Sunday, October 30, 2011

US Election 2012

Thanks to Mary Plumb over at Mountain Astrologer who pointed out Adrian Duncan's article on his website World Astrology He has taken a look at Obama's chart and the chart of the US and November 4, 2012. It is an interesting read and I encourage you to go to the link and look at it, basically he feels it lines up for Obama to be re-elected. But what I found most compelling was how he wrapped up the article.

But whoever becomes president of the United Stateson Americafrom January 20th 2013 to January 19th 2017 is not to be envied, and here’s why. The progressed Sun of theUSA moves in square to its Uranus progressed at the end of 2011, and will make the exact square to radix Uranus at the time of the November 2012 election. There is going to be profound discontent amongst the people at the time of the election. This politically polarized country will become more and more difficult to rule as President, and civil disobedience will be on the rise. What makes this really serious is that transit Uranus will also square theUS Sun from April 2014 to February 2015, simultaneously opposing the US Saturn in Libra – Congress. Pluto is of course involved too, and will oppose theUS sun from March 2014 to October 2015. This is quite catastrophic for the President and Congress, and theUSA will become ungovernable at this time.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Week Ahead

10/29: 9:49pm EDT Crescent Moon
10/31: Venus/Neptune. Perceptions are off. Perhaps way off. In particular love, money, sex, friends and groups.
11/1: Mercury/Neptune: Thinking and communication very fuzzy. High miscommunication day.

11/2: 12:38pm EDT First Quarter Moon

11/2: Venus in Sagittarius

11/2: Mercury in Sagittarius

11/3:Venus/Uranus; Brilliant, inspired, highly dynamic energy. Breakthroughs that support values, including love, money and philosophical issues both personally and globally.

11/3: Mercury/Uranus: Thoughts are out of the park amazing. Communication can cut through and create new paths and direction.

Pets and astrology

Yesterday I had an opportunity to talk with an old friend about someone we both appreciated--"Dutch". Dutch was my friend's dog. A beautiful, noble mixed up mutt who had Shepard in him but not so much to be full German--thus the name Dutch. The reason for our call was Dutch died this month. My friend and I had lost contact for several years but I would hear through our mutual friend snippets of Dutch's life.

About 13 years ago, Dutch was found roaming the streets in the MidCity section of Los Angeles by my two friends. He was probably under two when they got him but he was in bad shape. They quickly addressed his issues of worms, underfed body and matted fur. But, for a dog who had not been tended to properly he had an exceptional personality. Warm, friendly, not too much of a barker and always generous. Other dogs could be the star and he happily took a back seat. I loved Dutch and I remember thinking, 'Hmmm, I wonder what sign he is ?" About a year later my friend moved to NYC and I heard that Dutch was loving it. When we spoke yesterday I asked about Dutch's first time in snow and my friend said it was in the Hudson Valley. My friend went on to talk about Dutch's other NY adventures and then their move to Cambridge where Dutch attended classes with my friend at Harvard. At this point I was starting to smell a Sagittarius in Dutch. Adventures, trips, new 'foreign' experiences...this all speaks to Sagittarius. Dutch stayed on the east coast for several years then eventually he ended up in Central California with my friend's parents, for a life of leisure. Dog walks don't just help the dog, they also serve the human walking--perfect for retirees. Hmm, maybe Dutch was a Capricorn with a Moon in Sag? Or maybe the opposite?

The karma and dharma of pets is extraordinary. My friend told me yesterday that Dutch's previous owner saw my friend walking Dutch and after a few snarky words, my friend let him know under no uncertain terms, he would not be returning him to such a negligent household. At some point the man shared that he had found the dog himself roaming the streets of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, not far from junk yards. Dutch's original life was probably to be that of a neglected junk yard dog. From those beginnings to Harvard? A strong purpose can pulse in an animal right from the start. He knew there was more in him than that life and he was going to get to that life now matter what. I'm back to Sag. Sag's always have their arrow aimed high, and that sounds like Dutch to me.

