Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leo New Moon 2011--Your Passion Tells You So!

I have just posted Leo New Moon. And with 3 hours to spare! Hurray.

Here is a snippet of the report but you will find the whole write up on Margaret Wendt's sight.

The Leo New Moon chart is highlighted by excellent aspects: Sun/Moon conjunct Venus and Sun/Moon trine Uranus. With Venus in Leo on top of the Sun and the Moon many of us will ask, “What do I value?” “What do I love?” A quiet afternoon on a sunny porch far away from our worries will tickle something in our heart. A day trip to a gentle beach opens us up. Ions in the air swirling around us while we take a cool shower will speak to us. What means something to us? Really, what is it we enjoy? What do we love? What do we want more of in our life? Where is our creativity? What can we offer the world? What golden idea do we have in us? How can we be more generous? How can we thrive?

This is a remarkable 28 day cycle where we feel pregnant with possibility. Hearts will be opened. What do we look like when we follow our passions? What do we look like when we have fun? When was the last time we even had fun?

For some who have been removed from fun, joy and romance they may be misguided so much to think pleasure no longer exists. This is why Uranus is important on this Leo phase. Uranus is a genius. He can break down walls, liberate and find opportunities in the most unique and unusual situations. Uranus is electrifying and shatters things that are rigid (walls, beliefs, thoughts) so something new can manifest.

And on this Leo Lunar New Moon we are gifted because it has been over 70 years since a Leo New Moon had a trine with Uranus in Aries. The fire of Aries which says, “I need to break new ground for me” is hand in hand with Sun/ Moon in Leo that says, “And it needs to be my passion.” Neither of these signs are playing for sport. They mean business. They are fiery and looking for a flame. We will be pushed to asked, “What is our flame?” Even if we are jealous (there’s that Leo word again) of someone during this 28 day cycle we should use that energy to motivate changes in our life. Jealousy can be a gift.

We should watch the news for bravery and loyalty, dramatic risks and passionate lovers. It will not be a ho-hum month. There will be theater, drama and three ring circuses. Leo usually accents the regal, the royal and the crowd that is above the fray but with Uranus in the mix the accent will also be on the weird and odd. How will strange situations open up people to find what make them tick? What do people do when they are in a weird spot? How do they excel? Remember, generals aren’t born—they are made. For 28 days your inner general is ready to lead you into a life where your passion and desires are allowed to flow.


  1. Great food for thought. My hubby is a Leo so this is always a big month for us! :-)

  2. My husband has Leo rising and yesterday I saw him take my beach towel and use it to dry off. When I accused him of stealing it, he said, "I didn't know it was yours." Total lie. When is Leo Rising is bad it is bad. lol.