Friday, July 1, 2011

Dominique Strauss Kahn----Like I said a lot of Trines

Do you all remember back in May when we discussed Dominique Strauss Kahn and his arrest? Back then I said

Curiously, Pluto finished squaring his moon last year and now is making a positive trine to his Venus. And Pluto is about to do another round of trines with his Sun. I gotta say, I am scratching my head on this. These are positive aspects and yet these charges are pretty formidable. I'm wondering if he has something in his pocket that is going to make this go away. Not the thing that got him in trouble but another thing in his pocket that will make all his troubles disappear. Pluto is fairly deft.

Well, the update is that the case is very shaky and about to collapse. Apparently, the accuser has been inconsistent with her story and full of other lies. This leads me all back to my original note about DSK's transiting trines. I felt his troubles were going to disappear and it looks like it is heading in that direction. Obviously, this is a developing story but I gotta say never underestimate the power of a trine.


  1. I do remember this, Tracy, way to go! I remember thinking his chart looked way too easy-going, considering what he was going through-- was expecting more drama-rama...

  2. You called it Tracy. I was wondering how he would get out of this mess. I know they feel the accuser has made false claims before, but I can't help wonder if power and money behind the scenes made this go away...Once again ashamed that he and I share Leo rising Taurus Sun. I still don't like him!

  3. Interesting that the about face happened on Friday, the eclipse day. I guess lucky Jupiter is happening for DSK. But it's not over yet. I predict a backlash and some rolling heads. (CarolT)