Saturday, December 27, 2008

Capricorn New Moon

As many of you know, I generate a New Moon article once a month. It covers the 28 day lunar cycle. From New Moon, Crescent, 1/4, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, 3/4 and balsamic . All 8 phases and everything important in between.

This NEW MOON in Capricorn is very powerful. To say the least. When you have a conjunction between Moon/Sun/Mars & Pluto, well that is no day at the beach. More like a day on a mountain, a volcanic mountain!

My full article can be found on Margaret Wendt's website: Here.

During this Capricorn New Moon; The Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto are all
within six degrees of each other and not in that Kevin Bacon way, in astrology,
six degrees is on top of one another, literally. So, when one of the
planets speaks to us, all four will be in the mix. The Sun is focused on
our soul, the Moon our emotions, Mars our actions and Pluto our Power.
And each one of them is beating one drum asking “IS THERE ADULT IN THE
HOUSE?” And during this lunar phase that adult had better be you.
Consider our inner teenager dead. Luckily, Capricorn has a
great sense of humor, it may be gallows humor but it is still funny. So,
bury your inner teen and bring out your inner Noel Coward, at least you can
laugh a lot for the next twenty eight days.

Go to link for the rest of article

Monday, December 22, 2008

I know you can do it!!!!!!

Please find your Inner Jupiter..and do something that will help a Family In Need.

I know Christmas is over but that doesn't mean we are done!
We still have some familiesInNeed who did not get moved over to Needs Met. If you can please, please send a small amount, it will really help. Even $10 will go soooo far.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 22--Tick Tock, Karma Clock is Dinging

(This is from my New Moon article which you can find here.)

Crack any basic astrology book and they will tell you that Capricorn and Saturn are the Karma sign and planet. Where ever Saturn is located in your chart is usually an area that has more importance to you but in a weird twisted way. You see it is actually where we feel our most insecure. So insecure that you actually may talk about it with people. It is a weak spot. But out of that weakness you build and build upon it. Kind of like an athlete with an atrophied leg. He’ll exercise it, put weights on it, push it and stretch it so much that it will become his strongest asset. Well, that is Saturn and Capricorn.

As we have already discussed, Saturn is in opposition to Uranus and so you know Uranus is pointing out our issues to us, “Hey, what’s going on with that skinny leg?” And at the same time, Pluto in Capricorn is also pointing out our weakness. “Hey, how long have you been walking around with limp? Between the two of them, we are really learning what the hell we need to fix. And yes, it might hurt but why don’t you just cut to the chase and tell yourself, “Gee, I know this is a bitch, but I planned this lifetime to deal with it, so as god as my witness I will take care of it now and I’ll stop bitching about it. This is my karma.” Why am I talking so much about Cap in this Sag cycle? Because it is during Sag lunar cycle, that Pluto is going to conjuct the Sun in Cap. For the last 14 years Pluto and the Sun have been conjuncting in Sag. But now we have a new wave of energy. On December 22 the two of them will join up in Capricorn for the first time in over 200 years and they will continue this dance once a year until 2023. So, if you want to get the flavor of what needs your attention, watch and see if anything comes up around that date. It might not be anything dramatic, it could be subterranean, but see if you get a vibe on it. And if you do, don’t dismiss it! Take note, it will probably be important later and be something that will have more of your attention as we slog through to 2023.


And so it is, the first day of Winter begins today at 7:03am (EST). A journey that started in June when each day the light shortened by a smidge has ended. Tonight the sun will set at its earliest and the cold night air will be the longest. For many people it is simply a line on their calendar “Winter begins”. But the truth is that the traditions around this event are broader in scope and weight than almost any event in history. All of the ancient peoples from all over the world have their traditions for this astronomical event. The Celts, The Hindus, The Mayan, The Kurds, Vikings, Japanese, Mali, Slovaks –the list is endless. But for most of them the theme is always the same, “Let’s celebrate and party likes it is 1999 and hope and pray we don’t die in Winter!”

