Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ray Merriman

I went over to Ray Merriman's sight....and this is what he had to say....

When the heliocentric transit of Mercury leaves Sagittarius for the more constrained
Capricorn, the Sun then enters its powerful opposition to Jupiter (October 28). This is one of the strongest historical correlates to primary cycle culminations in U.S. stock indices, as described in Volume 3 of our “Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing” series, given an orb of 10 trading days.

Of course the closer we get to the exact date, the more likely the reversal, especially in this instance because that is also the middle of time band containing several geocosmic signatures extending from October 21 through November 9. Something big is about to happen (isn’t that the nature of Jupiter?), perhaps involving the European debt situation and the USA, and my guess is that it will be reflected in the price action of financial markets – especially stocks, currencies, and precious metals.

Note that Jupiter will form a trine aspect with Pluto on October 28 too. Pluto – the god of reform and transformation who rules matters like death, debt, and taxes – could coincide with an announcement affecting the banking system or debt crisis. Could the Congressional debt commission come up with an agreement around this time? Its possible, or something equally big, or maybe even bigger. This could be an event of global importance.

And that is basically the next two weeks. Go to the link for the rest of the article.

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