Monday, October 25, 2010

Note The week ahead

If you are like me then you are still dealing with the afterburn of this weekend's Full Moon. We are still feeling it until tomorrow's (10/25) Disseminating moon 5:59pm.

Luckily this morning we have a Mercury conjunct Venus which brings out our caring side and tenderness. Even if it a brief moment, those random acts of kindness go far today.

Tomorrow (10/25) at 3:01pm EDT The Sun will sextile Pluto which will put the accent on resources and productivity. A great day to get real stuff accomplished. It would be an beneficial day to make important calls and to reach out to people you have been a bit nervous about calling, particular people in position of power or authority. You may find them amenable.

On Thursday (10/28) Mars moves into Sag so we are going to get a whole lot of ponticating for the next month or so. Sag is great for parties, education, publishing and inflaming others with their passion. See what comes up that gets you all hot and bothered. Whatever house has your Sag you will see some energy come up!

Also on Thursday we will ahve Sun cojunct Venus which again is good for resources, love and money. A nice little 'have your cake and eat it too' day. For those who are into a little 'date night' go for it. If not, then take a look at your investments. They might be ready for a bit of inspired thinking.

Final quarter moon is on Saturday and we will begin the final days heading for Scorpio New moon on Nov 6...more to come.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aries Full Moon-Do you feel the Sparks????

Aries Full Moon

October 22 – 9:38pm EDT

Whether an astrologer will admit it or not, I think we all have our favorite full moons and in my case I have a warm spot for Aries Full Moon. But then I enjoy a good old brawl. Or at the very least some terrific sparks. Which you get with Air sign Libra and combustible Aries. With this Full Moon, Libra is all about sharing and relating and trying to find balance while Missy Moon in Aries, is about messing with balance by demanding that we talk about HER needs. It is not about ‘us’ it is about ‘me’! You’ll see a lot of “You're selfish, what about us?” discussion this weekend. Perhaps in your own living room. Of course, when Libra is up for the task and willing to do the work they are an effective negotiator. But when they are feeling pushed into a corner or when they aren’t ‘ready’ they will get deliberately noncommittal and vague. Which does nothing but infuriate Ares. There will be sparks for the next 3.5 days. People trying to make peace and others saying, “eff peace. I want to take care of me!”

Additionally, Mercury is the planet of communication and speaks to how our brains work, and it is conjunct The Sun which puts the accent on saying what we want and thinking a lot about the stuff we CAN’T say. And since Mercury is opposing the Moon there will be a lot that we feel we can’t talk about---which will piss us off (Aries). Luckily there is also a lovely Sun conjunct Venus so that will soften some of the anger and accentuate the things we love and value. We should also expect a smattering of ‘WooWoo” with the Sun trine Neptune. A ghost or psychic could l get our attention. And watch our dreams!! They could speak volumes.

Furthermore, Pluto who is the greatest digger and driller around is making a nice trine to Moon. We can get under and really find an answer to something that has baffled us for while. Take a look at the news this Friday. See if someone releases a story that is really BIG news but they do it on Friday because they think no one will see it (Pluto tries to be stealth) Whatever it is it could be significant.

Finally, in all this angst and pleasure there will be a door that opens. This is a long range door opening since it has to do with Pluto and the Nodes. We’ll be in it for a while but this full moon has more oomph since the Moon in Aries flames it up a bit. Remember doorways are funny, a few years ago I got fat and I had a couple people tell me, “What are you going to do—you are fat.” I laughed each time because I knew it was true and then finally I did something when a third friend said something to me. I guess it could have stung me, if I was in denial but I knew he was right and within a month I was on a serious diet, he pushed me through “the door”. See where you get pushed and consider it is possibly a door.

Happy Full Moon

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking ahead

Today (october 16) the Sun conjuncts Mercury which I am sure accounts for me getting over here and updating my blog. Honestly, I was feeling the need all week and would have probably gotten here anyway, but my guess is that it was Mercury woke me up at five am to make sure I was on top it! Anyway, it is great day for communication. In particular areas that have felt out of balance. Libra is the scales and likes everything equal so those areas that have been ignored will need some attention today. It will be curious who you reach out to and who reaches out to you today.

On Monday 10/18 Mercury will trine Neptune which sends our minds whipping around issues that are spiritual, dreamy and inspired. An insight might come up that you had never considered before and it could bare fruit as early as the very next day when on Tuesday 10/19 the Sun will trine Neptune. The Sun likes "action and realization" so, if Monday's inspired thoughts continue to swirl around in your brain on Tuesday, you will do the work to get to actualize that desire.

Then on Wednesday October 20, Mars trines Jupiter. Another great day for putting theories into action. Good day for educating yourself on something and for publishing. Also accent on travel.