These celebrations in my mind are far greater than the companion holiday in June, The Summer Solstice. But then I have a strong Saturn in my chart so I am more about the hard work in front of us than “Wee—let’s get naked in the Summer sun”. Astrologically this is the first day of Capricorn. All babies born right now will have their Sun in Capricorn. Such serious little souls, longing for responsibility right from the start. It is often said of Caps that they are born about 100 and each year they get younger. A 25 year old Cap is equal to a 75 year old of any other sign! Hard work and discipline are the magic elixir of their lives. But of course, of all babies born at this time of year the one who gets the most attention is Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that most scholars agree that his birth probably did not take place on December 25 it is interesting that the celebration for his birth is tied to the Pagan Winter Solstice. Belief in Him, brings salvation. “That will get us through the Winter!”

Whatever anyone believes Pagan, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and the whole world in between, I strongly encourage everyone to take a moment today and give thanks and gratitude. Release doubts for just a moment. Hold on to the thought, “There is a greater truth than any small effect.” And, “It will all work out okay.”

Give yourself the gift of hope! After all, if the ancients could find hope---so can you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If it Bleeds it Leads

The Federal Reserve dropped the rate from Zero to .25. These continue to be extraordinary times.

The central bank cut its target for the federal funds rate, at which banks
lend to each other, from 1 percent to a target range of 0 percent to 0.25
percent, the lowest rate on record. Although the Fed has no more room to reduce
the interest rate -- it has been cut 10 times in 15 months -- the bank's leaders
said in a statement that they would use "all available tools" to bolster the

read more here

But do yourself a real favor and go back and read Bill Meridian's piece on the chart of The Federal Reserve. And after you read it and figure out where transiting Pluto is in that chart, well, I'm sure you'll go out and buy gold or earplugs because the sound of printing that kind of money will be defeaning.

MadOff with the Cash

Bernard Madoff

Even if a person only knew a tiny bit about astrology, they would know that Bernard Madoff is a poster boy for PLUTO in CAPRICORN.

I am not saying that Bernie Madoff has Pluto in Capricorn. That is impossible since the only people alive with Pluto in Capricorn are 3 weeks old or less. No, what I am suggesting is that the fall of Mr. Madoff is perfect for this new climate of Pluto in Capricorn.

Remember Pluto moved into Capricorn the last week of November and it will remain in Capricorn until 2023. But as I mentioned before, when Pluto changes signs-- watch out, because it knows how to get our attention. One week after it went into Sag we got the OJ trial. And yes, this is a bit slower, but two weeks after it went into Capricorn we got Bernie Madoff. It is my opinion that Madoff will be the first of many to fall in front of our eyes for the next dozen years.

They will not all be part of a high stake Ponzi scheme but they will all be frauds. This is the curse or the blessing of Pluto as it moves through a sign. It will find the weakest link of any chain and it will destroy it and certainly frauds are an acutely soft metal. Apply a bit of pressure and they snap.

It turns out Madoff was turned in by his sons, well, maybe not exactly turned in by them but apparently he told his sons that he had defrauded their clients and then they told their lawyer who then turned in the dad. It is enough for this astrologer to scratch her head in bemusement when you consider that we are still experiencing the opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. In the Greek Myth of Saturn and Uranus-- Saturn, the son of Uranus, cut off the ding dongs of Uranus and threw them into the sea. Perhaps, Mr. Madoff would have preferred Mark and Andrew Madoff cutting off his Johnson than dialing their lawyer.

Anyway, the salient point to this discussion is that Pluto destroys anything weak and in this case-- fakes and frauds are weak. And since Pluto is in Capricorn it will be going where Capricorns hang out the most ----that would be the top of the mountain. Expect Pluto to hang out in the top of any field, find the weakness, shake it up and bam, “Landslide ahead!” I expect we will see a lot more people at the “top of their game” come way down to Earth. Unfortunately they will take a lot of innocent bystanders along the way. Yes, some of them will not be as innocent as they appear but many are truly victims. Remember with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces--Virgo the planet of hard work and Pisces the sign of altruism. Is it any surprise that many of the injured in the Madoff landslide are hard working charities? Sigh.

