Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Curious Antiquities are showing up

I will be the first to tell you I can't exactly call the astrology on this one. Because of the theme of the findings I'm leaning towards Neptune in Aquarius. Although, we have been experiencing that transit for years. But perhaps it is the combination of Pluto in Capricorn while Neptune is in Aquarius---??? I'm not sure but the things that have been found of late are down right interesting.

Earlier this month an 18th century ship was found at Ground Zero. Yesterday they began dismantling it from the site.

Plank by plank, archeologists on Monday began the delicate process of dismantling a section of an 18th century ship that was found buried across the street from the World Trade Center site.

Each plank will be freeze-dried so that the fragmentary hull can eventually be reassembled and put on display, said Nichole Doub, head conservator for the Maryland Archeological Conservation Laboratory.

The 32-foot section of the nameless vessel was found earlier this month as workers were excavating for the rebuilt World Trade Center's parking garage.

The archeologists who carefully began taking it apart said they were thrilled by the historic find.

"This is my first ship. I've been doing archeology in New York City for almost 30 years," said Diane Dallal, director of archeology for AKRF, an environmental, engineering and planning consulting firm that is working on the project.

The section of the ship lay bathed in water and shielded from the sun by a tarp strung up on poles. Doub said the timber has to be kept wet or it will warp.

The whole article about Ground Zero Ship is HERE

Of course, Neptune rules Ships so that feels about right.

Then we have another favorite Neptune pastime---Booze.

Earlier this year a crate of scotch was found in the Antartica, underneath shed belonging to Ernest Shakelton from his famous 1908 search for the south pole.

A crate of Scotch whisky that has been frozen in Antarctic ice for more than a century is being thawed by museum officials in New Zealand.

The crate, and four others, were found earlier this year beneath the floor of a hut built by explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton during his 1908 expedition.

Canterbury Museum official Lizzie Meek explained how the whisky was being thawed, while Nigel Watson from the Antarctic Heritage Trust said it might be possible to recreate the whisky from the frozen samples.

After it slowly thaws it will ideally be ready for 'sampling'.

and then there is the world's oldest drinkable champagne that was found by Swedish Divers in the Baltic Sea. The bottle are from the 1780's pre French Revolution and probably on route to the Czar.

Divers have discovered what is thought to be the world’s oldest drinkable champagne in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, one of the finders said yesterday. They tasted the one bottle they’ve brought up so far before reaching shore.

Diving instructor Christian Ekstrom said the bottles are believed to be from the 1780s and probably were part of a cargo destined for Russia.

“We brought up the bottle to be able to establish how old the wreck was,’’ he said. “We didn’t know it would be champagne.’’

Ekstrom said the divers were overjoyed when they popped the cork on their boat after hauling the bubbly from a depth of 200 feet. “It tasted fantastic. It was a very sweet champagne, with a tobacco taste and oak,’’ he said

One bottle was uncorked and declared delish. Sure, nothing too god for the Czar.

ETA: Add another to the list. The HMS Investigator, a British ship lost in the artic ice for the last 150 years was just found.
honest to goodness you can't make this stuff up!

Mayan Tomb Found

U.S. and Guatemalan archaeologists have found an unusually well-preserved burial chamber that they believe is the tomb of the founder of a Maya dynasty, a find that promises new information about the empire's formative period.

Archaeologist Stephen Houston of Brown University said the tomb was so tightly sealed that the team found remains of textiles, wood carvings and other organic objects that normally don't last in the humid tropics. Even after 1,600 years, the smell of decay was still present when the team broke through the walls of the tomb, Houston said


As interesting as this story is and I do find it curious. I was horrified to read that six infants were entombed with him. Listen, even if the Mayans had a lot figured out celestially, they were so misguided with their human sacrifices that I basically don't give a shit about their calendar ending on 12/21/2012.

Jupiter & Uranus in Aries & the fat full moon

So, there we were this weekend with a huge full moon in Aquarius (sunday) and right in the middle of all this cardinal cross energy and bam!----the internet which rules the WWW made news again. Specifically, Wikileaks.

The torrent of more than 91,000 secret documents, one of the largest unauthorized disclosures in military history, sent the Obama administration scrambling to assess and repair any damage to the war effort, either abroad or in the U.S. The material could reinforce the view put forth by the war's opponents in Congress that one of the nation's longest conflicts is hopelessly stalemated.