My cat is a Gemini and she is ALL Gemini. She is a delightful talker and she has got us all wired. She knows exactly when to get the good strokes from my husband, right when he comes home from work, my son, right when he goes to bed and from me, when I am watching TV. She is social and loves to see what everyone is up to and doesn't miss a thing. Gemini is all over her. My three previous cats were Pisces, Taurus and another Pisces. My two Pisces were very gentle, fun and dreamy. My Taurus was as territorial as they come and unbelievably loyal. I still feel badly that I didn't hold him when they put him down and am still mad that I listened to the doctor who said, "let us do it." I will never forget his face when we said goodbye. I feel I betrayed my poor Taurus by not being with him for the last five minutes. The only thing that gives me any comfort is the thought that maybe he reincarnated into my Gemini cat.

Years ago, I was working on a TV show that had circus acts. I was at the sound stages for rehearsals and the dog act was in the yard. Bark, bark, bark. Those dogs were crazy excited all the time but then they were part of a delightful clown act. They loved to hop through hoops and jump in his arms. It was very sweet and mind you I was a card carrying member of PETA so I had my antenna up for anything that didn't look right. But they were taken very well care of and loved the young clown. One day I was sitting there with the guy and who should have roamed into the lot from the neighborhood? A dog. He heard the barking and wanted to see what all the action was about. The clown gave him some food and by the way, the clown was not in makeup. He only did that for shows. But he was fed and watered and by the end of the week, the new dog was jumping on the trampoline with the clown. By the end of the show the following week, the clown told me he was keeping him and putting him in the act. We both could see some wire haired terrier in him perfect for play. I said to myself, "I see Leo."

If you have not considered your pet's sign there are plenty of sites that talk about pets and charts. Here's A SITE for a fun cheat sheet.

And if you google you'll find that you can have your pets chart drafted for more information.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Money, technology, future trend......

Well, the finance ministers, bankers etc in Europe delivered some sort of bail out thus saving the Euro and according to many economists the world's currencies . And naturally the USA rallied as one would expect to a 300 plus day on wall street. This speaks to the Jupiter in Taurus opposition to yesterday's new moon in Scorpio. Of course, the bigger question is how long will it stick? I don't know. But as I indicated in my new moon article this all may be subject to change (big change) when Saturn moves into Scorpio (Fall 2012).

Yesterday, I was driving around doing errands during the last hour of the Libra cycle and I was listening to a radio program that I like, called "To The Point". The subject matter was----

From farms to factories, and now to the service economy, human workers are losing their jobs to machines. The "creative destruction" that used to increase employment is working the other way around, and productivity is on the rise. As computers become more sophisticated, how can humans learn to compete

At first I thought,"Huh, this topic is as old as the hills. What's new on it?" But as I listened to it I was stunned by a lot of angles and data and information that I had not even considered. Do you know that if add up google, facebook and twitter employees you might get a hundred thousand? And those industries generate hundreds and hundreds of millions if dollars. Where are the jobs going to come from? And who is going to design new technology? American youth are not being educated in science and technology in the manner or degree to match our needs. Lots to ponder. It is a very interesting show and it is not depressing just something to consider. One interviewee (made up word?) said it
May be a case of machines doing all the work and we humans are on a permanent vacation. Huh? How does that
Work in our society, exactly? I mean that sound like inhabitants from a planet on an episode of Star Trek.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Scorpio New Moon October 26

Scorpio new moon arrives October 26, 3:55pm EDT and you will find my whole article HERE

I hope you are all prepared to bring out the drano! It is going to be a big flush out cycle. We all need it, even if we don't want to admit it.

Here's a snippet. Got to link for whole article.


Now that Libra is behind us, we have weighed and measured enough. We have balanced enough, and we sure the heck have zigged while others zagged enough. After 28 days of struggling to stay in grey, we are ready to get our BlackAndWhite on. This is Scorpio.

At first blush when people talk about Scorpio they always bring up the sex thing and the power thing and the sneaky thing and all those other things that go bump in the night. And sure, that is all Scorpio. But of course, more to the point Scorpio is connected to death and rebirth. In order to be reborn something must die. And any garbage from the last six month (Aries-Libra) is ready to be released. This is Scorpio.

Scorpio is not loud, it is stealth and even when they unload they can do it in a way that a person might not even know they have been iced. Until that person wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and realizes, “I think I’ve just been dumped.” This is Scorpio.

When Scorpio is bad (how about that black and white word?) It is a crazy control freak that stalks its prey, micromanages everyone and does psychological mind games on anyone in their path. When Scorpio is good, (again, black and white word) it will hear an organic truth inside self and exert tremendous focus and discipline to live that truth. We are all jealous of Scorpio’s clarity and wickedly envious how they are not bothered by things not on their radar. They cut through any muck and mire and stay on their track. This is Scorpio.