Anyway, I would strongly avoid anyone who seems to know it all and have it all figure out. They could be next!

Note to self: Stay low and avoid the Pluto Radar.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Do you need a psychic reading?

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Back in November I wrote HERE about Supermoons.
This full moon is the final full and Supermoon for 2008 and it is a doozey. (Dec 12 - 15) I am so sorry I could not get it up earlier but I was super swamped. How many times can I have the word Super in one paragraph?

Anyway, we have now been in this full lunar phase for about 20 hours and I am sure you are already feeling it. I know I am!

Most full moons are full of emotion. My own experience is that energies we plant on the new moon can come back for our attention on the full. Especially if we have not paid attention to our actions!! Meaning, two weeks ago when we had the new, (Nov 27-Dec 1) if you were just living your life not paying attention and maybe you got into a fight with a loved one. Perhaps it was a garden variety fight. Just annoyed with something they did or said and you let them know.

Well, when those energies take place on the New one should be prepared that whole 28 day lunar phase is colored by that experience. And if you have not addressed the core of the problem in the last two weeks, you can expect a revisit of those issues (or the roots of the problems) to come up on FULL MOON as there often is an echo on the full moon.

Of course, it is possible that there can be a MakeGood on a full. Maybe something lame happened on new and now you can fix it. Or if you don’t fix it, let’s see if the Universe fixes it.

That is part of the joy (or bummer) of a full moon, the revisit. Now with this full moon we have got a lot of energies in the mix. In particular, Saturn, the dad planet is still digging in with Uranus the rebel planet and the two of them are digging in with Mars the warrior and Moon the Emotions and Sun the soul.

It is no surprise to me that The Bailout for the automakers did not pass congress. Union workers, Congress, Auto Executives, The American people’s emotional/financial exhaustion and a need for a breakthrough are all manifested by Mars, Moon, Sun, Uranus. The one curious aspect is that as of this writing, the White House is considering stepping in to help. And that would of course be Saturn. (Although, Saturn helping usually comes with some LONG strings.) And considering, we are going to have the next pass of Saturn/Uranus exactly opposite in Feb, I think we are not done with this paradigm. Right now, Autoworkers, who will it be in January and Feb?

And how are people in their personal lives feeling this Moon? Well, if you know your chart, I would suggest you see which house has Gemini and expect some energy there. If you have Gemini on your 7th, then your relationships might be feeling a bit like the Auto Industry. Tensions, clarifying, tensions, it all is up for resolution. Gemini in the 8th house, holy moly, your finances are probably going through a number. Including maybe some tax stuff. And Gemini on the 11th house would bring a myriad of issues socially speaking. Probably, associates and friends demanding so much of your attention that it is like squeezing blood from a turnip.

I would tell everyone to hold their tongues (especially since this is a Gemini Moon) and watch their energies but there is a part of me that thinks, perhaps you are not suppose to hold your tongues. Maybe you need this full lunar phase to speak about what you need which will then help Uranus to break some new ground. Perhaps, but just remember, once this phase is over we will still be dealing with Saturn/Uranus aspects, so you can have some other opportunities for change and restructure.

Curiously, my husband mentioned he heard some kind of scientist predicted a large earthquake for this weekend. When I asked him and where, he told me he could not remembered and then went to sleep. I don’t know what any of that means but I did note, “Hmm, Supermoon, maybe?”

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Guadalupe--You look hot for 367!

