Friday, October 8, 2010

Mercury Unlocks much

Earlier this week when I posted the New Moon I had this feeling I was forgetting something. I could not shake it. Then yesterday I was cleaning my desk and I saw my yellow post which said, "MERCURY" and it was then that I realized I forgot to edit my article to include the Mercury component to the new moon. Over the weekend I had written out my notes and I was so focused on Saturn that I put a scribble...'mecury conjunction" and proceeded to forget to include. Argh. Anyway, I added it today so those who click on it will see the addition. But here it is for those who already read the new moon article:

Mercury in the mix
In addition to big ol’ Saturn influencing the Sun and Moon on this lunar cycle he is also influencing Mercury. The four of them are all hanging out together between seven and fourteen degrees of Libra. This is of course interesting, since the answer to all our relationship issues—is better communication. God, knows you can turn on any afternoon talk show and someone is espousing it, but besides the tall doctor from Texas getting up everyone’s grill with –“Cawmunicashion, People”. It is really about effective communication than just talking . And this will be in our favor this month. Saturn will be riding Mercury hard. Our thoughts and tongues can be harsh, and brittle but at the same time we will want to make sure we mean what we say. Light and shallow will not be appealing no matter how much we are being asked to show up and provide background chatter at cocktail parties and events. What we will really gravitate towards will be conversations that have concrete results. Someone mentions that they need _____ and you recall your friend saying they have an extra ____. Next thing you know you are taking down someone’s email and forwarding it to someone else. Being productive is key to Saturn. And at this time with relationships being so highlighted ---if we are doing too much work we will probably be very effective in voicing our resentments. Or worse, we are no longer resentful, we just want out. But of course before you do any move, breathe a bit and see if you can get someone else to help you as you try to figure out what is really being said and what is really helpful. Can a friend step in and help you like a partner as you balance out everything? Can you get some feedback from a colleague at work? Just remember if you shoot off your mouth you better be prepared to ‘walk the talk.’ Saturn is looking.

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  1. If you saw how many planets I have in Libra... oy vey! I don't know what it all means, but I guess it will be revealed for sure.