How about that for Aquarius? I also say this is more about Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aries and opposition with Saturn and the square with Pluto. Aries is a warrior, Jupiter is the journalist and Uranus the rebel. We already had the Breitbart mess (muckracking journalism) from last week and now this although THIS is not a specific journalist--but wikileaks is ostensibly a site that behaves like journalism.
Let's not forget last month Rolling Stone's interview with General Stanley McChrystal and his swift (requested) resignation. Are we starting to get the feel for Jupiter and Uranus in Aries?

And typical of the Aries energy I can't even say what is right or what is wrong because the firestorm is so great that follows that it is hard to remember the cause. One can see how cool heads are needed at this time.

Ray Merriman update

I went over to Ray Merriman's website----Here's a snippet go over to his site for the rest of his weekly update.

So this is how it is going to be. Wild. If you are a trader in the trenches every day, you know its wild. It is every bit as wild as Financial Astrologers feared and hoped. We feared it would be wild because if it lived up to its potential, there would be sudden and large price moves in many markets, causing this to be a very difficult market environment. It is the nature of Saturn opposition Uranus (July 26). It is the nature of Jupiter stationary retrograde in a waxing square to Pluto (July 23-August 3), as it is also remains in conjunction with Uranus in Aries.

We also hoped it would be wild, for we wanted to see Astrology live - in real time - correlating with market movements reflecting these hugely diverse geocosmic dynamics. We may have also had a bit of sinister desire to see this market behavior mess with the minds of the world’s smartest people too, hopefully leading them to a little humility. Markets have a way of doing that. So does life. Whether you are a political leader, economist, Central Banker, trader, or unemployed worker trying to find a job that five other people want at the same time as you… it doesn’t matter. You are not in control now. You are deep within this “Twilight Zone” type of a portal known as the Cardinal Climax. It’s a different kind of reality. To navigate successfully in this terrain, one better be humble and admit, as the song “Tarrango” by Club des Belugas, croons, “I am not master of my senses. Therefore I cannot be guilty.”

Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturn Oppose Uranus the final round

Today, Monday July 26 at 1:07pm (EDT) We had the final opposition between Saturn and Uranus. As we have discussed (mucho) this is the fifth pass and the only one in the signs of Aries and Libra, (previous were in Pisces and Virgo). To say we feel like we are in between a rock and hard place is understatement. And in my mind, this one feels different--- perhaps more personal? How are we processing through the tension of balance and negotiation versus "my way or the highway"? Where do you need to be a peacemaker? Who feels selfish? Who feels "too giving"? Where are you?

Out in the world, I think Shirley Sherrod can speak of the value of an apology. She has received a few but it appears her detractors are digging in and holding on to their opinion. I'm left scratching my head.

Of course even though the aspect was exact today we will be processing this information for the rest of this month and next month as the outer planets continue to war with each other in the cardinal crosses/squares. Never underestimate the power of "I'm sorry." See if it helps.

Also today we had Mercury oppose Neptune so some of our communication was fuzzy and a wee bit hard to track. (I personally blame Neptune for me not putting this post up earlier). Luckily, we also had a nice Trine from Sun to Jupiter which puts a little wind into our sail. Perhaps you felt inspired?

Homesteading in America (again)

I was poking around on the New York Times and found this article about Beatrice Nebraska. In an attempt to fill depleted city cofers, city officials are resurrecting the homesteading act of 1862, or more specifically activating their own new homesteading act of 2010.

It hardly sounds like a prudent scheme. But in a bit of déjà vu, that is exactly what this small Nebraska city aims to do.

Beatrice was a starting point for the Homestead Act of 1862, the federal law that handed land to pioneering farmers. Back then, the goal was to settle the West. The goal of Beatrice’s “Homestead Act of 2010,” is, in part, to replenish city coffers.
It hardly sounds like a prudent scheme. But in a bit of déjà vu, that is exactly what this small Nebraska city aims to do.

Beatrice was a starting point for the Homestead Act of 1862, the federal law that handed land to pioneering farmers. Back then, the goal was to settle the West. The goal of Beatrice’s “Homestead Act of 2010,” is, in part, to replenish city coffers.