Happy Birthday, Virgin!
I am not Catholic but I have a lot of Catholics in my family tree. They are buried all over the midwest after a bunch of them left Ireland in the 1850's and headed for Iowa after a stupid potato blight. And a bunch of them left Germany/Prussia and headed for Iowa after a conscription edict from a stupid Kaiser. Ah, stupid wars and stupid potatoes---that's what brought my people here!
Anyway, I have a lot of Catholic genes in my blood so I am a sucker for some good Catholic stories. I love Father Padre Pio---anyone who levitates ten thousand feet above a monastary and protects it from bombers hell bent on destroying it during WWII is my kind of priest!
But the other great Catholic who I dig the best is Virgin Guadalupe. It could be due to my living in California and her image is everywhere. (She really is the Patron Saint for North America.) But, also I like her for showing up with the roses, for talking to the Juan Diego a peasant farmer in Mexico City and I like her because she has the same birthday as me.
If you are interested in her story and more importantly if you are curious about her natal chart, take a look at this article by Louis Lesur who discusses in quite detail the astrology of her history. A very good read.

The Virgin of Guadalupe
The Astrology of a National Symbolby Luis Lesur
The Virgin of Guadalupe is the female face of the divine who has the most followers in the Western world. Her shrine in Mexico City receives 20 million visitors per year, many more than Fátima (Portugal) or Lourdes (France). Only St. Peter's Basilica in Rome receives more pilgrims in the Catholic tradition. The Virgin stands in the main altar of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York (on the right-hand side), and in Nôtre Dame in Paris, she is granted her own chapel. In Mexico, where the Virgin of Guadalupe originated,
(1) and especially among the millions of Mexicans who live in the United States, she is — even more than the Mexican flag — the most beloved emblem of national identity. This applies even to non-Catholics.
Could astrology help us to understand what lies behind the huge popularity of the Virgin of Guadalupe? Is it possible to get a meaningful horoscope from a legend? In the following discussion, I will sketch out some ideas from my book, The Secret Codes to the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Read the rest of it here:
Virgin Guadalupe---Sagittarius

Jay Leno's big surprise

NBC picks Jay Leno for 5 nights a week at 10pm.

In what can only be described as one hell of a bold move by a television network, Jay Leno who is on the cusp of handing over the "Tonight Show" to Conan O'Brien has been offered Prime Time.
Yep, he is leaving late night but he is not leaving NBC, he is heading for Primetime. It will be 10pm --Monday through Friday for the 58 year old Taurus. This is an extraordinary offer and apparently extraordinary acceptance. If what the NY Times writes is true (yes, I said, "if") Jeff Zucker had offered something equally astonishing to Dave Letterman in 2002 but apparently Dave declined. Of course, 2002 and 2008 are two completely different years in one helluva strange decade. But the bottom line is that Jay Leno said "Yes."
I have drafted a chart on Jay based on Natori Moore's article which indicated Lois Rodden's data-- Using a Tropical Chart----Jay has Aquarius Rising, Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo.
Love of work is clearly indicated by the Moon in Virgo conjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 7th. Yes, he is married and has been for a very long time and not prone to fickle attentions--again Saturn/Moon Virgo. But certainly he is well known his other love----WORK and DRIVE and definitely DEDICATION to his job. Without going into all the details about what makes him tick-- love of cars, Mars conjunct Moon...blah, blah, it is more interesting to note the transiting planets at this time.
The announcement of this deal, (which my belief is something that was locked in the last couple of days) we see that Pluto in Capricorn has just left his 10th house on December 5. How interesting if you think about it. Many critics and entertainment reporters have been discussing the death of Jay's life with the passing of the Tonight Show. It seemed to be premature death given his ratings were stronger than ever. Put still there seemed to be a ping ponging of reports from death to resurrection whenever pundits reported on "What is Jay going to do?" Many said, "Is this it for him?" Other said, "NBC screwed up" by giving it to Conan too early. Others suggested he was about one minute from taking his power to ABC. The bottom line is that it was all so Pluto. Death and rebirth and power---all Pluto words...everywhere.
But there was little talk about "Hey let's put him on Primetime five nights a week." That was bold and unusual and that is much more 11th house than 10th house. So, yes, while Pluto wrapped up its time in his 10th it picked on his carcass but by the time it made the move to 11, it is a whole new day for Jay. 11th house is a new group of people. Perhaps a new audience.
And of course, while Pluto begins its long march in Capricorn it is building towards a grand trine with his Sun in Taurus and his Moon in Virgo. But first things first it had to get into Cap which it did (Thanksgiving week) and rang the bell of his chart. Transiting Pluto is also opposing his Uranus in Cancer. But that is a generational aspect meaning anyone born a year or so before and after him is getting this aspect. It is one of the mid life crisis, although I don't know if 59 can be called Midlife, anywway it is taking place in his 5th (entertainment) house and 11th (group & associations). Will he fit with this new crowd?
Also Saturn is opposing his Venus and since Venus is in his first house this involves his basic identity. Wanting to be liked is clear for those with Venus in the first. Saturn in the 7th house of open enemies suggests to me there will be some people who will be very vocal about their distaste for Jay and this deal. And it might come at a cost to him when it is pointed out over and over again that the only reason why he was given this deal was because he was the cheapest show around. Do you really feel good about yourself when you are told over and over again, "We like you because you don't cost us much" ? This Saturn aspect will last through next summer so he's going to have to toughen up--ah, how Saturn.
Additionally, Uranus has been driving back and forth over his Venus and will continue to do so through the end of December of 2009. Venus rules values so it will be interesting to see how he is valued or devalued. Uranus is unusual so it can't be predicted. Nor how he personalizes it. At the same time transiting Neptune has been back and forth around his Ascendent since early 2008 and will continue to go back and forth through 2009. This tells me that we can not possibly predict how this deal is going to work out for him. There will be some changing opinions as Neptune dissolves everything when it crosses his Ascendent but also Neptune builds up gossamer wings right after it dissolves. He will continue to be an enigma.
The bottom line is that Jay's Taurus Sun is pretty hard to bet against. Even the 'smartest' pundits in the world have been proven wrong by Jay. And given that Pluto's trek through Capricorn will build towards a Grand Trine between his Moon in Virgo and his Sun in Taurus, tells me that there is a lot there for him to accomplish and with Pluto's energy , he will have a great deal of support.
Of course there is more to his chart but that is a few notes at first blush.
More on the deal HERE

