Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leo New Moon 2011--Your Passion Tells You So!

I have just posted Leo New Moon. And with 3 hours to spare! Hurray.

Here is a snippet of the report but you will find the whole write up on Margaret Wendt's sight.

The Leo New Moon chart is highlighted by excellent aspects: Sun/Moon conjunct Venus and Sun/Moon trine Uranus. With Venus in Leo on top of the Sun and the Moon many of us will ask, “What do I value?” “What do I love?” A quiet afternoon on a sunny porch far away from our worries will tickle something in our heart. A day trip to a gentle beach opens us up. Ions in the air swirling around us while we take a cool shower will speak to us. What means something to us? Really, what is it we enjoy? What do we love? What do we want more of in our life? Where is our creativity? What can we offer the world? What golden idea do we have in us? How can we be more generous? How can we thrive?

This is a remarkable 28 day cycle where we feel pregnant with possibility. Hearts will be opened. What do we look like when we follow our passions? What do we look like when we have fun? When was the last time we even had fun?

For some who have been removed from fun, joy and romance they may be misguided so much to think pleasure no longer exists. This is why Uranus is important on this Leo phase. Uranus is a genius. He can break down walls, liberate and find opportunities in the most unique and unusual situations. Uranus is electrifying and shatters things that are rigid (walls, beliefs, thoughts) so something new can manifest.

And on this Leo Lunar New Moon we are gifted because it has been over 70 years since a Leo New Moon had a trine with Uranus in Aries. The fire of Aries which says, “I need to break new ground for me” is hand in hand with Sun/ Moon in Leo that says, “And it needs to be my passion.” Neither of these signs are playing for sport. They mean business. They are fiery and looking for a flame. We will be pushed to asked, “What is our flame?” Even if we are jealous (there’s that Leo word again) of someone during this 28 day cycle we should use that energy to motivate changes in our life. Jealousy can be a gift.

We should watch the news for bravery and loyalty, dramatic risks and passionate lovers. It will not be a ho-hum month. There will be theater, drama and three ring circuses. Leo usually accents the regal, the royal and the crowd that is above the fray but with Uranus in the mix the accent will also be on the weird and odd. How will strange situations open up people to find what make them tick? What do people do when they are in a weird spot? How do they excel? Remember, generals aren’t born—they are made. For 28 days your inner general is ready to lead you into a life where your passion and desires are allowed to flow.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway Shooting

Stories like the one that came out Norway on Friday are almost too much to bear. As a reminder this Cancer Lunar Cycle is a Solar eclipse. A very snarky, emotional and mean spirited eclipse. The shooting speaks of it. Hellish elements to the chart and even more hellish Friday for those innocent victims.

The chart of the shootings is discussed by Lynn Hayes over at her sight.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

First things first, you cannot use astrology to predict death. So, let's not even go there. But we can still talk about Amy Winehouse's chart. I have not looked at her chart before this week but when I went to Astrothemes to find her birth data; September 14, 1983, they also indicate a time of birth of 10:25pm. How did they get that time? Was it a birth certificate? Did they ask her? I'm unclear.

Using the Astrotheme data Amy has a Zero Capricorn Moon. This is exactly why we need a time for charts (well actually for many reasons) but if she was born earlier than 10 at night she would have Moon in late Sag. Her Sun is at 21 Virgo and if she had a late Sag Moon it would most likely square her Sun. Sun square Moon creates tension and crisis but of course a jillion people have Moon square Sun without the drug and booze issues that were so pronounced in Ms Winehouse's life. Also, Sagittarius can suffer from too much exherburance, too much of too much. It can drink too much, eat too much, spend too much, pontificate too much, you get the idea. And even if her Moon was at Zero Capricorn, Zero is only Zero and there is a bleedthrough of the neighboring sign.