The calculus is simple, if counterintuitive: hand out city land now to ensure property tax revenues in the future.

“There are only so many ball fields a place can build,” Tobias J. Tempelmeyer, the city attorney, said the other day as he stared out at grassy lots, planted with lonely mailboxes, that the city is working to get rid of. “It really hurts having all this stuff off the tax rolls.”

Around the nation, cities and towns facing grim budget circumstances are grasping at unlikely — some would say desperate — means to bolster their shrunken tax bases. Like Beatrice, places like Dayton, Ohio, and Grafton, Ill., are giving away land for nominal fees or for nothing in the hope that it will boost the tax rolls and cut the lawn-mowing bills.

In Boca Raton, Fla., which faces a budget gap of more than $7 million, leaders are thinking about expanding the city’s size and annexing neighborhoods as an antidote. Sure, more residents would cost more in services, but officials hope the added tax revenues will more than make up for it


As I read the article I was struck by one thought ---"How Aries" A new adventure, a new opportunity, breaking new ground, a new beginnning, new promise--- Sounds like Aries to me! So, I drafted a chart for The Homestead Act (May 20, 1862) expecting to find an outer planet in Aries and I was not disappointed. There I found Neptune at 3 degrees of Aries. "Dreaming of a new hope" perfectly Neptune in Aries. Of course the tie to 2010 is remarkable, now we have Uranus in early Aries, along with Jupiter which puts the accent on unusual new opportunities.

Additionally, Chiron was in early Pisces which again ties into 2010 as Chiron moved into Pisces in April this year. With Chiron in Pisces, there is a boost in our Karma/Dharma bank. Either big deposits or big withdrawals. In the time of Lincoln, the Civil War and the battle over slavery certainly speaks of the painful part of Pisces (along with Lincoln's death) but at the same time the expansion and settling of the west, the beginnings of transcontinental railroad speaks of the hopefulness of Pisces.

Modern day homesteaders in unusual ways fits perfectly for our times.

ETA: Kirsten Marsh offered up another take on Urban Homesteading which again ties into this theme. "Urban Homesteading"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aquarius Full Moon

July 25 9:36pm EDT

Aquarius Full Moon
2 Aquarius 59
As we know we are in a tough period -- we have brutal aspects this week and next week. And in that environment, I say, “Hey, I have a fun idea! Let’s have a Full Moon!” Yikes. The tension of the Aquarius Full Moon activates a teeter totter effect. On one side we have community, tribes, being for ‘the group” (including internet). And on the other side we have personal drama, theater, celebrating individuals and people finding their personal creativity. There will be tension between both.

What happens when people feel tension? What do they feel for their community? Do they even care? Or perhaps they care even more? Or if people are so busy slogging it out being a cog in a wheel perhaps they are missing a great opportunity by running with their own idea. Do they even remember how to do something just for them? Questions to ask: Where is your group? How can you help your group and how can your group help you? And what is your god given talent and how can you showcase it? Do you think there is even a place for you to shine? Why or why not?

Interestingly, the moon has a trine with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Plus there is a wonderful Moon sextile Uranus. At the same time, the Sun trines Uranus, Jupiter and sextiles Saturn. These are terrifically helpful aspects for a Full Moon. Doors open with Jupiter, Mars provides energy and Saturn has discipline to accomplish results. These aspects are remarkable especially given the battle among the outer planet . In my mind, the tension we are experiencing this week (and this summer in general) is full throttle and right in the middle of it we have this full moon who has a positive agenda within it. As always, where a full moon takes place in your chart will personalize the energy. Look to see where 3 degrees Aquarius and 3 degrees Leo takes place in your chart. Now ask if that tension and energy which is ringing those houses would benefit by a new opportunity (Jupiter) or energy (mars) or structure and building (Saturn) and finally new creativity (Uranus)? See if you feel a force build in side you during the full moon. And whatever comes up please consider it might serve you much more than this week or summer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Elsa's AstroDispatch

Have you check out Elsa's Astro Dispatch?
Everyday there are great Astrology links, sure sometimes I'm on there, but plenty more than me, that's why I go peek!

News at Stonehenge

Perhaps the news about the upcoming opposition between Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries is that there is breaking news at a very hold site.

A new henge, a circular ditch which probably enclosed a ring of timber posts and may have been used for feasting, has been discovered within sight of Stonehenge.

