Thursday, October 27, 2011

Money, technology, future trend......

Well, the finance ministers, bankers etc in Europe delivered some sort of bail out thus saving the Euro and according to many economists the world's currencies . And naturally the USA rallied as one would expect to a 300 plus day on wall street. This speaks to the Jupiter in Taurus opposition to yesterday's new moon in Scorpio. Of course, the bigger question is how long will it stick? I don't know. But as I indicated in my new moon article this all may be subject to change (big change) when Saturn moves into Scorpio (Fall 2012).

Yesterday, I was driving around doing errands during the last hour of the Libra cycle and I was listening to a radio program that I like, called "To The Point". The subject matter was----

From farms to factories, and now to the service economy, human workers are losing their jobs to machines. The "creative destruction" that used to increase employment is working the other way around, and productivity is on the rise. As computers become more sophisticated, how can humans learn to compete

At first I thought,"Huh, this topic is as old as the hills. What's new on it?" But as I listened to it I was stunned by a lot of angles and data and information that I had not even considered. Do you know that if add up google, facebook and twitter employees you might get a hundred thousand? And those industries generate hundreds and hundreds of millions if dollars. Where are the jobs going to come from? And who is going to design new technology? American youth are not being educated in science and technology in the manner or degree to match our needs. Lots to ponder. It is a very interesting show and it is not depressing just something to consider. One interviewee (made up word?) said it
May be a case of machines doing all the work and we humans are on a permanent vacation. Huh? How does that
Work in our society, exactly? I mean that sound like inhabitants from a planet on an episode of Star Trek.


  1. It wouldn't matter if American youth were being educated in science & technology the way people imagine they should be. That's a smokescreen. At the moment, we worship at the altar of technology, without really being smart enough to question IF we should use it at all. Online calendars allow family members to add/subtract events without having conversations. I saw a tv ad last night for voice commands for the iPhone- for example, "I need a locksmith" or "where's the nearest Chinese restaurant." Again, cutting out human-to-human, face-to-face interaction. It may be cool, (in the sense of look at this bright, shiny object!), but it goes against basic human needs: interaction with other people, purpose and meaningful work. I would put this in the Occupy Wall Street camp - because who's making these decisions? Massive, supernational corporations.

  2. I don't disagree with you, Anonymous about alters and science. I'm not a particular, rah-rah-rah, science. I probably lean more to rah-rah- art. But even that is a low 'rah'. I agree about meaningful purposeful work. I used to work in TV which was none of that. Now my work is unpaid and much more satisfying. I'm probably cutting edge. lol.