Adding fuel to this fire is the unquestionable square between Sun and Neptune. This is a very hard aspect. Neptune is addiction, booze and drugs, illusion, depression and loss. The square can hurt a great deal. However, as one gets older one learns how to work with a square to Neptune. It is highly creative, the muse speaks loudly through the square, it is also highly spiritual. Mysticism can excel as well as the power of prayer but it takes age and wisdom and when the native is still green, the square hurts.

Amy's Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in late Libra could make her an intense work horse. She could have worked throughout her life with good results. But also that Saturn conjunct Pluto speaks of her father. He must have been a tough, overwhelming presence and threatening. It would have been nice for Amy to have lived through her Saturn return so she could have gone through that necessary hard work (we all go through it between 27 -30) and on the other side she may have been liberated from her father and some of those daddy demons.

Amy's Mercury conjunct her Sun helps make her an excellent communicator. Problems or not she knew how to sing, clearly gifted and her fans responded to her voice. Mercury is all over that.

But let's go back to her birth time, assuming it is correct, her Gemini Rising is extremely nervous energy. Virgo which is her Sun is a very nervous energy. Mercury conjunct Sun (in Virgo) is a nervous energy. This is A LOT of nervousness. Getting grounded would be very challenging. And add to all this is her Neptune square Sun which has no ability to get grounded except through prayer (when they are over 40). I gotta say my guess is she may have had ADD-HD and had a very hard time being in her body. I wish she had been born later than 1983, had she been born in the 90's or now her family could have helped her with more options for add-hd than the options in the 1980's. If this indeed was an issue which I think the chart implies. And by the way, those drugs and booze choices probably started off in her life as simply self medication for all that nervous energy.

Anyway, I think there is a lot going on with this very talented young woman's chart. I just wished she lived longer.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Background Noise

As you all know I wrote back on new moon that this cancer cycle would be all about Money Talk. Everywhere we turn someone is bringing up some kind of expense or costs in general. And above all, the financial crashing sound has been the Debt Ceiling...will it be raised or not. For years it has been a no brainer deal just signed by congress and then they move on to the next issue. But NOT this year. You can't have this much angst from Pluto in Cap, Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and a Cancer New Moon without a bitch session.

And so will it happen? Probably. But not without a lot of pain. And even if it does pass there may still be fall out. In the same way a company tries a hostil takeover of another company. Even if they don't succeed the hostility of the act can weaken the stock of the company. How weak will the US look when this is over?

Over at Ray Merriman's sight he brings up his own thoughts.

But let’s assume an agreement is not forthcoming by July 31. The next aspect is the Sun in the proud (and sometimes arrogant) sign of Leo, square Jupiter (exaggeration again) in Taurus, the money sign. Whatever concerns were present on July 31 are doubled on August 1: joy or hysteria? But then on August 2, the “due date,” Mercury starts its retrograde motion, which lasts through August 26. That is a time to pause, reflect, research, and discuss options so that you fully understand what you are doing. If decisions are made under Mercury retrograde, it is not long before they have to be modified under the excuse that “”We didn’t understand – we weren’t properly informed of - what was involved!”

And from there it doesn’t get any easier. On August 9, Mars will first square Uranus, and then the next day it will be in opposition to Pluto. That is, the god of war mates with the gods of chaos and destruction. Hopefully they will produce a child of renewal and not a pile of ashes... as in the potential form taken on by paper currencies and treasuries if a solution to the debt ceiling is not achieved. But ever the optimist (yes, I am a different kind of Capricorn), there will likely be a resolution, albeit temporary, within two weeks of this time.

Still Ahead.....

Hello, All,
I'm sorry there have not been a lot of postings of late, I am on vacation and I'm in one of the towns caught in the hideous heat wave where all of us are moving slow because if we move too fast we drown in our own sweat. I say all that to say I have been a bit distracted looking for good air conditioned buildings and have not been on my astro game.

Anyway, looking ahead...

Saturday 7/23: Sun enters Leo. Get your Leo a gift from the heart or make it big.

Saturday 7/23: Sun/Neptune: small aspect but there is a punch. Loss of energy, loss of commitment. Our Mojo lessens.