Professor Vince Gaffney, of Birmingham university, described the discovery of the new monument, only 900 metres away and apparently contemporary to the 5,000-year-old stone circle, as the most exciting find at Stonehenge in a lifetime.

“This finding is remarkable. It will completely change the way we think about the landscape around Stonehenge.

“People have tended to think that as Stonehenge reached its peak, it was the paramount monument, existing in splendid isolation. This discovery is completely new and extremely important in how we understand Stonehenge and its landscape.

“Stonehenge is one of the most studied monuments on Earth but this demonstrates that there is still much more to be found.” Midsummer revellers coming to Stonehenge for the solstice have probably trampled unwittingly across the grass hiding the henge.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jupiter in Aries--A rush to judgement

I know that NONE of you have one extra minue for anything. We are all busy racing here and there to just get our day done. I get it. But if you could spend just three minutes I would strongly encourage you to read what happened to Shirley Sherrod. Ms Sherrod, who is African American, is a former USDA director of rural development for Georgia. Back in March she gave a 40 minute speech. In that speech there was about one or two minutes where she discussed a white farmer and she said, "I did not give him the full force of what I could do" to save his family farm. This clip was put out in the www---(google Andrew Brietbart) aired last week on Fox News (of course) and the flack hit immediately. Next thing you know, the NAACP condemned it, the administration forced her to resign and bam she was out of a job. The TRUTH was the clip was edited and completely out of context. She was making a point that she has helped all rural farmers of all colors and that indeed the farmer whom she was speaking considers her a great friend and who she continued to help for the following years. But NO ONE did that work. They watched the clip and then she was knee jerked her out of a job.

Jupiter was not in Aries when she gave the speech but when muckrakers took it last week and flung it out there, Jupiter was very much in Aries. And now the NAACP has apologized and The administration is reevaluating their move. People are calling for her to be reinstated.

Listen, I love Aries, I have it rising and my family and dearest friends all seem to have Moon in Aries. I get the fire, I get the actions, I get the blustery and quick movements. Get it...and in many way, I love it. BUT and this is a big but, with Uranus in Aries (Racing in the Internet) and Jupiter (judgement and press) in Aries we need to slow it all down. Thank god, Uranus turned retrograde and now this week, Jupiter will turn retro so we can think before we judge.

You can find the story HERE at CNN

How's our money?

In about an hour Saturn will leave Virgo and upon immediately entering Zero Libra will up the grind with Uranus (zero Aries) and also begin judo kicking Pluto.

Of course Jupiter is already taking swings at Pluto and next week Mars gets in the mix. This will impact us everywhere but we continue to hash out business/government and money. Interestingly, today as Saturn ups the tension, Obama will sign the Wall Street Reform bill. The thrashing out and passing of this bill ties in to the Saturn/Uranus oppositions of the last two years (final one next week). Of course, it sounds fine on paper (sort of) but I think there are many Americans who wonder, "Sure it says reform, but is it?". Coincidentally, today Ben Bernanke is scheduled to testify before congress and present the Fed Reserve's semiannual report. Are we heading for a double dip recession? What will extending unemployment do to the economy? (if that gets signed) and what is our interest rate future? All of those will be discussed. Check out Cspan for more on it.

If you have not gone over to Ray Merriman's weekly report, I strongly encourage you to give him a read. Here's a snippet

On July 23-24, Jupiter will go stationary retrograde, in exact square to Pluto. Pluto rules debt and the potential of loss through destruction (i.e. drought, for example), and Jupiter exaggeration. On Monday, July 26, Saturn will make its fifth and final opposition to Uranus, a 45-year cycle that coincides with sudden, unexpected events and a possible crisis. Uranus with Saturn also rules things like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and natural acts of destruction when Pluto is also involved – as it is in this case. I would love to tell you with confidence that this means the market will be wildly up or down. But with Uranus, you never know which, and oftentimes it is both in a short amount of time, as we have already witnessed as of late. Anyone who thinks they really know, simply doesn’t know. There are far too may scenarios possible to make this a high confidence trading environment. Sometimes the most valuable thing an analyst can advise is step aside, avoid the risk, and wait it out. But no one wants to pay to hear that.

