward.