Thursday, July 14, 2011

Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon
July 15 2: 39am EDT

Back on New Moon (solar eclipse) I wrote that cardinal cross would manifest in money tensions and if you have been able to keep up with any news then you know the debate on whether we (the US) should default or not has been THE news. And of course the US defaulting is not just a US problem, if we did it would be big problems for the whole world and probably some other planets too.

Anyway, now here we are in the middle of this tense Cancer Lunar Cycle with our yearly Capricorn full moon.

Capricorn Full moons are always where we put the rudder on our boats. If you have been emotional or highly sensitive (who can blame you) during this cycle, you may find the Full Moon straightens you out.

Capricorn is prudent and conservative. When it misbehaves it is WAY too wrapped up in prestige and protocols. See if you partake in or hear a lot of “How dare they/her/him/etc.” When it is smart it is efficient and cuts to chase. But whatever it is ---Capricorn Full moon means business. Emotions don't totally drive the show, they have to be emotions that serve a purpose. "Enough with the venting!" says Cap.

On this full moon there is a lovely aspect with Venus which will take some of the heat off our moods. Kind of hard to be in a grumpy mood when a little baby smiles out you. That would be Venus in Cancer. Although, it should be noted that poor Venus is getting wacked by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto so tenderness may be at play but at the same time we are being forced to grow up about something.

If you are feeling a bit lost take this weekend to get smart about stuff. Smart about your job. Smart about your goals (a big Capricorn word) and smart about your family. And while you are doing all that…how are your needs? Where can you cut out things? Not just to save money but more to save you headaches. Remember, Capricorn when it is higher evolved knows how to ‘celebrate the ordinary’ which is a gift. Isn’t it?

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