Monday, January 4, 2016

Mercury Retrograde Tuesday January 5....blech.

Mercury Retrograde are feeling it, admit it.   
Confusing conversations.. airline tickets home...bills...things are already feeling a bit frayed and yes, for a reason.... Mercury turns retrograde Jan 5 at 8am EST.  
I started to feel this one as Mercury started to slow down... The only thing that will help is Downton Abbey is back.  Thank god, even if it is the last season.  

Anyway more to the yucky point...

Let’s go over the dates of importance:
Dec 19 Mercury in shadow (6:33pm EST)
Jan 05 Mercury retrograde 1 Aquarius 3 (8:00am EST)
Jan 25 Mercury direct 14 Cap55  (4:44pm EST)
Feb 14 Mercury leaves shadow  (1:35pm EST)

I dunno what to tell you that you don’t already know.   Don’t personalize when your computer, car, phone or boyfriend breaks.   Shit happens with Mercury retrograde.  No one is spared.  So, instead of licking your wounds just deal with it and move on.  

Remember, this Mercury retrograde is during the Balsamic phase of the Sag cycle.  We don't personalize stuff, it is just part of this crazy adventure we are on.  And een in the balsamic phase where we let go of stuff, we know we are still on an adventure.  

If a plan falls apart. So, what?  Get a new plan.   And if someone royally disappoints ask yourself, “Am I surprised?”  “Really????”  If you are blindsided, okay.  But Mercury retrograde at 2 degrees of Aquarius is asking us to re evaluate our thinking.   And we probably had an inkling some of this was going to happen.   Also with Aquarius we have to look at our group causes.  Is it misguided?   When we look around the group of like-minded people that we have assembled are we happy with them?   Take this retrograde to make sure you are really in sync with the thinking around you.   Yes, Mercury will retrograde back into Capricorn so we have to get practical and pragmatic about stuff as well as dealing with our peeps.     Maybe it is  both:  Practical about our tribe?  You bet.

So, take each day as it comes, shed (Balsamic) what you need, elevate your thinking where you can and as for the rest--don't effin' personalize stuff.     

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