Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jupiter Retrograde

January 7
Jupiter retrograde (23 Virgo 14)
11:40pm  EST

Jupiter entered Virgo on August 11th and putting it mildly, Jupiter is uncomfortable in Virgo.    Jupiter sees the world with a telescope.  Virgo wants a microscope.    Big broad points of view are slapped by micro details.   Now the Universe is sending Jupiter back to the minor leagues to learn what it has missed.   There is value in details.   There is value in exact information.   Jupiter rules opinions and opinions based on ‘feelings’ might feel good but they are not FACTS.    We are all going back to school on issues.   On a very mundane level it is how we are of service and our health, hygiene and daily calendar that need to be adjusted.  You would be missing the point of Jupiter retrograde in Virgo if you didn’t go back to your daily habits and see where they need improving.   In particular there was stuff that came up between October 12 and January 7 that needs to be tweaked.  Where have you run out of control?  Where have you been too big?  Because it is in the sign Virgo, where has your nervous energy taken up too much oxygen?   Seriously, WTF has been going on with your nerves?   Take this retrograde to get that anxiety in check.  It is stupid what you put yourself through and you know it.      Jupiter turns direct May 9 so we have plenty of time to get our service skills/diet/health/calendar/daily routine juju in order. 

Jupiter is turning retrograde on the balsamic phase of the moon.  We are letting go of our big ass opinions and righteousness in order to get quiet and find important details.   We lose the big to find the small.  And we are certainly learning how to serve the higher ideals that percolating inside us. 

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  1. Funny how things come along at just the right time. Thanks for this post.