Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking ahead

Today (october 16) the Sun conjuncts Mercury which I am sure accounts for me getting over here and updating my blog. Honestly, I was feeling the need all week and would have probably gotten here anyway, but my guess is that it was Mercury woke me up at five am to make sure I was on top it! Anyway, it is great day for communication. In particular areas that have felt out of balance. Libra is the scales and likes everything equal so those areas that have been ignored will need some attention today. It will be curious who you reach out to and who reaches out to you today.

On Monday 10/18 Mercury will trine Neptune which sends our minds whipping around issues that are spiritual, dreamy and inspired. An insight might come up that you had never considered before and it could bare fruit as early as the very next day when on Tuesday 10/19 the Sun will trine Neptune. The Sun likes "action and realization" so, if Monday's inspired thoughts continue to swirl around in your brain on Tuesday, you will do the work to get to actualize that desire.

Then on Wednesday October 20, Mars trines Jupiter. Another great day for putting theories into action. Good day for educating yourself on something and for publishing. Also accent on travel.

On Friday we have a big fat moon in Aries one hour before it moves into Taurus. More to come on that one later. *edit

And we have a Square between Mars and Neptune. Our actions hit a fog bank. We are feeling unsettled and just 'off'. Luckily there is a nice perk between Mercury and Pluto which accents deep thoughts. Perhaps this is a day where we MUST think, think, think before we act.


  1. I thought the full moon friday is still in aries?

  2. Yes, it an aires full moon ---i meant to say one hour before it moves into taurus. my brain is moving toooooo fast for my hands.