Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still Ahead.....

Hello, All,
I'm sorry there have not been a lot of postings of late, I am on vacation and I'm in one of the towns caught in the hideous heat wave where all of us are moving slow because if we move too fast we drown in our own sweat. I say all that to say I have been a bit distracted looking for good air conditioned buildings and have not been on my astro game.

Anyway, looking ahead...

Saturday 7/23: Sun enters Leo. Get your Leo a gift from the heart or make it big.

Saturday 7/23: Sun/Neptune: small aspect but there is a punch. Loss of energy, loss of commitment. Our Mojo lessens.

7/27:Sun/Uranus: Brilliant solutions, dynamic thoughts, new grounds, new breakthroughs. Enthusiasm abounds

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