In the chart of this Scorpio New Moon there is a lot going on which will have our attention. First of all the Sun/Moon is being pushed by an opposition with Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus loves to be grounded and Jupiter is Big. So, the push to hang on to the status quo will be palpable, but the Sun in Scorpio cannot hang on. If it does, it gets backed up and if you have ever seen a toilet overflow, (like at almost all state run parks) well it isn’t pretty.

With all plumbing there is a pipe for fresh intake and a pipe to release and NEVER should they be confused. Unfortunately, Jupiter over there in Taurus is saying, “Hang on to everything” and Scorpio is saying, “No, I can’t.” Watch your inner plumbing and watch what you eliminate. If you are not releasing stuff and only bringing in stuff you will get backed up. By the way, I’m sure the connection to poop is obvious but I’m also talking about beliefs, opinions, intimate associations, lovers, properties and things that are comingled. If any of it is corrupted it will be exposed. See if the universe gives you a sign that you are getting backed up. It may be subtle but watch for some metaphorical clogged drain. If it shows up, begin releasing.


Since Scorpio rules resources and Taurus rules banks and properties the Jupiter opposes Sun/Moon aspect has a huge money component. Everyone needs to (go to link)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yikes---Last Quarter Moon!!

Okay, Mea Culpa. As you guys know I don't spend much time on daily lunar aspects. I don't do it because they don't have value I just know that there are plenty of sights that speak of them so I know you can find them easily and also I skip them because I feel it would be overwhelming. Perhaps too much astro talk even for an astro blog. However, there are a few times every year when the tension is so great that I wish I would have thought about it more... Case in point. This last quarter moon. It started on the 19th and I mentioned it of course, but man oh, man it has been a doozey. Both personally for me and out there in the greater world.

Gaddafi has now officially left planet earth. I realize there is no love lost for most of the world. But that cell phone footage that I happened to see on the news was not an enjoyable sight. I was reminded of that "democracy is untidy' line by Donald Rumsfield so many years ago. The thing is I'm not sure that democracy is even happening. I know a despot was removed but what will finally fill the space? That will be determined.

And then there was that absolutely awful story out Zanesville, Ohio about the wild animals that were shot and killed. I am sure I was like many of you when I heard that animals were out and the caretaker was dead. I told my husband the following. "He commited suicide but before he did it he released the animals." And I added, "I"m sure he could not afford to feed them any more."

I am not physic, it seemed obvious to me (and you, I'm sure) and of course that is what turned out to be true.

The tension between the Moon and Saturn on Wednesday and the Moon and Jupiter on Thursday spoke of both. Restrictions, limitations, sadness-- Saturn. And Jupiter the planet of excess was in the mix for the world as Gaddafi had his final moments. Seen by us through Cell phones (Jupiter rules publishing.)

I think this quarter moon was just too much for all those cardinal planets. It may soften a bit when the Moon moves into Virgo tomorrow but man, oh, man.....

On my front, my own Moon in Cancer has had a go of it. Lord, deliver me from my emotions and those around me! I'm so looking forward to Balsamic on Sunday!!! I need the release.

If you have felt similiarly---KEEP CALM and CARRY ON!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ray Merriman

I went over to Ray Merriman's sight....and this is what he had to say....

When the heliocentric transit of Mercury leaves Sagittarius for the more constrained
Capricorn, the Sun then enters its powerful opposition to Jupiter (October 28). This is one of the strongest historical correlates to primary cycle culminations in U.S. stock indices, as described in Volume 3 of our “Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing” series, given an orb of 10 trading days.

Of course the closer we get to the exact date, the more likely the reversal, especially in this instance because that is also the middle of time band containing several geocosmic signatures extending from October 21 through November 9. Something big is about to happen (isn’t that the nature of Jupiter?), perhaps involving the European debt situation and the USA, and my guess is that it will be reflected in the price action of financial markets – especially stocks, currencies, and precious metals.

Note that Jupiter will form a trine aspect with Pluto on October 28 too. Pluto – the god of reform and transformation who rules matters like death, debt, and taxes – could coincide with an announcement affecting the banking system or debt crisis. Could the Congressional debt commission come up with an agreement around this time? Its possible, or something equally big, or maybe even bigger. This could be an event of global importance.

