Sunday, January 24, 2016

Astro this Week

This Astro Week

This week starts off with the Full Moon Phase which launched on Saturday.  
We are finding our specialness.  We are finding our uniqueness and we are seeing how our clan of like-minded people support us.   Or not.   

On Monday at 4:49pm EST Mercury stations direct.   How has this mercury retrograde been for you?    Mercury in Capricorn is of course super practical and this direct motion is in conjunction with Pluto.  We have been discussing this ad naseum for the last two weeks.   Pluto is sharp and digs out when it is proactive or explodes when it is stuck.    Pluto on Mercury will be exact on the 29th.   This whole week we will be squeezing out a higher processed thinking.    Ask yourself how many of your thoughts are just a waste of time?   Especially those OCD thoughts.   And how about your communication?  Is it effective?   What are the words coming out of your mouth?   What are you typing up?   What exactly are you saying?   And are you being heard?   And here’s a big question, is what you are saying being heard as you intended?  Or is something else being heard?   How practical is that communication?     As Mercury changes direction reflect upon the last few weeks.   What have you learned since January 5 about all of the above?    

Focus on:   Full Moon in Leo.  Where do you need strength and courage? Where do you need to have a monster back bone?  Where do you need to shine like a star?  Is it practical any more for you to be shy and hide?

Special focus:
1/25:  Mercury turns direct 4:49pm (EST)…pardon me while I kiss the ground in gratitude.    (see above)

January 27, 2016

Focus on:  How are sharing your organizational skills?  How are you showing your ability to find details?  How are you sharing your daily habits?  How are you sharing what works with your diet and health care? 

Special focus:
1/29: Mercury conj Pluto.  Here we are again. Focused thinking and communication.   Laser thoughts.  Penetrating ideas.   Solutions that promote evolution are thought up.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

Leo Full Moon January 23

Leo Full Moon
January 23, 2016
8:45pm EST

Are you feeling the full moon?   Let’s remember is arrives in the middle of Mercury retrograde which is in the middle of the Capricorn lunar phase and right at the second conjunction of Mercury and Pluto.   That’s a lot.   Our first Mercury Pluto hit was on Dec 19th.  Our second on Jan 22 and our third one will be on Jan 29.   Do you think the Universe wants us to get our thinking on straight?  And what does that mean?  

 Remember Capricorn cycle speaks to getting super practical.   This cycle is not about emotions it is about a cold detached perspective and with Mercury-Pluto it is about a keen shrew eye on our communication and thinking.  Are you making changes to how you communicate?  Are you making changes to how you think?  Is your brain  EVOLVING?   Yeah, that’s what Pluto discusses when he gets into it with Mercury.   How funny is it that this week Planet 9 was announced out there in Pluto’s hood.   Even Pluto the planet has to evolve and learn to share his neighborhood during a Mercury/Pluto aspect!     But back to the point, we are getting our brain on and changing our thinking and right now in the middle of all that we get a fat Leo Full moon.    Great.  We need to warm up.     

Watch what comes up that stirs your heart.  Watch what comes up that excites your pride.    What activates your creativity and your love?   Where can you find your sunshine?    Yeah, right now in the middle of winter I am suggesting you will find that sunflower inside you that turns to the sun. You are both the sun and the flower.  During this full moon consider what warms you up?   How do you shine on others?     And how above all do you use your energy with others?  How do you share your uniqueness?    Does your group of friends understand your talent, beauty and value?  Do they honor you?    Narcissists need not bother looking for attention this full moon.   It won’t be there.  Aquarius Sun won’t let you suck up the oxygen.   We are talking about the rest of the world who does not always hang out in their uniqueness.    At least take these 3.5 days to consider you are most special and if you think you aren’t….well, then you are missing the point of the full moon   You won’t get another Leo Full Moon for a year so why don’t you get this one on now.  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

This week January 17th - January 22

This Astrological Week

We start this week in First Quarter Moon.     First of all let’s remember, Capricorn New Moon started  8 days ago.  If you are confused what this cycle is about go back HERE.    If you need a reminder…here is your mission.  Get up high, get to a new vantage point.  If you are feeling low and down about life;  money, love …the clothes in your closet.  It doesn’t matter what ever it is…  get up higher.  Cool your emotions.   Get practical.  Get real.  Get super sensible but do not lose heart.    

The first quarter moon is pushing on us to find our independence.   To carve our own place.  How does that support our greater goals?   Has it been a missing piece?
In the middle of the week we move into Gibbous phase.  We start to sift through information.   In particular information we may have missed.   And let me remind you, we are still in Mercury retrograde so missing information is very possible.      And thinking, how should that be re-purposed?   Mercury gets in a tussle with Uranus and Pluto between January 20 and 22 so do NOT be surprised if there are words and sparks and annoyance and short fuses and desire to say, “WTF I’m outta here”   Maybe it is important.   Maybe it is not.  You will have to weigh it out.  

First Quarter Moon
January 16, 2016
3:26 pm

Focus on:  What actions can you take that propel your independence?  How can you cut your own path against ‘traditional roads’?   What is sparking you to move ahead?  Where is your fiery nature taking you?  Why do you resistant any of the above?   Is that resistance serving you?  Really?

Special focus
1/17: Venus semisq Mars.  Actions and love rub each other wrong.   Creative can not be pushed.  Neither can love.  Get out of the way. 
1/17: Venus Square Jupiter.   Righteous, opinions, brash, brazen completely conflict with love, money, creativity and value.    Exactly why are we on a soap box?
1/18: Mars trine Neptune:  Spirit and faith support actions and movements.   Clear out debris because Spirit tells us to do it.
1/18: Mars semiSq Jupiter.  Watch those opinions!  They are focused on the tiny miniscule and are missing the big stuff.  
1/18:  Sun semiSq Saturn.   Everyone is a cold ass boss and even when everyone is their own employee.  

Gibbous Moon
January 20, 2016 
2:51 am EST

We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions. 

Focus on:
What have you missed about your siblings? What have you missed about your communication style? What have you missed about the way you make connections?  Not just the ones out in the world but the ones in your brain?  What is going on with the words you choose?

Special Focus:

1/20:  Sun enters Aquarius
1/20: Mercury Sq Uranus.  Radical thoughts want to undermine the status quo.  “I’ll show them”  can be fun….or a complete waste of time and focus.  Your choice.
1/22: Mercury conj. Pluto.  Focused thinking and communication.   Laser thoughts.  Penetrating ideas.   Solutions that promote evolution are thought up.
1/23: Venus enters Capricorn

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Capricorn New Moon!

Update:  My full article can be found on MargaretWendt's SITE. 

Here's a snippet of the article.

Capricorn New Moon
January 9, 2015
8:30pm  EST
19 Cap 13

Hello and Welcome to Capricorn New Moon!

So, we have an amazing opportunity this Capricorn New Moon to get real.
Not sort of real but really real.

First order of business:  Let’s clarify ‘getting real’ from a Capricorn perspective.

Capricorn, the final earth sign of the zodiac, is about concrete results.   No iffs, ands or buts.    Capricorn can climb a ladder or climb a mountain and look upon his or her world and say the following:
“That thing over there is working. Great”

“That thing over there needs a tune up, I’ll bring in someone to fix it”

“That thing over there doesn’t work, I’ll get rid of it.”

“That thing over there, I do not understand.  And I am not going to pretend I understand, so it gets none of my energy or brain power because I am done wasting my valuable time on it.”

By the way, “thing” can be anything from an object, to a relationship, to an emotion.    And actually the thing is not that important.  What is important is getting up high and putting a realistic, unsentimental eye on your world and calling the shots.  That is the gift of Capricorn.     

This practical energy permeates any Capricorn New Moon.    But on this particular New Moon we have bonus planetary energies.   

First of all, the ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn.  And Saturn is in truth seeking Sagittarius.   Saturn in Sag is a passionate journalist trying to get to the truth of a story.  Unfortunately, we are in the middle of the Saturn Square Neptune in Pisces cycle, which began last year and wraps this September.  This is quite a cycle, especially since Neptune wilts under human truth.  The truth Neptune likes is scientific truth such as people are made of DNA and oxygen and water are critical to human survival.  Or Neptune likes the metaphysical truth, such as we are just spiritual beings having a human experience and when we die we rejoin the energy from what we are born.    Yeah, that kind of truth Neptune loves.   And that kind of truth, Saturn in Sagittarius HATES with a capital H.    Saturn in Sag says, “WTF?  Why is that company, CEO, neighbor, friend, spouse lying and spreading total bullshit?  That’s the kind of truth Saturn in Sag is trying to wrap its head around.   Not DNA or cosmic dharma.   And so we are watching this battle between Neptune and Saturn play out in the world most specifically in areas of religion and politics, which really speak to Sag and Pisces.  But on this Cap New Moon chart, Saturn is in conjunction with Venus.  Venus in Sag values truth and is supporting Saturn to find real love and/or to love what is real.    For 29 days we will be searching for what is real and true.  And if it feels fake or we will walk away.  We won’t walk away in anger but we will stop engaging.   Remember Capricorn is very practical and doesn’t like to waste energy especially anger which is a total stupid calorie burn.   