On Friday we have a big fat moon in Aries one hour before it moves into Taurus. More to come on that one later. *edit

And we have a Square between Mars and Neptune. Our actions hit a fog bank. We are feeling unsettled and just 'off'. Luckily there is a nice perk between Mercury and Pluto which accents deep thoughts. Perhaps this is a day where we MUST think, think, think before we act.

On a similiar note---

And just when we thought all was safe---There was an Mine Explosion in China today. 20 miners are dead and 30 are trapped.---hopefully there is a nonstop flight from Santiago to Beijing.

Associated Press -- BEIJING -- An explosion in a Chinese coal mine killed 20 and trapped more than 30 workers underground Saturday in the country's central region, state media reported.

The China blast comes shortly after the world was riveted by the Chile's dramatic rescue of 33 trapped miners after they spent more than two months underground.

China Central Television said the blast happened Saturday morning in Henan province. An official surnamed Wu with the province's coal mine safety bureau confirmed accident but had no details.

At the same time the Chilean Miners were being rescued the earth shook in Oklahoma. On Wednesday a 4.3 quake hit just outside Oklahoma City. The last time that happened was in 1950. The most curious note is that this was a fault no one knew about. As one who remembers Northridge quake in 1994, on a unknown fault, they can still rattle your nerves.

Curiously, I had conversation with a friend yesterday and she said, "I think we here in California are going to get a quake around Thanksgiving.' The last sort of big one here was on Easter so I guess a holiday is just as good a day as another.

Miners, Miners, Miners------

Coming to my blog today makes me realize that I too feel like one of the celebrated Chilean Miners. I have been slogging it out for over a week dealing with issues in a huge school district so much that there has been no daylight for me. 'nuff said on that one.

Anyway, I am back and I have to say even in my hypercrazed haze of the last few days which had little time to follow the story of the miners I still knew---AH, Pluto has arrived--again.

This entire year as we approached and retreated from the cardinal crosses it seems we are in the territory of Pluto.

The laundry list is easy: The BP explosion in May and the summer of digging new wells which took what seemed an eternity. And of course in January we had the huge earthquake in Haiti and in February, an 8.8 quake in...Chile. See a theme? The mine collapsed on August 5 which was absolutely in the throws of the cardinal aspect and it took over 60 days to find them and dig another tunnel to retrieve them. Experts from all over the world showed up to help and provide tools, man power and I'm sure prayers.

I got an email from my friend Carol who offered up:

"I didn't do the astrology of the rescue, but did look up the birth date of the Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera - Dec. 1, 1949. No surprise, a Sag with Taurus moon. Moon was in Sag at the rescue time, I think. Anyway it'll put him on center stage as a world leader, as he does his victory lap through Europe. All the rescue details were masterminded to a fault ---- including the miners' media training. I'm just fascinated by the whole thing."

Over at Lynn Hayes site you will find her thoughtful musings. Here is a snippet go to the link for the full article:

Yesterday the world watched enraptured as 33 miners in Chile were released from their bondage in the Underworld and emerged relatively unscathed, with amazing stories of bravery and transformation. One of the more amazing reports that I heard was that the miners were arguing over who should be rescued first, each one wanting their brethren to be released before they themselves were freed. This has been a truly inspiring story, but the true miracle was the spirit that these men demonstrated during their captivity, despite the agonizing pressures of being trapped in the underworld darkness.

The astrological significance of the rescue of the miners this week is impressively precise. First, we have Pluto (transformation in the Underworld) in the sign of Capricorn, ruling the Earth and all things that come from underground, conjoining Ceres, the goddess of the earth who provides nourishment and sustenance of all living things. The Pluto/Ceres conjunction corresponded in its negative form with the oil spill in the Gulf earlier this year, and with the release of red sludge in Hungary, but here we have the reminder that transformation in the underworld can occur despite adversity.

Read more:

Friday, October 8, 2010

What's going on?

Today: October 8, 3:05am Venus retrogrades.
Of course I mentioned Venus Retrograde in my new moon. If you missed it:

Venus Retrograde Now one thing that is very curious is that Venus which is Libra’s ruling planet is turning retrograde less than 24 hours into the new moon at 3:05am October 8. Venus is the planet of creativity, resources and values. Of course since we value both Love and Money then they also fall under Venus’ jurisdiction. Does it not strike a loud note in you that we are in the midst of overhauling our relationships and the way we do partnerships and the way we negotiate our way through life and here is Venus the planet of values turning retrograde? Perhaps this will be the exact energy many of us need to readjust our lives to fit our ‘real’ selves. But it will not be without a moment or two of some inner reflection.

