Friday, October 21, 2011

Yikes---Last Quarter Moon!!

Okay, Mea Culpa. As you guys know I don't spend much time on daily lunar aspects. I don't do it because they don't have value I just know that there are plenty of sights that speak of them so I know you can find them easily and also I skip them because I feel it would be overwhelming. Perhaps too much astro talk even for an astro blog. However, there are a few times every year when the tension is so great that I wish I would have thought about it more... Case in point. This last quarter moon. It started on the 19th and I mentioned it of course, but man oh, man it has been a doozey. Both personally for me and out there in the greater world.

Gaddafi has now officially left planet earth. I realize there is no love lost for most of the world. But that cell phone footage that I happened to see on the news was not an enjoyable sight. I was reminded of that "democracy is untidy' line by Donald Rumsfield so many years ago. The thing is I'm not sure that democracy is even happening. I know a despot was removed but what will finally fill the space? That will be determined.

And then there was that absolutely awful story out Zanesville, Ohio about the wild animals that were shot and killed. I am sure I was like many of you when I heard that animals were out and the caretaker was dead. I told my husband the following. "He commited suicide but before he did it he released the animals." And I added, "I"m sure he could not afford to feed them any more."

I am not physic, it seemed obvious to me (and you, I'm sure) and of course that is what turned out to be true.

The tension between the Moon and Saturn on Wednesday and the Moon and Jupiter on Thursday spoke of both. Restrictions, limitations, sadness-- Saturn. And Jupiter the planet of excess was in the mix for the world as Gaddafi had his final moments. Seen by us through Cell phones (Jupiter rules publishing.)

I think this quarter moon was just too much for all those cardinal planets. It may soften a bit when the Moon moves into Virgo tomorrow but man, oh, man.....

On my front, my own Moon in Cancer has had a go of it. Lord, deliver me from my emotions and those around me! I'm so looking forward to Balsamic on Sunday!!! I need the release.

If you have felt similiarly---KEEP CALM and CARRY ON!

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