7/27:Sun/Uranus: Brilliant solutions, dynamic thoughts, new grounds, new breakthroughs. Enthusiasm abounds

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Now and Then

I saw this photo yesterday and it struck me in the solar plexus. I think we can attribute the strike to the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Thirty years ago a father and his 13 year old son went to the first space shuttle launch and last week that same father and son went to the last space shuttle launch--thirty years later.

I am sure I am touched by this photo because I have a ten year old son who loves air travel and had we lived on the east coast I am positive my husband and son would have gone to the launch. And both of them sort of look like these two. But really I think the reason why it has had 700,000 hits speaks to the astrology times we are in.

Traditions are both Cancer and Capricorn. Family is Cancer. Respect is Capricorn. Memories are Cancer. Fathers and time are both Saturn which rules Capricorn.

Are we not all a bit jealous that these two made this tradition? Aren't we jealous that this grown son now 43 would find the time to do this jaunt with his nearly 70 year old dad? Does this image speak of another era where everyone had more time for one another? Especially family.

Pluto is churning through Capricorn with this hideous recession that has us all working so hard to get by. The pressures on everyone are palpable. And Uranus off in Aries is speaking to all of us, that changes, big changes are in our future. Saturn is tackling us down, pining us under our relationships as we try to make them work or we come to a understanding that they 'are what they are' and we remove ourselves either physically or mentally...and in that astro soup I felt misty as Cancer and Capricorn pulled me through this photo.

Evocative of a gentleness of another era.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon
July 15 2: 39am EDT

Back on New Moon (solar eclipse) I wrote that cardinal cross would manifest in money tensions and if you have been able to keep up with any news then you know the debate on whether we (the US) should default or not has been THE news. And of course the US defaulting is not just a US problem, if we did it would be big problems for the whole world and probably some other planets too.

Anyway, now here we are in the middle of this tense Cancer Lunar Cycle with our yearly Capricorn full moon.

Capricorn Full moons are always where we put the rudder on our boats. If you have been emotional or highly sensitive (who can blame you) during this cycle, you may find the Full Moon straightens you out.

Capricorn is prudent and conservative. When it misbehaves it is WAY too wrapped up in prestige and protocols. See if you partake in or hear a lot of “How dare they/her/him/etc.” When it is smart it is efficient and cuts to chase. But whatever it is ---Capricorn Full moon means business. Emotions don't totally drive the show, they have to be emotions that serve a purpose. "Enough with the venting!" says Cap.

On this full moon there is a lovely aspect with Venus which will take some of the heat off our moods. Kind of hard to be in a grumpy mood when a little baby smiles out you. That would be Venus in Cancer. Although, it should be noted that poor Venus is getting wacked by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto so tenderness may be at play but at the same time we are being forced to grow up about something.

If you are feeling a bit lost take this weekend to get smart about stuff. Smart about your job. Smart about your goals (a big Capricorn word) and smart about your family. And while you are doing all that…how are your needs? Where can you cut out things? Not just to save money but more to save you headaches. Remember, Capricorn when it is higher evolved knows how to ‘celebrate the ordinary’ which is a gift. Isn’t it?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rupert Murdoch & The Solar Eclipse

So, let’s cut to the chase and get to Rupert Murdoch because in my opinion he is THE man to get churned out of this month’s eclipse. In the week that started this Cancer Lunar cycle a story gained record speed in the UK and quickly had the world’s attention. Evidently, reporters for the tabloid press, “News of the World” a Murdoch paper, hired private investigators to hack into phone messages of private citizens.

This dirty habit was not a new practice given celebrities and royals have been complaining about these practices for years. What made this week different was that the hacking took place on the voice mails of a 13 year old British girl named Milly Dowler who went missing in 2002. The hacker(s) broke into Milly’s voice mails, listened to the messages and then erased them. Her parents and the police at that time were lead to believe that Milly was still alive since she was clearing her voice mails. No she was not alive. Her body was found later and the murderer was found and convicted.