And that is basically the next two weeks. Go to the link for the rest of the article.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kristen Wiig---How about that Leo?!

Did you see Bridesmaids? Did you say to yourself while you were watching it, "OMG, did she/they just do that????!" It was a very funny movie.

Kristen Wiig, the star of the film has been on SNL for years and has been featured in movies but this role in this film is clearly a break out. It made a ton of money and appealed to both a male and female audience. Kristen and her friend Annie Mumolo spent years writing and rewriting the script and clearly worth the wait.

Kristen Wiig was born August 23, 1973 Canandaigua (NY) (Time unknown)

Kristen's is a Leo--- but just barely at 29 degrees. If she had been born the next day she would be a Virgo and I'm confident if that was the case, there would be no Bridesmaids.

Her Moon is in Gemini and even though we don't know the degree, the Gemini factor is obvious if you watch her on SNL. Her versatility in voices and characters is pure Gemini. Like Mercury, Gemini rules writers so it perfect that she would co-write the script that would shoot her to the next level. Her own Mercury is in confident Leo which explains her ability to put her characters in an absolute buffoonery state. She takes embarrassing to a new degree that only Leo could stand behind. Hard to imagine a Mercury in Virgo having those guts.

One thing that strikes me as very interesting is transiting Pluto has been squaring Kristen's Pluto during all the time she was building her fame in SNL, this is a generational aspect meaning that she and everyone born her year and around it has had this square. Mettle was being tested for her whole group. Now, Pluto is no longer squaring it, she is ready to break out. Pluto also in conjunction to her north node in Capricorn is giving her a career a meteoric boost.

Her breakout year is also explained by Uranus in Aries opposing her Venus and Pluto in Libra.

With a square there is pressure to act, to do something. It can be difficult because there is no hiding in complacency. You can't just sit back and do nothing. With an opposition, you swing back and forth on an issue, "should I do this, or should I do that?" Remember, the opposition is like a full moon. There is an outside influence putting a light on something that we need to address. With Venus involved, the energy from Uranus is probably putting focus on money and values. At the end of Bridesmaids I could feel Bridesmaid2 lurking off shore. Guarantee money maker. But is this what Kristen wants? Is there more that she wants to do? Or is she feeling, 'this was luck' 'will lightening even strike twice?" Oppositions have us mulling things so much that insecurity will ooze out even if we are a normally confident person.

Also, Neptune is opposing her Sun which can explain the success of Bridesmaid. Neptune rules films and actors and leaves a glamour patina on whatever it touches. She must feel like, 'is this happening?'

Back to Pluto conjunct Kristin's north node in Capricorn. North Node in Capricorn is all about business and being professional. Emotions are not to get in the way of prudence. And if you look at the casting of Bridemaids, it was spot on. I am positive most of the cast were friends with Kristen and or Judd Apatow (Executive Producer) but they were NOT cast because of friendship. No way, no how with Kristen's node. They were cast because they were the RIGHT person to play the role. No surprise that performers like Melissa McCarthy and Ellie Kemper were 'discovered' by the rest of us. Melissa made me cry with laughter, seriously, everything she did was hysterical. I also loved that she had an arm brace on her wrist and never mentioned why. Just perfect.

While the whole world is shuddering as Pluto cruises through Capricorn, it is nice to see Capricorn when it excels. It has taken a long time for female gang comedies to arrive. Traditional wisdom in Hollywood has been "women won't go to them." Thank god, that limited thinking has been shattered with Bridesmaids.

Looking Ahead this Week

10/16: Mercury sextile Pluto: Decisive thinking, powerful logic, reformed, resurrection reasoning.

10/17: Mercury opposition Jupiter: Extreme thoughts & opinions. Resources and properties accented.

10/19: Last Quarter Moon Phase
Focus on: What actions can you take that are directly connected to your feelings? What is your gut telling you to do? How would this improve all your relationships? How are your roots? Are they shallow or are they strong? What are they telling you to do?

10/21: Sun trine Neptune: Inspired, gentle enthusiasm, enlightened and compassionate goals.

Request: Medical Intuitive

My friend is looking for a medical intuitive.
If anyone has a good referral please post.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paul McCartney Marries Again

Mary Plumb at Mountain Astrologer put up a thoughtfully written piece on last week's marriage between Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell.

