Sunday, January 24, 2016

Astro this Week

This Astro Week

This week starts off with the Full Moon Phase which launched on Saturday.  
We are finding our specialness.  We are finding our uniqueness and we are seeing how our clan of like-minded people support us.   Or not.   

On Monday at 4:49pm EST Mercury stations direct.   How has this mercury retrograde been for you?    Mercury in Capricorn is of course super practical and this direct motion is in conjunction with Pluto.  We have been discussing this ad naseum for the last two weeks.   Pluto is sharp and digs out when it is proactive or explodes when it is stuck.    Pluto on Mercury will be exact on the 29th.   This whole week we will be squeezing out a higher processed thinking.    Ask yourself how many of your thoughts are just a waste of time?   Especially those OCD thoughts.   And how about your communication?  Is it effective?   What are the words coming out of your mouth?   What are you typing up?   What exactly are you saying?   And are you being heard?   And here’s a big question, is what you are saying being heard as you intended?  Or is something else being heard?   How practical is that communication?     As Mercury changes direction reflect upon the last few weeks.   What have you learned since January 5 about all of the above?    

Focus on:   Full Moon in Leo.  Where do you need strength and courage? Where do you need to have a monster back bone?  Where do you need to shine like a star?  Is it practical any more for you to be shy and hide?

Special focus:
1/25:  Mercury turns direct 4:49pm (EST)…pardon me while I kiss the ground in gratitude.    (see above)

January 27, 2016

Focus on:  How are sharing your organizational skills?  How are you showing your ability to find details?  How are you sharing your daily habits?  How are you sharing what works with your diet and health care? 

Special focus:
1/29: Mercury conj Pluto.  Here we are again. Focused thinking and communication.   Laser thoughts.  Penetrating ideas.   Solutions that promote evolution are thought up.  

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