So let me say it really simply. We are entering a time band of perhaps the most powerful geocosmics signatures of a lifetime. We’ve never seen anything quite like what we are about to witness in the next month. So we don’t really know what to expect, except the unexpected. Normally we might think the Saturn-Uranus opposition would be a crash, and it might be. The previous four times in this series, it has correlated with a crest (not a trough), and after three of those times, the DJIA fell over 1500 points within the next 3-6 weeks. If you want to trade, you have to be nimble and ready to reverse quickly, perhaps on an almost daily schedule. If you cannot handle the stress of risk, stay out and watch this cosmically historical pattern unfold, and watch with amazement at the types of human activities and financial market movements that will likely unfold – assuming they don’t do the unexpected and absolutely nothing of note happens

Please go here at Merriman Market Analyst

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking ahead

On July 21 at 11:10 am Saturn finally leaves Virgo and enters Libra. We have had 2.5 years to clear up our clutter, deal with our schedules, diet, health and how to serve others and be served. And now on the 21st we will turn our attention to our relationships and marriage, our way of 'relating', the way we share, find balance and we'll ask what is "fair"? Libra is a funny sign because it is the sign of partnership which asks for committment but at the same time Libra can be the most noncommital sign of all! Fear of commitment haunts Libra or more acurately ---the fear of making a 'wrong' choice can unerve them. With Saturn we will see flaws and cracks in all these issues.

Of course we have plenty of time to get comfortable (if that is the word) with Saturn's new journey. But as I discussed in the Cancer New Moon, as soon as Saturn goes into Libra it is heading for a fight with Uranus (July 26)

On July 22 The Sun moves into Leo so we'll all feel a bit more fiery and within a few hours it will sextile Saturn, so right out of the gate we get a nice perk to saturn, a great day to work on any relationship issue. Then on Friday July 23 Jupiter Retrogrades in Aries. Some of our big ideas that we had since Spring may need to be rethought. We have all fall to figure out the new goals for our lives, new bridges we can make and new opporutunities for spiritual growth (when it goes into Pisces). Again, check the new moon article for more info.

And on July 23 the Sun will trine Uranus. A wonderful day for being inspired and to find creative solutions or to be inspired about what you want to see in your future.

On Sunday July 25 is full moon in Aquarius. More to come on that.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Final Days of Saturn in Virgo

I popped over at Lynn Haye's Astro Sight today and she had a link to a lovely article written by her friend Diane L. I think it is nice piece. You can read the whole thing here.

I am past ready for Saturn to finish up his current tour through Virgo and move on into Libra. He reminds me far too much of my Libra mom who had lots of Virgo (and Pisces) in her chart . . . always nagging me unrelentingly about my diet, exercise and getting all my little seasonal chores completed!

That being said, I have made significant progress during the Saturn in Virgo years in fine tuning......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As Saturn and Uranus begin their approach to Opposition

On July 26 Saturn and Uranus will do their final opposition with each other. This battle for our hearts and minds began the first week of November 2008. We have had four exact contacts so far but the final one (of this cycle) will take place at the end of July and the only one in the signs Aries and Libra. And god, knows Aries is quite a bit more hostile than Pisces. Anyway, I have spoken much of it but besides the tension and the rebels and the negotiations that may or may not work or the rest of the icky stuff, we have also discussed that the accent will also be put on innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

Interestingly, yesterday I heard a great piece on NPR about the Power Grid which many of you might find interesting.

This is a complement to July's National Geographic Magazine (Yes they still make them). Can the power grid be fixed?

And then today I saw this article GE has launched $200 million to help someone, please someone, fix our power grid!
GE, in partnership with venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Emerald Technology Ventures, Foundation Capital and Rockport Capital, today announced the $200 million "GE Ecomagination Challenge," a contest that will fund promising ideas to improve America's smart grid technology.

Perhaps the Saturn/Uranus opposition will bring out some real results. Although, it might first cause a whole helluva lot of problems first...then solutions later.

Interesting Stories on this Cancer New Moon

Well, it is a goofy news cycle these last few days. And when goofy happens on New Moons I always like to ponder what the cycle will bring.

If you google "UFO over China" you will find various stories about an Airport closed in a China province because of a UFO. Evidently, it was seen by many and was seen on radar. All perfectly interesting. But the part that somewhat humored me was this other article I found.