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Canada Moms

Showcasing the Canada Moms

I think you can blame my Sag Sun with my Moon in Cancer but I do have a special place in my international heart for Canada might also have to do with the fact that I live in a warm climate and grow concerned when it is super cold up north.

I want to put it out there that that MomsInNeed (see previous post) in Canada are really in a tight spot. If some of you could at least check out this link and see if you could help, it would be appreciated.
I found out from the team that they are in a tough spot with helpers and really need some people to do what they can. One gift card can go a long way. And if you are not in Canada consider a small paypal donation. That will really help.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just a little Holiday Note

I hope I speak to your HEART...

..and this is not exactly Astrological in nature but I'm sure it has something to do with the transiting Moon in Aries crossing into my first house.....I wanted to share something personal with all of you.

Every year in December, I comb through my house and look for old gift cards. Usually they are crammed in that one drawer where I keep all the goofy things---like the post card of a cactus driving a convertible from my friend in Arizona or the Susan B. Anthony silver dollar ( is it $2?) and the torn up photo from son's preK class (he tried scissors for the first time) ---that is the drawer where I keep the gift cards. Anyway, this is the time of the year I go through that drawer and find the cards I have not used.
Then I go to my favorite website which has a whole bunch of Moms In Need. These moms are just regular people who are in a tight spot. Real tight. Some of them are single moms but honestly a lot are married but are just all in tough spots financially speaking. Some need help with groceries and some need clothes and some just need a little toy to help. Tonight I found a couple of gift cards to Barnes and Noble that still have value on them. I went to the site and found three moms who would benefit by the cards. I sent an email to the facilitator she sent me the addresses and I popped them into envelopes, stamped them and they are off in tomorrow's mail. The cards totaled less than $100 but they will go a lot further with these moms then they will sitting in my drawer collecting dust.

