Sunday, October 9, 2011

Full Moon Aries

Full Moon Aries
October 11 2011
10:05pm EDT

Aries Full Moon

After two intense weeks of being focused on our partners and others and negotiating and finding balance we get Aries Full Moon where we get to be about #1 again. The Moon in Aries inspires action, movement, getting up and doing something new, breaking new ground and putting” Self” in the mix.

This Full Moon has Saturn on top of Sun and opposes Moon so we are not playing for sport. With Saturn, pessimism and insecurity abound. We feel serious. But there is a trine with Mars so we are energized. We are fired up and we want our actions to mean something. It is not good enough just to shoot off our mouth, although there will be plenty of that with Aries and Mars. Finding respect in volatility will be a challenge but must be achieved. Libra seeks balance and wants what is fair. What to do with legitimate anger? What to do with responsibility? What to do when others shirk responsibility? And what do we look like when we harness bitterness?

There will be bumps this full moon. Sometimes bumps slow people down and sometimes if you are going fast enough, a bump will send you out of control, flying through the air. Soft landings not likely.

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