Monday, October 25, 2010

Note The week ahead

If you are like me then you are still dealing with the afterburn of this weekend's Full Moon. We are still feeling it until tomorrow's (10/25) Disseminating moon 5:59pm.

Luckily this morning we have a Mercury conjunct Venus which brings out our caring side and tenderness. Even if it a brief moment, those random acts of kindness go far today.

Tomorrow (10/25) at 3:01pm EDT The Sun will sextile Pluto which will put the accent on resources and productivity. A great day to get real stuff accomplished. It would be an beneficial day to make important calls and to reach out to people you have been a bit nervous about calling, particular people in position of power or authority. You may find them amenable.

On Thursday (10/28) Mars moves into Sag so we are going to get a whole lot of ponticating for the next month or so. Sag is great for parties, education, publishing and inflaming others with their passion. See what comes up that gets you all hot and bothered. Whatever house has your Sag you will see some energy come up!

Also on Thursday we will ahve Sun cojunct Venus which again is good for resources, love and money. A nice little 'have your cake and eat it too' day. For those who are into a little 'date night' go for it. If not, then take a look at your investments. They might be ready for a bit of inspired thinking.

Final quarter moon is on Saturday and we will begin the final days heading for Scorpio New moon on Nov 6...more to come.

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