Apparently, bookies favor China to have the first contact with Aliens. Sure, aliens love fried rice.

China Tipped for Extraterrestrial First Contact
Posted in Press Releases on July 12, 2010 @ 12:13 pm by Sarah Preece

(12 July 2010) Leading bookmaker, Paddy Power, has today slashed the odds on China being the first country to establish first contact with extraterrestrial life following strong betting patterns in support of the East Asian giant.

China was available at odds of 6/1 for first contact before the weekend but has been cut into 4/1 second favourite following several large bets including one of €500.

The betting frenzy was sparked by reports on Friday of a UFO soaring across the night sky over South East China which forced Xiaoshan International Airport to ground several flights to avoid a collision.

While the Chinese government has remained tight-lipped, punters wasted no time backing China which has resulted in Paddy Power facing a payout in excess of €25,000 should they be proved correct.

And my OTHER favorite story was Paul the Psychic Octopus has officially gone into retirement. After a phenomenal run of picking all the winners in last month's world cup (when asked)--Paul our favorite psychic invertebrate will pick no more winners. He is now going back to his first love, 'making children laugh."

It will be an interesting 28 days.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sad---Uganda bombing

I just heard about the bombing in Uganda. Apparently people who had gathered to watch the final world cup gang (congratulations, Spain) were victims of a terrorist bombing. As of this posting, 23 people have been killed.

On an eclipse it seems pointed. But as we know the cardinal energy is hot all summer.

At least 23 killed in Uganda restaurant blasts: police
(AFP) – 1 hour ago

KAMPALA — At least 23 people were killed in explosions that ripped through two restaurants in the Ugandan capital Kampala on Sunday as crowds watched the World Cup football final, police said.

One blast hit an Ethiopian restaurant in the south of the capital and the other was at a rugby sports club in the east of Kampala, police chief Kale Kayihura told reporters.

"Here there are 13 dead," he said in reference to the Ethiopian restaurant, adding that "I can talk of deaths in the tens" when asked about the toll at the sports club.

"These bombs were definitely targeting World Cup crowds," Kayihura said.

Police blocked roads leading to the Ethiopian restaurant in Kabalagala, a crowded suburb in the south of Kampala littered with several pubs popular with football fans.

Several security officers were deployed to the blast area and crowds were kept at bay, an AFP correspondent said.

Kampala city police spokesman Idi Ssenkunzi told AFP emergency teams had been dispatched to the second blast site in Cyadondo district.

It was not immediately clear who was behind the explosions, but Ssekunzi said they suspected that the perpetrators detonated bombs.

Such blasts are uncommon in Kampala although at least three people were wounded when attackers threw an explosive device at security forces after the country's 2006 general elections.

Police accused the opposition Forum for Democratic Change of planning violent post-election protests after losing to incumbent President Yoweri Museveni

Cancer New Moon 2010 & Eclipse

On July 11 at 3:40pm will be the Cancer New Moon and solar eclipse.

I barely got it up in time. If I tried to explain my schedule including a broken toe you would know why it is phenonmenal that I even got it up in time!

As always you will find the entire article at Margaret Wendt's website which is

Here's a snippet:

Cancer Solar Eclipse

Every year we get two solar eclipses and this year our second one is on Cancer New Moon. At first blush I guess we could blow it off as random coincidence that this eclipse is coming now in the middle of the cardinal crosses/climax/crisis but I have a hard time characterizing anything random or a coincidence and certainly not something important like an eclipse. What also makes this one extraordinary is that this Solar Eclipse is NOT touching the degrees of the cardinal squares. You of course being sensible humans are now asking, “And what the heck does that mean?” Excellent question and the answer is simple.

The cardinal cross is a bunch of squares taking place between the outer planets (and a few inner planets). This is between Zero and four degrees of Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Great. Zero, one, two, three and four degrees of those signs. Easy enough to understand. Of course there is one more cardinal sign and that is the sign Cancer---and what is this new moon? Cancer. -----Uh-oh.

But here is the good news, the New Moon (and eclipse) is at 20 degrees which is plenty far away from 0 to 4 degrees. This means that the Sun and Moon are free and clear of aspects with the warring planets! I say, “Hurray! We’ve been spared”---at least a little bit. And in fact perhaps some of the answers we need to deal with the cardinal cross will be found in the Cancer energy.