If you would like to see who are some of these moms, then go here to MDC Helper Moms....
Read a couple of the stories. And then be like me and go to your gift card area and see what you have sitting around. Then consider mailing one of them (or more) to one of these moms.
It will make you feel so good. And in the spirit of Sag Lunar Cycle isn't that the good side of Sag?!

Do it for me. Please. It is my birthday this week. Make me feel special...considering how old I am!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tragedy in Mumbai---Pluto in Sag, last blast

Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

Last week I was traveling and had very limited internet time and even less time to watch TV. When I learned of the attacks in Mumbai it was several hours after the event had transpired and I was a little fuzzy about the time difference between the US and India. But despite my fuzzy feeling I was struck by one thought, “Gee, it feels so Pluto in Sag, NOT Pluto in Cap.” I said that knowing Pluto moved into Capricorn on the 26th. However that is the 26th ….in the Americas. It was on the 27th for the rest of the world. So, that meant that the attack did occur while Pluto was still in Sag. From various reports it appears the gun men entered Cafe Leopold around 9:30pm local on the 26th. Drafting that chart we see Pluto was at 29 degrees 59 minutes Sag. Truly, it was the last minute (of arc) of Sag.

The Sag explains the International city, international crowd—many of them tourists. The targeting of Americans, British and Jews can be also be explained by the xenophobia which also goes hand in hand with racism and zealotry (more bad Sag stuff).

Added to this energy was the fact that the Moon was in Scorpio, which is dark and secretive and hides things well and in fact it took several days to learn who may be responsible for this gross event. As of this writing, it appears to be some fringe extreme Islamists from Pakistan. Which to me falls under the category, “Been there, done that---Pluto in Sag”. Sigh.

One thing that I did note with the chart (Placidus) is the Cancer Rising. The first attack occurred in a restaurant (food—Cancer) and there has been much emphasis on the Sandra Samuel, the nanny who protected and saved the little boy whose parents were murdered. The Cancerian need to protect clearly emphasized. Added to it, is the emphasis of FAMILY, which is colored by the Scorpio Moon in the 4th house. Moshe the child who lost his parents was flown to Israel where he attended a state funeral for his parents. During the funeral we learned that Moshe’s mom was pregnant. Again, more Cancerian energy. Sandra was also taken to Israel where she was recognized for her heroism and embraced by the whole country as 'family'. Which I am strangely reminded of Elian Gonzales who wound up on Florida shores and embraced many (certainly Florida) by family ( 1999--Pluto's mid trek in Sag).

Sadly, also killed in the event was Vedic Astrologer, Alan Sherr who was attending a spiritual conference by the Synchronicity Foundation. Adding more family into the mix and pain---his 13 year old daughter, Naomi was with him and also murdered.

When you look at the event and see Pluto in the 6th house, we can see the tie to Moshe’s parents who worked for Chabad House which serves a whole community. And then Uranus in Pisces in the 9th makes perfect sense for the spiritual retreat Alan and Naomi were attending.

What still is confusing to me is the motive for the event? I blame Moon Square Neptune. Which can explain why things are still unclear and also that the motives are most likely delusional. There is more to the chart but that is my first thoughts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Read----2009's Wild Ride, Earth & Taurus

I am confident there are many people familiar with Mountain Astrologer magazine. But if you are not or if you are running around so much right now and have not picked up the latest issue...let me implore you to get it immediately. There is a great article by Adrian Ross Duncan about the bumpy year that will be 2009. Yes, we all know the rough aspects and eclipses that riddle 2009...but reading his take on the death blow to capitalism is like watching a train wreck. You can't stop yourself from reading it.