Venus will make the big turnaround at 14 degrees of Scorpio. So, the values that first get churned up will be Scorpio which is sex, death and rebirth, evolution, loans, big money and power. Between October 8 and November 7 watch and see if those (Scorpio) issues get your attention. Then between November 7 and November 18 we will be churned up even more about our relationships and how we balance ourselves and how we relate to our partner. Do we have to hide ourselves in order for our partner to be who he or she is? Or do they hide in the background while we express who we are? Do we really work in unison? Is there an area of our relationship that is fake? And how did the stuff that got churned up between October 8 and November 7 impact us so much that we are really looking at our partner or relationships and thinking, “Holy shit I have got to make some changes.” Then on November 18 Venus will turn direct and we will feel relief. By then, all the work we did for the last six weeks will finally start to make sense. First by having us adjust our way of ‘partnering’ and then between November 29 and January 8 by having us fix our sex, death & rebirth, evolution loans, big money and power again. Do you see how it is all one big circle? And all of it happening on the Libra lunar cycle. It is reminds me of algebra class Relationship squared plus Relationship Squared.

Mercury Unlocks much

Earlier this week when I posted the New Moon I had this feeling I was forgetting something. I could not shake it. Then yesterday I was cleaning my desk and I saw my yellow post which said, "MERCURY" and it was then that I realized I forgot to edit my article to include the Mercury component to the new moon. Over the weekend I had written out my notes and I was so focused on Saturn that I put a scribble...'mecury conjunction" and proceeded to forget to include. Argh. Anyway, I added it today so those who click on it will see the addition. But here it is for those who already read the new moon article:

Mercury in the mix
In addition to big ol’ Saturn influencing the Sun and Moon on this lunar cycle he is also influencing Mercury. The four of them are all hanging out together between seven and fourteen degrees of Libra. This is of course interesting, since the answer to all our relationship issues—is better communication. God, knows you can turn on any afternoon talk show and someone is espousing it, but besides the tall doctor from Texas getting up everyone’s grill with –“Cawmunicashion, People”. It is really about effective communication than just talking . And this will be in our favor this month. Saturn will be riding Mercury hard. Our thoughts and tongues can be harsh, and brittle but at the same time we will want to make sure we mean what we say. Light and shallow will not be appealing no matter how much we are being asked to show up and provide background chatter at cocktail parties and events. What we will really gravitate towards will be conversations that have concrete results. Someone mentions that they need _____ and you recall your friend saying they have an extra ____. Next thing you know you are taking down someone’s email and forwarding it to someone else. Being productive is key to Saturn. And at this time with relationships being so highlighted ---if we are doing too much work we will probably be very effective in voicing our resentments. Or worse, we are no longer resentful, we just want out. But of course before you do any move, breathe a bit and see if you can get someone else to help you as you try to figure out what is really being said and what is really helpful. Can a friend step in and help you like a partner as you balance out everything? Can you get some feedback from a colleague at work? Just remember if you shoot off your mouth you better be prepared to ‘walk the talk.’ Saturn is looking.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Libra New Moon October 7 2010

Libra New Moon is this Thursday at 2:44pm EDT (october 7)

It is really an interesting energy because we have got Venus, Libra's ruling planet turning retrograde a few hours after New Moon. That should get our attention that maybe we are suppose to work on our relatioships!

There is much to the moon, here is a snippet but of course you will find my whole article over on Margaret Wendt's website.

I am happy to say that this Lunar cycle is not nearly as crammed with harsh aspects as previous moons. However the work in front of us is of paramount importance. It might not be complicated but it cuts to our bone much deeper. This month we are being pulled to get our relationships together!

“Hasta luego, Pluto—Hola, Saturn”

First of all let’s thank our lucky stars that this new moon is taking place at 15 degrees of Libra which is a full glorious 13 degrees AWAY from Pluto in Capricorn. Yeah!!! After our long, hot summer where we experienced tensions, it is nice that the Sun and Moon are not doing battle with Pluto on this lunar phase.

As we all know --and I’m not going to belabor this because I have talked about it ad nauseam all summer ---Libra is the sign of relationships and partnerships. Libra energy is focused on finding the happy medium. It is striving to find the “grey” when everyone else is screaming “black” or “white”. It is the sign of negotiations and contracts. If you check your lunar chart and find the house with Libra you will find the need for balance and compromise. Of course, when Libra is coming from an evolved place it can be a masterful negotiator. It is the best lawyer working to make a good contract for everyone. It is the greatest counselor in the world, listening to everyone’s side and drawing a smart plan that makes sure everyone is happy. Who doesn’t love a little Libra in their chart? But of course every sign has its character defects and when Libra is being bad and yes, I’m using that word—it is lazy, duplicitous and unwilling to put its ass out on the line. Additionally, it can hold up a cardboard cutout of itself and claim, “Hey that is me, it really is!” but of course at the end of the night Libra has to go to bed wondering if his fake side is over powering his real side? And at what cost?

We are in a unique period because once every 28 years Saturn transits Libra. And believe me when Saturn goes through a sign it will find every weakness, flaw, character defect and take it out in the backyard and shoot it. Between 2009