Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mercury Direct December 22

Mercury Direct
December 22
8:50pm EST

Mercury turned retrograde on Dec 3 and for three weeks our mental focus has been on our beliefs.  It may not be a case of waking up each morning and asking, “What do I believe?”   In fact --probably not. But more it is a case of experiencing a moment or a thought or an observation where we think something is right or wrong.   A string of these moments speaks to our beliefs.    Now with the retrograde concluding have we considered what beliefs work?  During retrograde did we bump into beliefs that maybe no longer serve us?   Have we started to realize our life is not in alignment with our inner truth?   How are our judgments keeping us small?   Is there a new you who wants to come forward but silly opinions are getting in the way?  And what about our prejudices how are they keeping us away from a higher good? Not just with other people but higher good for us?   
Issues around generosity may have been considered during this period.  What does it mean to be generous?  As the giver and as the recipient?    And how are we big?  What are our thoughts on being ‘big’?  Do we judge it? 
And how have we been inspired?   Where or who has provided a light for us?   Did we feel a little extra joy?  What inspired it?  

And finally, like all Mercury retrogrades, we could have had miscommunication or misplaced things or broken things appear that suddenly had to be repaired – Sigh.  Yes, that part of Mercury retrograde will be over.    And together we say, “Phew!”

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