Feel you, feel me

Cancer is home, family, roots and things we hold close to our heart. It is our moody side, it is our emotional side and our tender side. It is our feelings. Cancer is the crab. Have you ever watched a crab or been near one? They are interesting. They have tough shells and their ‘arms’ are long and thin—perfect for an embrace? Perhaps. But at the end of their skinny arms you will find sharp claws. Those claws can pick apart anything close to them. In Cancer’s world, the best defense is a good offense. Pick, pick, pick….they can’t control themselves. But also instead of claws imagine boxing gloves at the end of their arms. They are ready to defend their emotions like a boxer ----and they will go down fighting. What are they fighting for? “Their home, their family and their feelings.” And not in that particular order—they are equally important. Of course, one thing to remember is that they do not hit anything head on. Like the crab they run sideways into everything. And even though their feelings are true and pure ---it is at that moment. A few hours later, or maybe a few days later those impassioned feelings whether peaks and valleys will be less high and less low. Like the tide they go up and they go down. Google an image for “Bay of Fundy” and you’ll have a good idea what Cancer Energy looks like.

Of course, in our rapidly changing 21st Century world, there is a premium put on people ‘containing’ their feelings. Even if we feel like running over the boss with our car, we can’t do it. Of course, it is not just a contemporary issue, I’m sure there were ancient Sumerians who wanted to run over their boss with a oxen cart---but the point is that in a functional society we can’t just let our emotions spill out all over the place. If we did, we would surely lose our jobs, our homes and perhaps even our families--- and like our car or oxen cart, we need to put the brakes on our feelings.

Please go to link for the rest of the article including the emphasis on the cardinal crosses.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dates to watch

The summer of the cardinal cross/crisis/climax is a head spinner and there are so many dates that it can get messy in my mind and I can imagine is a bunch of globbidygluck in your world. But just so we can keep it all straight, these are dates that either are part of the cardinal crosses or building towards it. Meaning, Saturn transit into Libra is not by itself a 'bad' thing but because once it moves into Libra it will begin contact with the other planets in cardinal signs so we need to put it in to our dates to watch.

July 11, New moon Solar eclipse is strong but not as potent as the lunar eclipse. thank god.
July 21 Saturn moves into Libra.
July 23 Jupiter Retro's...
July 25 Jupiter square Pluto.
July 26 Saturn Oppose Uranus,
July 29 Mars enters Libra,
July 30 Mars Oppose Uranus (ouch)
July 31 Mars conjunct Saturn
Aug 3 Jupiter square Pluto (again)
Aug 4 Mars oppose Jupiter
Aug 4 Mars Square Pluto
Aug 7 Venus Oppose Uranus
Aug8 Venus conjunct Saturn
Aug9 New Moon & Venus Square Jupter
Aug 10 Venus Square Pluto
Aug 16 Jupiter Oppse Saturn
Aug 21 Saturn Square Pluto
and under all of the above there is a general applying (mostly) square between Uranus and Pluto. We'll be experiencing this exact in 2011 but still part of the above tension

we will discuss these dates as they come up but consider the fuse lit. The cardinal climax is in the house.

Uranus---The big move...can I say that?

Uranus turns retrograde

“Ah, Uranus you just got to the party and you’re leaving so soon? “ After moving out of Pisces on May 28, Uranus began its seven year long slog through Aries and made it all the way to ------0 Aries. Yeah, it didn’t get that far but that does not mean it has not had an impact. Look around you; are you feeling the instability in the air? Are you feeling the pressure to do something to break free? Is there an impulse in you to be a maverick in some area of your life but again, you are not sure how to do it? Yep. That would be Zero Aries energy. We know we need changes and we need to break free but we don’t know how to do it ---yet.

On Monday, July 5 at 12:50pm (EDT) Uranus will turn retrograde. As we know, Uranus always spends half the year in retrograde motion so this is not an extraordinary event. But what is making this a wee bit interesting is that Uranus will continue to stay in Aries (even while it is backward) until August 15 then it moves back into Pisces. Where from August until December Uranus will continue its transit through Pisces until it turns direct again and eventually returns to Aries in March 2011. Once there, it will be done with Pisces for at least 70 years. In truth, the energies of these two signs could not be more different. Where Aries is forceful, fiery, a warrior, ready to tackle the world—Pisces is reflective, shyer, spiritual/religious and wonders, “where’s god? And is he listening to me?” Feel the difference?