And double downing on this unsavory act were reports that the paper also hacked into the voice mails of the victims of the July 2005 bombings and families of dead soldiers. Really, I thought the Dead Sea was the lowest point on Earth but it appears to be “News of The World” London headquarters.

So, this story gains speed and by the end of the week Scotland Yard began arrests including the former editor of the “News of the world” who is also the former communications director for the current Prime Minister. Is this starting to feel like a Tom Clancy novel?

And who signed the checks for the law breaking actions? James Murdoch, Murdoch’s son and European and Asian Head for the News Corp Company.

Mudoch’s Sun in Pisces in the 3rd house, the house that rules newspapers, writing and print. At the same time he has Moon in Sagittarius which rules publishing, journalism and general media. Astrology speaking, as media tycoon, Rupert picked the right career for him. However, in Rupert’s case his Moon is in the 12th house. A moon in the 12th is WAY more comfortable doing things behind the scenes. They are the puppeteer who pulls strings behind the curtain. There is plenty Rupert does that we don’t know about and that is just the way he likes it.

However, if his moon was in a different sign he might be able to keep things even more tightly held but fire (Sag) needs oxygen to breathe and it is no surprise that his family which is ruled by Moon cracked the seams on his tightly wound world.

Me? Personally, I wish I could go back in time and see what Rupert’s childhood was like in Australia. His Sun in Pisces in the third house squares his Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th house puts the accent on disappointment. The Sun is one of the planets ruling father and of course the Moon represents mother.

A square is tension filled and Pisces under pressure can be disillusioned, disappointed, abuse alcohol, drugs and prone to deceit. Sagittarius, can be righteous, a know it all, exaggerate and a zealot. Whatever happened in that childhood was problematic but will most likely go to his grave. But what is public is Rupert’s penchant for tabloid and yellow press.

At some point one does have to wake up with oneself and ask, “What do I do for a living?” My guess the square hardened his resolve to do whatever he wants no matter how deceitful (Pisces) with personal righteous and indignation (Sag) and of course the results of a mountain of cold hard cash are perfect for his Capricorn (Cash is King) rising.

As indicated on the new moon chart, the solar eclipse of July 1st was marked by a Grand Cross of Sun/Moon in Cancer square Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn. Of these planets, Pluto is close enough to count on Rupert’s rising sign. Pluto demands massive changes and upheavals. At the same time Uranus is squaring his ascendant and will continue to create out of the blue chaos very close to home (4th house).

Saturn in Capricorn in his first house makes him the work horse that he is, but within this year Saturn in Libra will be squaring his natal Saturn and its especially personal given the first house. He will learn lessons about the weaknesses in all his relationships.

The clumsiness of his handling of the situation with “News of the World” was best characterized by the Solar Eclipse on his Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter can be cocky and again, emphasizes Know-it-all, for Rupert he felt whatever was going on in England was not worth him altering his plans to remain with his big wig friends in the states until finally today (British time) he arrived in England. Clearly a flatfooted move.

His reasons for returning? Because he is in the middle of a mega huge deal to merge NewsCorp with Skynews. Which has to be approve by Parliment. At this point I’m not so sure it is going to happen. Not just because of these scandals but also because looking ahead his natal Uranus in Aries, North Node in Aries and Pluto in Cancer will be in the cross hairs of transiting Pluto and Uranus. Perhaps things will go his way---but I strongly doubt it.

One curious note: I mentioned back in my cancer new moon article that stuff may come up now that was evocative of the famous movie, line, “It’s Chinatown, Jake” Meaning you are never sure who you are helping…a victim or a bigger enemy. In this case it must be noted that the story about “News of The World” was released by their competitor: Daily Gaurdian. And if they thought they might be able to buy the paper, they were wrong. Murdoch shut it down today.

168 years of yellow journalism gone. And for that we say, “Thank gawd for the solar eclipse

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And then there is Uranus

For those who did not read the Cancer New Moon report......