She discusses his previous marriage (and charts) of first wife (perhaps soul mate) Linda and 2nd wife, Heather (Not soul mate). In her article someone posted the birth chart of Nancy, who is very watery. Scorpio Sun/ Moon in Cancer and Scorpio Rising, clearly everyday is not "Good Day Sunshine" with that chart. But still wishing them all the best.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Looking ahead

10/12: Mercury/Neptune: Inspired conversation, thoughts about resources, vague hints

10/13: Mercury enters Scorpio

10/13:Venus/Pluto: Resources and practical application of them. Money/Love power in both.

10/13:Sun/Saturn: Responsible in relationships/partnerships. Everyone has to “man up”.

10/14: Venus/Jupiter: Tension in resources. Spending is high, money feels low. Accent on sex and properties.

Full Moon Aries

Full Moon Aries
October 11 2011
10:05pm EDT

Aries Full Moon

After two intense weeks of being focused on our partners and others and negotiating and finding balance we get Aries Full Moon where we get to be about #1 again. The Moon in Aries inspires action, movement, getting up and doing something new, breaking new ground and putting” Self” in the mix.

This Full Moon has Saturn on top of Sun and opposes Moon so we are not playing for sport. With Saturn, pessimism and insecurity abound. We feel serious. But there is a trine with Mars so we are energized. We are fired up and we want our actions to mean something. It is not good enough just to shoot off our mouth, although there will be plenty of that with Aries and Mars. Finding respect in volatility will be a challenge but must be achieved. Libra seeks balance and wants what is fair. What to do with legitimate anger? What to do with responsibility? What to do when others shirk responsibility? And what do we look like when we harness bitterness?

There will be bumps this full moon. Sometimes bumps slow people down and sometimes if you are going fast enough, a bump will send you out of control, flying through the air. Soft landings not likely.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

What do we know?

We know Mr. Jobs was a Pisces, we know he was brilliant (typical Pisces), we know he had Moon in Aries, dear lord his temper was somewhat legendary and we know that he was born with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Cancer. That probably speaks more to the Steve Jobs that WE all know more than anything.

Uranus rules technology and Jupiter rules Big. Can we get any bigger than Apple?

I mentioned to a friend that the technology of Apple and how it changed the world is just a hair short of Man getting on horse for the first time. World altering for sure.

Astrologers have written about Steve Jobs for years. Here's a discussion on the old Lois Rodden site that goes into the ins and outs of his chart but if you google you will find tons.

My own thoughts about the chart are more about us, than him.

What does it mean to lose the head of a visionary company at this time? This is what I am pondering. We are heading into extraordinary times between Uranus and Pluto and new technology will certainly be at the forefront. Will something collapse and a new technological solution must be found? Will industry desperately need a new solution under dire circumstances? With a Pluto square the word 'dire' is not an overstatement.

There is a lot in front of us and Steve Jobs will not be there. I can't help but recall back in May when Mark Haines (CNBC) died and I wrote about the Solar Eclipse
in Cancer and what was surely going to be a rough economy this summer. I had such a pit in my stomach that we would not have Haines to call some shots as he saw them.
Similarly, in spring of 2008, Tim Russert died and every astrologer on planet earth knew what we had in front of us in terms of the US general elections and Russert would not be there to call it the way he saw it.

All of this is to say, I think we will have a vacuum in 2012 with Jobs gone. He was not a broadcaster like Haines & Russert so it is not about him calling the shots but more about how he would have lead his company to solutions.

This is a a loss for us in so many ways.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lynn Hayes on Occupy Wall Street

Lynn Hayes rang in on Occupy Wall Street yesterday and she shared a fact that I did not know. I had been putting the emphasis of the movement on the September 17th when the protesters rallied for the first time and it was the date which made sense given Pluto turned direct. But apparently the movement actually started in July which also makes sense given that was when we were almost on the exact square.

If you actually read the Occupy Wall Street website information it’s clear that the movement does have a very clear purpose, which is to bring America back into the hands of the people (Uranus in Aries) and out of the hands of the corporations (Pluto in Capricorn).

Even though the protests didn’t begin until September 17th, The Occupy Wall Street movement actually began on July 13th with this call to action. At the time, Uranus and Pluto were about as close to the square formation (about a degree apart) as they would get in 2011. (The actual cycle doesn’t begin until 2012.)

