Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pets and astrology

Yesterday I had an opportunity to talk with an old friend about someone we both appreciated--"Dutch". Dutch was my friend's dog. A beautiful, noble mixed up mutt who had Shepard in him but not so much to be full German--thus the name Dutch. The reason for our call was Dutch died this month. My friend and I had lost contact for several years but I would hear through our mutual friend snippets of Dutch's life.

About 13 years ago, Dutch was found roaming the streets in the MidCity section of Los Angeles by my two friends. He was probably under two when they got him but he was in bad shape. They quickly addressed his issues of worms, underfed body and matted fur. But, for a dog who had not been tended to properly he had an exceptional personality. Warm, friendly, not too much of a barker and always generous. Other dogs could be the star and he happily took a back seat. I loved Dutch and I remember thinking, 'Hmmm, I wonder what sign he is ?" About a year later my friend moved to NYC and I heard that Dutch was loving it. When we spoke yesterday I asked about Dutch's first time in snow and my friend said it was in the Hudson Valley. My friend went on to talk about Dutch's other NY adventures and then their move to Cambridge where Dutch attended classes with my friend at Harvard. At this point I was starting to smell a Sagittarius in Dutch. Adventures, trips, new 'foreign' experiences...this all speaks to Sagittarius. Dutch stayed on the east coast for several years then eventually he ended up in Central California with my friend's parents, for a life of leisure. Dog walks don't just help the dog, they also serve the human walking--perfect for retirees. Hmm, maybe Dutch was a Capricorn with a Moon in Sag? Or maybe the opposite?

The karma and dharma of pets is extraordinary. My friend told me yesterday that Dutch's previous owner saw my friend walking Dutch and after a few snarky words, my friend let him know under no uncertain terms, he would not be returning him to such a negligent household. At some point the man shared that he had found the dog himself roaming the streets of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, not far from junk yards. Dutch's original life was probably to be that of a neglected junk yard dog. From those beginnings to Harvard? A strong purpose can pulse in an animal right from the start. He knew there was more in him than that life and he was going to get to that life now matter what. I'm back to Sag. Sag's always have their arrow aimed high, and that sounds like Dutch to me.

My cat is a Gemini and she is ALL Gemini. She is a delightful talker and she has got us all wired. She knows exactly when to get the good strokes from my husband, right when he comes home from work, my son, right when he goes to bed and from me, when I am watching TV. She is social and loves to see what everyone is up to and doesn't miss a thing. Gemini is all over her. My three previous cats were Pisces, Taurus and another Pisces. My two Pisces were very gentle, fun and dreamy. My Taurus was as territorial as they come and unbelievably loyal. I still feel badly that I didn't hold him when they put him down and am still mad that I listened to the doctor who said, "let us do it." I will never forget his face when we said goodbye. I feel I betrayed my poor Taurus by not being with him for the last five minutes. The only thing that gives me any comfort is the thought that maybe he reincarnated into my Gemini cat.

Years ago, I was working on a TV show that had circus acts. I was at the sound stages for rehearsals and the dog act was in the yard. Bark, bark, bark. Those dogs were crazy excited all the time but then they were part of a delightful clown act. They loved to hop through hoops and jump in his arms. It was very sweet and mind you I was a card carrying member of PETA so I had my antenna up for anything that didn't look right. But they were taken very well care of and loved the young clown. One day I was sitting there with the guy and who should have roamed into the lot from the neighborhood? A dog. He heard the barking and wanted to see what all the action was about. The clown gave him some food and by the way, the clown was not in makeup. He only did that for shows. But he was fed and watered and by the end of the week, the new dog was jumping on the trampoline with the clown. By the end of the show the following week, the clown told me he was keeping him and putting him in the act. We both could see some wire haired terrier in him perfect for play. I said to myself, "I see Leo."

If you have not considered your pet's sign there are plenty of sites that talk about pets and charts. Here's A SITE for a fun cheat sheet.

And if you google you'll find that you can have your pets chart drafted for more information.

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  1. I live with an Aries Alpha female, a Taurus cuddler and a Libra Style Maven...all meowtiful.
    I just wish they'd get along together.