On July 9, Uranus will begin its annual shift and turn retrograde. This is the first time Uranus will retrograde in Aries and stay in Aries ---in eighty years. Last summer it retrograded out of Aries and into Pisces. When it went backwards last summer we went from feeling energized (some cases pissed off) to feeling a need for a spiritual connection. Perhaps we even justified the actions of others (who were lame) as important spiritual messages to us. Did we defend the indefensible? Perhaps. But now we will not be inclined to get Pollyanna-ish. Uranus will stoke our fire the entire retrograde (ending in December) and it won’t always be easy.

Going back to Pluto for a minute, we have discussed the relationship between Uranus and Pluto quite a bit but for clarification—Uranus is in zone of square with Pluto this summer. This battle between these two has just begun and has a long way to go before getting resolved (if that is even possible). Giving the aspect a one degree orb:

Uranus squares Pluto between June 2011 and October 2011, occurs again between May and October 2012. Again between April 2013 and June 2013, September 2013 through May 2014, November 2014 through April 2015, and finally December 2015 through March 2016.

Do you see those dates? That is a long window of action and my guess is that the shot from the bow will occur this summer with a likelihood of July being number one hotspot. Again, I feel that a lot of this is going to be financial in nature. As of this writing in the USA we are going to end QE2 the day before the New Moon. We can no longer print money. At first glance that would seem helpful as a hedge against inflation but in the times we live we need to define ‘help’ because like the famous line of movie dialogue, “It’s Chinatown, Jake.” Meaning you think you are rescuing someone but maybe you are helping an even bigger enemy.

We have QE2 ending, then the first week of August, Congress has to raise the debt ceiling (or try to do it) and then at the end of September Jumbo loans will be lowered impacting real estate especially in cities. This is a lot moving parts in an already weakened financial market. One of them could freeze the others and god knows what happens. I don’t write this to scare anyone because remember I am in this mess too! I’m just pointing out that Pluto in Capricorn is overhauling our infrastructure, government and businesses and Uranus in Aries is plowing over anything that is in his way. What do you do when Andrew Carnegie meets General Sherman? Or for a 21st century take; what do you do when Bill Gates meets Hugo Chavez? Not an easy fit, is it?

Looking Ahead

I meant to put this up yesterday but I was swamped with stuff.

7/8:Venus oppose Pluto: Misuse of love and money. Dark feelings about both come up

7/9 Uranus turns retrograde 4Aries34 (its own post)

7/9: Venus sextile Jupiter: Fun, lively, inspire love and money matters. Joy and ease surround.

7/9: Mercury sextile Saturn: Good practical thoughts and conversations are pronounced.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ray Merriman On Taxes

Over at Merriman Market Anaylst, Ray takes the time to talk about taxes in terms of Pluto (of course) and Saturn cycles. Here is a snippet:

The message for today (2001-2020), as I understand these planetary correlations to economic cycles, is simple: if a government increases its spending, increases its tax rates on individuals and small companies (the primary engine for hiring workers), it will enter period of prolonged economic contraction with greater unemployment, more frequent and deeper economic recessions, stagnant or volatile stock markets, and roaring commodity markets. This is not an opinion. Notice that nowhere is there mention of lowering taxes (although for small businesses, I am, because the USA trails only Japan in the highest tax rates for small businesses: 39.6% in USA versus 40% in Japan). If anything, it simply suggests a policy of “not raising taxes.” Why? Well, this cycle indicates that raising taxes in this phase of the Saturn-Pluto orbits does not solve the debt issue, but rather escalates it. And you know what Capricorns like myself think of escalation in tense times. We are trained to de-escalate.