Globally, we should expect some more changes in the world. Looking back to 1927 when Uranus made its first retrograde in Aries we can see that it was a remarkable period: During that time the following occurred:

Demonstrations and then execution of Sacco & Vanzetti
Left Wing Protests in Vienna & unrest
Mao’s Harvest Uprising in Hunan China
Rebellion in Vera Cruz crushed by Mexican government
Trotsky kicked out of Russia- Stalin now in charge

CBS is formed and opens up 47 radio stations
Jazz Singer released the first motion picture with sound
Construction on Mt. Rushmore
Holland Tunnel connects NJ to NYC
Henry Ford reveals the Model A

Earthquake in Palestine, Japan kill thousands
Floods devastate Vermont
Destructive Hurricane hits Canada
Devasting tornadoes in St. Louis
Explosions in Ohio, minds in Colorado and Penn

All of the above “very Uranus”. The accent on new during that period is probably more pronounced than our next six months since most of that retrograde was in Aries. In our case, only about six weeks will Uranus be in Aries the rest of the period it will be in Pisces. This puts the emphasis more on the greater, unworldly part of nature. It may feel more about karma and dharma, we may feel things tying up, things might feel out of our hands. But at the same time we may find unique ways to connect to spirit. Perhaps the old ways of finding God or connecting to that thing that is bigger than us will no longer work. But under this final wave of Uranus in Pisces we can create a new path to spirituality that works for us.

Also, it is worth noting that a few months before the first retrograde by Uranus in Aries Charles Lindbergh made his celebrated non stop flight to Paris. There was also a huge earthquake in China killing 200,000. Contemporary astrologers know from looking back that we can expect great innovations and breakthroughs in technology during the next seven years. Science helps us where it takes us and we’ll witness scientific history in the making. It will be as remarkable as Lindbergh landing in Paris. And if that seems ho-hum to you remember this, that in July 1969 Charles Lindbergh called Neil Armstrong and said “good luck” as Neil prepared to fly to the moon. Who will be our bridges to the new world? We may get hints of it during the next six months. Or perhaps the unrest will showcase where we NEED innovation. God, knows we need something down there in the gulf of Mexico. Sigh.

Personally, remember you all have Zero Aries somewhere in your chart and next to it you have late degrees Pisces. Expect some changes to be showcased in that area of your life and know that when Uranus turns direct in December and then finally moves into Aries for good in March, you’ll be ready for real innovation.

And of course it goes without saying that Uranus continues to be a part of the grand cross energy of the summer so we are all getting the zaps. We can’t hide from the information. What we do with it is between us and our maker!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

From PTA with Love

So, here is an interesting result out of this weekends' eclipse---- 11 spies were shaken not stirred out of the mass population. This story which is straight out of the cold war has left me (and several friends) scratching our heads.

Apparently, 11 deep undercover spies (for Russia) posing as wives and husbands and regular Joe's broke the news on Monday June 28. These 'married' couples were apparently working their best to Americanize themselves in their neighborhoods and the communities. The goal apparently was to work their way into public policy (I guess?). They worked hard to be a part of the community. They sold real estate, had bbq's were even members of PTA. Hello, is this nuts or what? As one who has done plenty for my PTA, I consider these folks ---crazy. And especially when I ask, "For what reason?" ---anything Russia wants to know they can find on Google for godsake.

What is even amazing is that these "couples" had children. Wow, talk about taking one for the team. They 'married' these people for the good of their job and then to keep the image more authentic they had children. Today, "Juan Lozaro" said that even though he loved his son he would not violate his loyalty for the service even for his son.

Wow. The fact this came up on the eclipse chart is remarkable. Pluto rules spies. Oppose Sun in Cancer which rules family, squaring Saturn rules duty, also square Jupiter (International) and Uranus (Renegade) in Aries (soldier)--there it is, all for us to follow like a paint by numbers set. Of course, the fact that is t square puts the accent on the Rub----and all I keep thinking, "My god, could they even be more misguided?" If you must be a spy, spy for Microsoft and see what you can learn about Apple.

Can't wait to see what else comes up in this summer of the misguided.