Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rupert Murdoch & The Solar Eclipse

So, let’s cut to the chase and get to Rupert Murdoch because in my opinion he is THE man to get churned out of this month’s eclipse. In the week that started this Cancer Lunar cycle a story gained record speed in the UK and quickly had the world’s attention. Evidently, reporters for the tabloid press, “News of the World” a Murdoch paper, hired private investigators to hack into phone messages of private citizens.

This dirty habit was not a new practice given celebrities and royals have been complaining about these practices for years. What made this week different was that the hacking took place on the voice mails of a 13 year old British girl named Milly Dowler who went missing in 2002. The hacker(s) broke into Milly’s voice mails, listened to the messages and then erased them. Her parents and the police at that time were lead to believe that Milly was still alive since she was clearing her voice mails. No she was not alive. Her body was found later and the murderer was found and convicted.

And double downing on this unsavory act were reports that the paper also hacked into the voice mails of the victims of the July 2005 bombings and families of dead soldiers. Really, I thought the Dead Sea was the lowest point on Earth but it appears to be “News of The World” London headquarters.

So, this story gains speed and by the end of the week Scotland Yard began arrests including the former editor of the “News of the world” who is also the former communications director for the current Prime Minister. Is this starting to feel like a Tom Clancy novel?

And who signed the checks for the law breaking actions? James Murdoch, Murdoch’s son and European and Asian Head for the News Corp Company.

Mudoch’s Sun in Pisces in the 3rd house, the house that rules newspapers, writing and print. At the same time he has Moon in Sagittarius which rules publishing, journalism and general media. Astrology speaking, as media tycoon, Rupert picked the right career for him. However, in Rupert’s case his Moon is in the 12th house. A moon in the 12th is WAY more comfortable doing things behind the scenes. They are the puppeteer who pulls strings behind the curtain. There is plenty Rupert does that we don’t know about and that is just the way he likes it.

However, if his moon was in a different sign he might be able to keep things even more tightly held but fire (Sag) needs oxygen to breathe and it is no surprise that his family which is ruled by Moon cracked the seams on his tightly wound world.

Me? Personally, I wish I could go back in time and see what Rupert’s childhood was like in Australia. His Sun in Pisces in the third house squares his Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th house puts the accent on disappointment. The Sun is one of the planets ruling father and of course the Moon represents mother.

A square is tension filled and Pisces under pressure can be disillusioned, disappointed, abuse alcohol, drugs and prone to deceit. Sagittarius, can be righteous, a know it all, exaggerate and a zealot. Whatever happened in that childhood was problematic but will most likely go to his grave. But what is public is Rupert’s penchant for tabloid and yellow press.

At some point one does have to wake up with oneself and ask, “What do I do for a living?” My guess the square hardened his resolve to do whatever he wants no matter how deceitful (Pisces) with personal righteous and indignation (Sag) and of course the results of a mountain of cold hard cash are perfect for his Capricorn (Cash is King) rising.

As indicated on the new moon chart, the solar eclipse of July 1st was marked by a Grand Cross of Sun/Moon in Cancer square Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn. Of these planets, Pluto is close enough to count on Rupert’s rising sign. Pluto demands massive changes and upheavals. At the same time Uranus is squaring his ascendant and will continue to create out of the blue chaos very close to home (4th house).

Saturn in Capricorn in his first house makes him the work horse that he is, but within this year Saturn in Libra will be squaring his natal Saturn and its especially personal given the first house. He will learn lessons about the weaknesses in all his relationships.

The clumsiness of his handling of the situation with “News of the World” was best characterized by the Solar Eclipse on his Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter can be cocky and again, emphasizes Know-it-all, for Rupert he felt whatever was going on in England was not worth him altering his plans to remain with his big wig friends in the states until finally today (British time) he arrived in England. Clearly a flatfooted move.

His reasons for returning? Because he is in the middle of a mega huge deal to merge NewsCorp with Skynews. Which has to be approve by Parliment. At this point I’m not so sure it is going to happen. Not just because of these scandals but also because looking ahead his natal Uranus in Aries, North Node in Aries and Pluto in Cancer will be in the cross hairs of transiting Pluto and Uranus. Perhaps things will go his way---but I strongly doubt it.

One curious note: I mentioned back in my cancer new moon article that stuff may come up now that was evocative of the famous movie, line, “It’s Chinatown, Jake” Meaning you are never sure who you are helping…a victim or a bigger enemy. In this case it must be noted that the story about “News of The World” was released by their competitor: Daily Gaurdian. And if they thought they might be able to buy the paper, they were wrong. Murdoch shut it down today.

168 years of yellow journalism gone. And for that we say, “Thank gawd for the solar eclipse

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  1. Well the Solar Eclipse occurred in Cancer was quite beneficial for me. But i am so looking forward for the Full Moon in Capricorn on 15 July, loved the way you narrated the article. Thanks for the share...!!