Also on the chart the Sun & Moon are in conjunction to Pluto.    The last time the Cap New Moon was in a close conjunction with Pluto was Dec 2011and Jan 2012.  How was that 29- day cycle?    The next one was a super close conjunction in January 2014.  And how did that period look for you?      This one is not as tight as 2014 but it is close enough to count.   And we won’t have Pluto on Cap New Moon next until 2019 and the final one on 2021.     Pluto is a drill and he can hurt when he is bearing down but at the same time he sure the hell can clean up stuff and that is a gift we should capitalize on since we won’t have it on the Cap New Moon for several years.  

When Capricorn is high functioning it takes nothing personal and figures out a way to come up with concrete solutions to reach a goal.  Pluto may point out a lot of murky stuff but so what?   You can clean it up.   You can fix it.     Of course, Pluto bearing down can bring out the less evolved part of Capricorn, which is as insecure as a two- legged chair.   Snobby, pretentious, convinced everyone is beneath them.   Or worse, un-evolved Capricorn is a total cynic and thinks only the worst of people, places and situations.      With a Pluto conjunction on the Cap New Moon chart we will undoubtedly feel both the positive and negative Cap during this 29-day cycle.     We can’t sugar coat anything for 29 days.   It is hard to believe we will even feel sugary.    But at the same time by looking at everything with a realistic eye we can come up with a real agenda that makes goals attainable.   Or we will ditch them because we don’t want to waste our time.  Either way we will feel a bit of liberation and relief in between the ball and chains.  Yeah, Pluto is teaching us so much.  

Cap New Moon is also when we look at the Treasure Maps that we made last spring and see what we have attained.    We pat ourselves on the back for any of our successes.  And for the goals that have not been reached, we take a moment and think about some potential solutions.  We ask “Is there more I can do? “   Or we look at our commitment.  Has it been 100 percent?    Or we ask, “Has my fear kept me from doing the real action I need to do to get the result I want?”   And sometimes we just put it on a shelf and give it to the heavens to work on.   The bottom line is we have time.   Our next Treasure Map does not begin until April 7, 2016 7:23am EDT so there is plenty of time for more concrete treasure map results to be realized.   Use Cap to give you the energy you need to remember there is a way.    And also, for the next three months you should start de-cluttering your house, your car, your purse, your desk and your world.    Go through those crowded closets and boxes of stuff in your house.  And don’t forget to de-clutter your emotions.   Your goal is to have a clutter free life by the time we get to April 7.  It might not be perfect but you sure better be heading for clutter free every week between now and then.  See how much you can get out of your life! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jupiter Retrograde

January 7
Jupiter retrograde (23 Virgo 14)
11:40pm  EST

Jupiter entered Virgo on August 11th and putting it mildly, Jupiter is uncomfortable in Virgo.    Jupiter sees the world with a telescope.  Virgo wants a microscope.    Big broad points of view are slapped by micro details.   Now the Universe is sending Jupiter back to the minor leagues to learn what it has missed.   There is value in details.   There is value in exact information.   Jupiter rules opinions and opinions based on ‘feelings’ might feel good but they are not FACTS.    We are all going back to school on issues.   On a very mundane level it is how we are of service and our health, hygiene and daily calendar that need to be adjusted.  You would be missing the point of Jupiter retrograde in Virgo if you didn’t go back to your daily habits and see where they need improving.   In particular there was stuff that came up between October 12 and January 7 that needs to be tweaked.  Where have you run out of control?  Where have you been too big?  Because it is in the sign Virgo, where has your nervous energy taken up too much oxygen?   Seriously, WTF has been going on with your nerves?   Take this retrograde to get that anxiety in check.  It is stupid what you put yourself through and you know it.      Jupiter turns direct May 9 so we have plenty of time to get our service skills/diet/health/calendar/daily routine juju in order. 

Jupiter is turning retrograde on the balsamic phase of the moon.  We are letting go of our big ass opinions and righteousness in order to get quiet and find important details.   We lose the big to find the small.  And we are certainly learning how to serve the higher ideals that percolating inside us.