Additionally, there is a very thoughtful and provocative piece written by Cynthia Wood making a case for Taurus' missing planet. Currently there are 10 planets and 12 signs. Each planet gets one sign. Except for 2. Venus rules Taurus and Libra and Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. For years astrologers have had many opinions on this situation but I don't think even one Astrologer has felt confident about four signs sharing two planets. I know it always rubbed me wrong. But never have I read anyone offer up a satisfying solution until Wood's article. She makes a great case that Earth is the missing planet for Taurus. Her suggestions for why it makes sense are richly researched and when you place Earth in your own chart you will see how her case makes even more sense. I, for what it is worth, have Earth in the 3rd house. And frankly, it makes sense for me. Probably part of the reason why I have this blog! By the way, if you don't know where to put Earth, it is opposite your sun.

Anyway, get the magazine and read these articles plus the others. Truly one of the best astrology magazines out there! I always get excited when it arrives.

Go here to order.

Not a retrograde planet anywhere to be found!

Roads are Clear!

On Thanksgiving morning (US time) Uranus went direct in the sign Pisces. I mentioned it both in my Scorpio New Moon and Sag New Moon articles which can be found: Here . But one thing that I didn't point out in detail was that once Uranus straightened up and flew right it set up a enviroment that does not come up often. We currently have NO--- count it, NO planets in retrograde!

That's is correct, every planet is zooming ahead doing its thing the way it wants, without a care in the world. And it will remain this way until December 31, when Saturn, slows down and retrogrades. But until that point everyone is guns a blazin'. I have to say it took me a moment to get my vibe on this phenomenon and I had a hard time separating it from some of the stronger aspects which are also taking place (e.g. Uranus oppose Saturn) but now, almost one week later processing these enviroment --I am very confident when I say, "Get out of the way, everyone is showing their true colors!" I don't know if I can even explain it all astrologically, but it seems to me that those people who are Saturnian in nature are so Saturnian right now. For example, I have Saturn conjunct my Sun. Even though I am a Sagittarian and prone to all the Sag exhurbance, I am still very centered, reserved in many ways and very, very Saturnian. And in the last week, I am feeling Saturn's direct energy very clearly. My list of responsibilities is endless. And just when I think I have accomplished everything on my "to-do" list, someone goes and hands me something else! If it needs to be handled and it needs to be handled by someone who takes responsibilities seriously, well it is being handed to me. I feel like my natal Saturn is talking to transiting Saturn saying, "I got your back, baby! Give it to me!"

At the same time, I have seen some people who are very, very Uranian. Eccentric, sure, perhaps even odd, but in the last few days they have kind of crossed into that other Uranian word--"crazy!" Oh, my goodness I saw one person do some stuff that was so wacked, I thought, "Well, there is some crazy Uranian energy blasting through!"

I am also seeing some Mars energy show up. Those people who I find very energetic. Those who are "on it, doggone it", the type that don't let moss grow on their feet, very Marslike well, they are starting to kick it up and are looking for a good ol' fashion fight. Swearing like a drunk soldier these personalities don't give a shit what they say! It is all Mars to me.

I have not yet personally came across Neptunian and Jupiter energy full throttle but then, this cycle is still young and I am confident I will see someone in my world completely be full of themselves who shoot off their mouth and claim something is right and true and everyone is wrong and then I will know.. "Oh, there is Jupiter" .. As for Neptune, that will be easy to find. They are the ones who need the designated driver. Anyway, I think my point is, that if you find yourself more pointed in a direction than usual and find yourself just really digging in about something, I would suggest that this window where all planets are going direct moving through the signs as fast as they can are activating energies in you. And maybe, one of them is a bit more stronger than the others, calling you. See what comes up between now and December 31st. I think you'll find your inner compass pulling you somewhere.

I'm so sorry this is so late....

Hello, Friends---
Please accept my apologies for my very tardy posting. I was out of town for ten days and when I returned I had to fight my way out of the endless errands and tasks that awaited my return. None of it glamorous and all of it tedious. Anyway, I am finally making my way through the pile and ready to post again.
I know I had a lot of new visitors while I was gone and please don't judge me too harshly for my lack of posts. I am usually much better than the last two weeks. Come back and visit me and you'll see I have plenty to talk about when it comes to astrology.

Anyway, on to the matters at hand......