Saturday, July 16, 2011

Now and Then

I saw this photo yesterday and it struck me in the solar plexus. I think we can attribute the strike to the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Thirty years ago a father and his 13 year old son went to the first space shuttle launch and last week that same father and son went to the last space shuttle launch--thirty years later.

I am sure I am touched by this photo because I have a ten year old son who loves air travel and had we lived on the east coast I am positive my husband and son would have gone to the launch. And both of them sort of look like these two. But really I think the reason why it has had 700,000 hits speaks to the astrology times we are in.

Traditions are both Cancer and Capricorn. Family is Cancer. Respect is Capricorn. Memories are Cancer. Fathers and time are both Saturn which rules Capricorn.

Are we not all a bit jealous that these two made this tradition? Aren't we jealous that this grown son now 43 would find the time to do this jaunt with his nearly 70 year old dad? Does this image speak of another era where everyone had more time for one another? Especially family.

Pluto is churning through Capricorn with this hideous recession that has us all working so hard to get by. The pressures on everyone are palpable. And Uranus off in Aries is speaking to all of us, that changes, big changes are in our future. Saturn is tackling us down, pining us under our relationships as we try to make them work or we come to a understanding that they 'are what they are' and we remove ourselves either physically or mentally...and in that astro soup I felt misty as Cancer and Capricorn pulled me through this photo.

Evocative of a gentleness of another era.


  1. My husband and I are going through what you've spoken abot in the last paragraph, I hardly know anything about astrology, but it seems we are picking up on the fact that we need to decide to make up our mind, speak our mind or accept that the relationships we are having difficulty dealing with are what they are.
    We are trying to be authentic and bring out the pain held for the least 3.5 years so we can release and come to a conclusion. I have risked my reputation as a result, but at least now I know I do have a spine to stand up and be genuine. Meanwhile, how we feel later about doing what we are is something we will have to learn to accept I guess. It isn't like we are thriving now, so I doubt that we have much to lose with these relationships anymore. Very sad, but true. Hoping for the best.

  2. yes, sounds like saturn in libra to me!
    the best will come from it..I promise.