Sunday, October 2, 2011

Look ahead

Special Focus:
10/1: Sun/Jupiter: Watch the opinions. Small losses over big theories.
10/3: Mars/Jupiter: Rough and tumble aspect that pits big actions that are ego driven versus desire to control and hold on to status quo. Both are wrong and both are right.

First Quarter Moon
October 3, 11:15pm EDT

Focus on: A terrific phase to act like a CEO and get some crap accomplished! What did you learn about your ability (or lack of it) to negotiate on New Moon? Now, is the time to make some moves that improve your skills. This phase is “the buck stops here.” What have you been passing on that you can no longer pass on? It must stop now with you----and you know it. You will come off this empowered in your own abilities.

10/6:Mercury/Saturn: Great focus and attention. Accent on relating is high and structured, perfect timing especially in terms of communication.

10/7: Venus/Neptune: Dreamy, loving and muted creativity.

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