This is not the case in the waxing segment, when employment is high. During the 1947-1966 boom years, for example, when employment was quite high, the wealthiest in the United States were at one point taxed as much as 90%, and the economy kept growing. It was a different part of the cycle. Beyond that, I don’t personally favor lower taxes or higher taxes or any change in the tax structure as almost every incoming president tries to enact, because that change itself –and certainly the perception that it will change - creates anxiety and paralysis in the business climate. Business owners can’t plan when they don’t know. The only people who benefit from any change in tax laws are the accountants – and even they don’t wish for that. The business community and one’s personal financial planning go more smoothly when tax levels remain constant. You can’t put a dollar amount on an environment that allows for proper financial planning. But you can be certain that any change in taxes paralyzes the effort to plan properly, and in that situation, small business hold back on hiring new personnel and individuals hold back on large purchases.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Perhaps it was Venus move into Cancer....but I found this delightful and refreshing. May this cool you off.

Happy 4th.

UPDATE: I guess the private side of Venus in Cancer showed up. The video was shut down. There must have been too many eyeballs. Trust was very cute.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pope Benedict Rings in on Cancer New Moon

Just in time for the Cancer New Moon, on Friday Pope Benedict had a visitation from UN Food delegates and they discussed the price of food. Cancer is all about food. The stress of the cardinal cross, certainly was in his message. If anyone will do anything about it is another matter.

(AP) VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI denounced speculation in commodities markets Friday and demanded a global response to high food prices based on solidarity, not profit.

Benedict told delegates of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization that access to food is a basic human right that must be guaranteed. He said it's urgent to develop economic models that aren't just based on profit but take into account the "human dimension."

"How can we remain silent when even food has become the object of speculation or is linked to a market that, without any regulation and deprived of moral principles, appears linked solely to an objective of profit?" he asked.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The thing that happened in Monaco

When did Henry Kissinger turn Catholic?

Prince Albert of Monaco married Charlene Wittsock of South Africa. A few dignitaries with nothing else to do showed up at his big, fat, Monte Carlo wedding which is suppose to cost 20 million Euros or something like that.

The interesting thing is that astrologers will not be drafting a wedding chart for Saturday's shindig since that is the religious service. A civil ceremony took place on Friday July 1 in the evening. I do not know the exact time but a chart drafted for 7:30pm Monaco time is pretty close to the eclipse. I can't for the life of me imagine a royal family as pop-y as the Grimaldi not having an court astrologer somewhere on their royal blackberries...but they must not. Because there is NO astrologer on God's green earth who would have signed off on a solar eclipse (and grand cross) of July 1, 2011 for a wedding date.

Albert is a Pisces and does get some boosts from the Cancer planets but still, I can't wrap my head around this date for their marriage. God knows there is a lot riding on it. Charlene is an Aquarius with Moon in Leo. That Leo is all good for the royal spotlight but the eclipse is right on her Mercury and my guess is that she has a lot to say but can't...and probably never will with this marriage chart.

However, she is beautiful and for that the country should be grateful. I predict child next year!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mikey Lutin-- so enjoyable

I found this nice little video of Michael Lutin today. In honor of my Moon in Cancer which puts emphasis on family, I wanted to share this little gem with you my astrology family. He is so smart. Get a reading with Mikey. Lift your spirits and get informed at the same time!

Dominique Strauss Kahn----Like I said a lot of Trines

Do you all remember back in May when we discussed Dominique Strauss Kahn and his arrest? Back then I said

Curiously, Pluto finished squaring his moon last year and now is making a positive trine to his Venus. And Pluto is about to do another round of trines with his Sun. I gotta say, I am scratching my head on this. These are positive aspects and yet these charges are pretty formidable. I'm wondering if he has something in his pocket that is going to make this go away. Not the thing that got him in trouble but another thing in his pocket that will make all his troubles disappear. Pluto is fairly deft.

Well, the update is that the case is very shaky and about to collapse. Apparently, the accuser has been inconsistent with her story and full of other lies. This leads me all back to my original note about DSK's transiting trines. I felt his troubles were going to disappear and it looks like it is heading in that direction. Obviously, this is a developing story but I gotta say never underestimate the power of a trine.

Internet Provider » 10 Most Popular Websites for Checking Your Horoscope

Internet Provider » 10 Most Popular Websites for Checking Your Horoscope

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