Read more:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

David Crook

David Crook who I enjoy posted his own take on the Wall Street protestors this weekend.

Here is a snippet:

Saturday, October 01, 2011
The American Revolution & Uranus-Pluto

The Occupy Wall Street protest which began Sept. 17 could be the match that lights the fire of an American revolution linked to the formative Uranus-Pluto square. This epic planetary alignment was sharply focused in the US capital at the 9/27 Libra New Moon. But perhaps more importantly- the transiting Uranus/Pluto(midpoint) is activating the 1965 Uranus-Pluto seed chart that embodies the radical ideas and energies of this mundane cycle now at it's 'crisis of action' phase- the waxing square.

The first of the three Uranus-Pluto conjunctions occurred at 17 Virgo on Oct. 11, 1965. The Ascendant in Washington, DC = 18.53 Aquarius. Transiting Mercury, the messenger, conjoined 17 Virgo on Sept. 18, 2011 as the Occupy Wall Street protest movement was birthed. Also relevant, was the 9/29/11 Venus-Saturn conjunction that hit the antiscion(shadow/mirror point) of Saturn's 10/11/65 position- and Saturn rules the 1965 Uranus-Pluto seed chart Ascendant(19 Aquarius).

The Oct. 11, 2011 Aries Full Moon opposes Saturn(checks and balances) in Libra, the sign of social justice. At that time the Uranus/Pluto (midpoint) = 18.29 Aquarius. And as Pluto only recently went direct, while Uranus is retrograde until the Dec. 10 lunar eclipse, this powerful midpoint is moving slowly backward toward President Obama's Ascendant- but will not exactly conjunct. President Obama's (8/4/61 at 7:24 pm, Honolulu) natal Ascendant = 18.09 Aquarius.

As an astrological principle, Uranus/Pluto represents "The process of transformation. The collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new. Revolution." (Reinhold Ebertin) Therefore, President Obama with his Ascendant at 18 Aquarius, is a major player in the expression of these collective energies for radical change and upheaval informed by the current Uranus-Pluto square. And it definitely looks like the spirit of revolution has finally awakened here in the good old US of A.
Transiting Mars reaching 18 Leo (-180- 18 Aquarius) on Oct. 20 is a timing factor for important mundane events linked to the Uranus-Pluto world aspect.

Look ahead

Special Focus:
10/1: Sun/Jupiter: Watch the opinions. Small losses over big theories.
10/3: Mars/Jupiter: Rough and tumble aspect that pits big actions that are ego driven versus desire to control and hold on to status quo. Both are wrong and both are right.

First Quarter Moon
October 3, 11:15pm EDT

Focus on: A terrific phase to act like a CEO and get some crap accomplished! What did you learn about your ability (or lack of it) to negotiate on New Moon? Now, is the time to make some moves that improve your skills. This phase is “the buck stops here.” What have you been passing on that you can no longer pass on? It must stop now with you----and you know it. You will come off this empowered in your own abilities.

10/6:Mercury/Saturn: Great focus and attention. Accent on relating is high and structured, perfect timing especially in terms of communication.

10/7: Venus/Neptune: Dreamy, loving and muted creativity.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Uranus, Pluto, Libra

As we know there is a tension between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that is only going to grow in intensity. The two planets will be going after each other with hammer and tongs between 2012-2017. We already began feeling it this summer when they got close to the exact degree of a square. However, as written in my New Moon article, there are plenty of Libra planets (with skin in the game) who are aggravating the Pluto/Uranus tension. So much that we don't need the aspect to be exact to hurt.

Case in point, the protesting crowds on Wall Street. This movement began right after Pluto turned direct, September 17 (having been retrograde for over five months). This was on the waning Virgo Moon and not surprising it received little press. But now, with Libra in the fight. It is getting uglier. One police officer's action was videotaped, (isn't that always how these things start?) but clearly the majority of the police presence was calm and reserved and probably not unsympathetic to the message given many officers have houses near or under foreclosure.

Of course, "Haves versus the Have Nots" is part of the message that we should expect from any tension with Pluto in Capricorn. And magnified by the Libra tension is focus on "what's fair and what is not fair."

Even if these particular protests on Wall Street end soon the tension is not going away.