Saturday, July 2, 2011

The thing that happened in Monaco

When did Henry Kissinger turn Catholic?

Prince Albert of Monaco married Charlene Wittsock of South Africa. A few dignitaries with nothing else to do showed up at his big, fat, Monte Carlo wedding which is suppose to cost 20 million Euros or something like that.

The interesting thing is that astrologers will not be drafting a wedding chart for Saturday's shindig since that is the religious service. A civil ceremony took place on Friday July 1 in the evening. I do not know the exact time but a chart drafted for 7:30pm Monaco time is pretty close to the eclipse. I can't for the life of me imagine a royal family as pop-y as the Grimaldi not having an court astrologer somewhere on their royal blackberries...but they must not. Because there is NO astrologer on God's green earth who would have signed off on a solar eclipse (and grand cross) of July 1, 2011 for a wedding date.

Albert is a Pisces and does get some boosts from the Cancer planets but still, I can't wrap my head around this date for their marriage. God knows there is a lot riding on it. Charlene is an Aquarius with Moon in Leo. That Leo is all good for the royal spotlight but the eclipse is right on her Mercury and my guess is that she has a lot to say but can't...and probably never will with this marriage chart.

However, she is beautiful and for that the country should be grateful. I predict child next year!


  1. has ANY astrologer done any research even 1000 marriage charts and found how many survived a so called "negative" aspect? if astrology is so scientific as oppose to generalized "leaning towards" you would have.

  2. Marriage charts are drafted all the time before and after marriages and even after divorces. And plenty have happened on eclipses and survived and plenty have not survived. My point was that this eclipse is particularly stressful. Curiously, this marriage had rumors of a runaway bride to be, which I can't recall ever happenening except in a movie. Perhaps that was the stress of the aspects and there will be nothing more to it. I probably would have picked another date. Tracy

  3. or we could say shes a reluctant bride, being an aquarius with a leo moon the ifs and tiffs are dramatized and albert the fish is not swimming in a unidirection either... so when ever the ceremony its a match made in heaven

  4. Wonder if his two kids attended the wedding. Didn't see any photos of them. She's definitely a walking photo-op, but I have a funny feeling about this marriage. Maybe it was the eclipse...