Saturday, December 27, 2008

Capricorn New Moon

As many of you know, I generate a New Moon article once a month. It covers the 28 day lunar cycle. From New Moon, Crescent, 1/4, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, 3/4 and balsamic . All 8 phases and everything important in between.

This NEW MOON in Capricorn is very powerful. To say the least. When you have a conjunction between Moon/Sun/Mars & Pluto, well that is no day at the beach. More like a day on a mountain, a volcanic mountain!

My full article can be found on Margaret Wendt's website: Here.

During this Capricorn New Moon; The Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto are all
within six degrees of each other and not in that Kevin Bacon way, in astrology,
six degrees is on top of one another, literally. So, when one of the
planets speaks to us, all four will be in the mix. The Sun is focused on
our soul, the Moon our emotions, Mars our actions and Pluto our Power.
And each one of them is beating one drum asking “IS THERE ADULT IN THE
HOUSE?” And during this lunar phase that adult had better be you.
Consider our inner teenager dead. Luckily, Capricorn has a
great sense of humor, it may be gallows humor but it is still funny. So,
bury your inner teen and bring out your inner Noel Coward, at least you can
laugh a lot for the next twenty eight days.

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