Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Guadalupe--You look hot for 367!

Happy Birthday, Virgin!
I am not Catholic but I have a lot of Catholics in my family tree. They are buried all over the midwest after a bunch of them left Ireland in the 1850's and headed for Iowa after a stupid potato blight. And a bunch of them left Germany/Prussia and headed for Iowa after a conscription edict from a stupid Kaiser. Ah, stupid wars and stupid potatoes---that's what brought my people here!
Anyway, I have a lot of Catholic genes in my blood so I am a sucker for some good Catholic stories. I love Father Padre Pio---anyone who levitates ten thousand feet above a monastary and protects it from bombers hell bent on destroying it during WWII is my kind of priest!
But the other great Catholic who I dig the best is Virgin Guadalupe. It could be due to my living in California and her image is everywhere. (She really is the Patron Saint for North America.) But, also I like her for showing up with the roses, for talking to the Juan Diego a peasant farmer in Mexico City and I like her because she has the same birthday as me.
If you are interested in her story and more importantly if you are curious about her natal chart, take a look at this article by Louis Lesur who discusses in quite detail the astrology of her history. A very good read.

The Virgin of Guadalupe
The Astrology of a National Symbolby Luis Lesur
The Virgin of Guadalupe is the female face of the divine who has the most followers in the Western world. Her shrine in Mexico City receives 20 million visitors per year, many more than Fátima (Portugal) or Lourdes (France). Only St. Peter's Basilica in Rome receives more pilgrims in the Catholic tradition. The Virgin stands in the main altar of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York (on the right-hand side), and in Nôtre Dame in Paris, she is granted her own chapel. In Mexico, where the Virgin of Guadalupe originated,
(1) and especially among the millions of Mexicans who live in the United States, she is — even more than the Mexican flag — the most beloved emblem of national identity. This applies even to non-Catholics.
Could astrology help us to understand what lies behind the huge popularity of the Virgin of Guadalupe? Is it possible to get a meaningful horoscope from a legend? In the following discussion, I will sketch out some ideas from my book, The Secret Codes to the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Read the rest of it here:
Virgin Guadalupe---Sagittarius

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