Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just a little Holiday Note

I hope I speak to your HEART...

..and this is not exactly Astrological in nature but I'm sure it has something to do with the transiting Moon in Aries crossing into my first house.....I wanted to share something personal with all of you.

Every year in December, I comb through my house and look for old gift cards. Usually they are crammed in that one drawer where I keep all the goofy things---like the post card of a cactus driving a convertible from my friend in Arizona or the Susan B. Anthony silver dollar ( is it $2?) and the torn up photo from son's preK class (he tried scissors for the first time) ---that is the drawer where I keep the gift cards. Anyway, this is the time of the year I go through that drawer and find the cards I have not used.
Then I go to my favorite website which has a whole bunch of Moms In Need. These moms are just regular people who are in a tight spot. Real tight. Some of them are single moms but honestly a lot are married but are just all in tough spots financially speaking. Some need help with groceries and some need clothes and some just need a little toy to help. Tonight I found a couple of gift cards to Barnes and Noble that still have value on them. I went to the site and found three moms who would benefit by the cards. I sent an email to the facilitator she sent me the addresses and I popped them into envelopes, stamped them and they are off in tomorrow's mail. The cards totaled less than $100 but they will go a lot further with these moms then they will sitting in my drawer collecting dust.

If you would like to see who are some of these moms, then go here to MDC Helper Moms....
Read a couple of the stories. And then be like me and go to your gift card area and see what you have sitting around. Then consider mailing one of them (or more) to one of these moms.
It will make you feel so good. And in the spirit of Sag Lunar Cycle isn't that the good side of Sag?!

Do it for me. Please. It is my birthday this week. Make me feel special...considering how old I am!!!!


  1. This post reminded me that i wanted to make a donation on mdc. i had seen the original postings in october, but we were a little strapped then. thanks for posting this, and kicking my big pregnant butt in gear.

  2. hey---even us who aren't pregnant have big butts!