Saturday, December 13, 2008


Back in November I wrote HERE about Supermoons.
This full moon is the final full and Supermoon for 2008 and it is a doozey. (Dec 12 - 15) I am so sorry I could not get it up earlier but I was super swamped. How many times can I have the word Super in one paragraph?

Anyway, we have now been in this full lunar phase for about 20 hours and I am sure you are already feeling it. I know I am!

Most full moons are full of emotion. My own experience is that energies we plant on the new moon can come back for our attention on the full. Especially if we have not paid attention to our actions!! Meaning, two weeks ago when we had the new, (Nov 27-Dec 1) if you were just living your life not paying attention and maybe you got into a fight with a loved one. Perhaps it was a garden variety fight. Just annoyed with something they did or said and you let them know.

Well, when those energies take place on the New one should be prepared that whole 28 day lunar phase is colored by that experience. And if you have not addressed the core of the problem in the last two weeks, you can expect a revisit of those issues (or the roots of the problems) to come up on FULL MOON as there often is an echo on the full moon.

Of course, it is possible that there can be a MakeGood on a full. Maybe something lame happened on new and now you can fix it. Or if you don’t fix it, let’s see if the Universe fixes it.

That is part of the joy (or bummer) of a full moon, the revisit. Now with this full moon we have got a lot of energies in the mix. In particular, Saturn, the dad planet is still digging in with Uranus the rebel planet and the two of them are digging in with Mars the warrior and Moon the Emotions and Sun the soul.

It is no surprise to me that The Bailout for the automakers did not pass congress. Union workers, Congress, Auto Executives, The American people’s emotional/financial exhaustion and a need for a breakthrough are all manifested by Mars, Moon, Sun, Uranus. The one curious aspect is that as of this writing, the White House is considering stepping in to help. And that would of course be Saturn. (Although, Saturn helping usually comes with some LONG strings.) And considering, we are going to have the next pass of Saturn/Uranus exactly opposite in Feb, I think we are not done with this paradigm. Right now, Autoworkers, who will it be in January and Feb?

And how are people in their personal lives feeling this Moon? Well, if you know your chart, I would suggest you see which house has Gemini and expect some energy there. If you have Gemini on your 7th, then your relationships might be feeling a bit like the Auto Industry. Tensions, clarifying, tensions, it all is up for resolution. Gemini in the 8th house, holy moly, your finances are probably going through a number. Including maybe some tax stuff. And Gemini on the 11th house would bring a myriad of issues socially speaking. Probably, associates and friends demanding so much of your attention that it is like squeezing blood from a turnip.

I would tell everyone to hold their tongues (especially since this is a Gemini Moon) and watch their energies but there is a part of me that thinks, perhaps you are not suppose to hold your tongues. Maybe you need this full lunar phase to speak about what you need which will then help Uranus to break some new ground. Perhaps, but just remember, once this phase is over we will still be dealing with Saturn/Uranus aspects, so you can have some other opportunities for change and restructure.

Curiously, my husband mentioned he heard some kind of scientist predicted a large earthquake for this weekend. When I asked him and where, he told me he could not remembered and then went to sleep. I don’t know what any of that means but I did note, “Hmm, Supermoon, maybe?”

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