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Uranus Direct January 2, 2018

Uranus Direct
January 2, 2018
9:10am EST

During the Sag New Moon, the Sun & Moon trine Uranus in Aries.    Surprises that inspire could bring joy and freedom.   For 29 days of the Sag lunar cycle we may see and feel liberation in a curious moment.    During the period you may feel inclined to do something out of the norm.  See if it broadens your world and adds excitement and inspiration or optimism.   Perhaps the liberation of being a straight (as an arrow) shooter will open you up in new ways.    And moments of independence can be invigorating and set up a new belief system.  

It is interesting we are getting this trine with Uranus on the New Moon since it is one of the last goodies we can get from Uranus before it moves into Taurus next spring.   On January 2, 2018 Uranus will turn direct at 24 Aries 34 during the Cancer Full Moon.   The Aries energy stokes independence and moving forward by our own initiative.  Given it is happening during our Cancer Full Moon our emotions may be speaking to us in a real gut level way about changes we need to make.  It could be very hard to ignore those desires and of course the question is—should we even ignore them?  Uranus in Aries like its fellow fire sign Sagittarius speaks to truth and independence.   How do we step out from our family, partner, friends, associates, neighbors to put our self forward?   What have you learned since it turned retrograde in July.  Go here to consider the Uranus process and how it impacted you in the last five months.

Use this information of independence to its fullest because you may need it when Uranus goes into Taurus.  Just sayin’.

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