Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mercury Retrograde - October 4

Mercury Retrograde
October 4 1:02pm EDT
02 Scorpio 19

The map for this particular Mercury retrograde is the following:  

September 14 Shadow point begins (16 Libra)
October 4  stations retrograde (2 Scorpio)
October 25 stations direct (16 Libra)
November 10 post shadow (2 Scorpio)

Of course you need to get your technological ass covered before October 4.    Back up your computers, iphones and all your mechanical WhatNot before it starts. And yes, if you can --please try to avoid signing important documents between Oct 4 and Oct 25 along with avoiding large purchases.   All of that should be on your check off list.    

But with a Mercury station retrograde at 2 Scorpio we are also talking about processing the deep, scary stuff.  Not just the stuff that goes bump in the night (boo!) but the other stuff like, that ugly side of you that only comes up in relationships.  Why does that happen?  

Or why does your partner save their really ugly side just for you?   And why on God’s green Earth is anyone accepting it?   And what stupid stuff are you feeling deep inside that makes it okay to accept lameness?  Was it some stupid role you learned from crazy mom or crazy dad?  And if you don’t like thinking about childhood patterns then just look at your own Achilles heel how does it speak to your insecurities?    How do you try to control the world to mask your vulnerabilities?  And how are you cutting yourself off from the world to pretend you have control?   And how are you seeking self- empowerment?   There is a monster difference between people who seek power and people who seek empowerment.   Do you know the difference?   Hint: One group is happier. 

With Mercury going backwards first in Scorpio means our mentality demands death and rebirth.  Some thoughts just don’t work anymore and we see it during the retrograde.   Then through the retrograde when Mercury moves back into Libra we are looking at how we can shed fear and debris in order to empower ourselves and bring it to our relationships.   We also will be looking at our partners and   how they empower us---or not.

Monday, September 29, 2014

This Week!!

This Week

We begin the week in the Crescent Phase which started on Sunday.   As always during Crescent we are receiving information.   Even if we don’t realize we are getting something, we are getting it.  

This Crescent is focused on:

Focus on:  What are you learning about expanding your world?  What are you learning about laughter?  How does a big fat belly laugh uplift your soul?   What are you learning about being ‘right’?   Does being right improve your relationship or hurt it?   Is your partner being ‘right’ helpful or not?
What are you learning? 

On Monday (9/29) Venus moves into its home sign Libra.    Some of our gentleness will be coaxed out of us.   Issues around beauty and resources will be pronounced. 

First Quarter Moon
October 1
3:32pm EDT

As we remember, with a First Quarter Moon we do actions based on the seeds we planted on New Moon ( 9/23-9/28)

Focus on:  What actions can you take that push you up the ladder? How would your partnership(s) benefit by you finding your inner CEO?   What does it mean to you and your partner for you to step up your game?  Not just in work but in the world?  

On Saturday October 4, we have a horse of a different color.  It is a day with a lot going on.  Some perks, a lot of tension.   And Mercury Retrograde.   (that post will follow) .      Whatever are you plans for that day, BE ADAPTABLE to CHANGE! 

Special focus
10/4: Mercury retrograde 1:02pm EDT Until October 25 (see above)
10/4: Sun/Pluto: Ego breaks, fear versus flying without a net, cracks bring new growth
10/4: Venus/Saturn: Money and love feel tweaked and pinched.  Relationships and joint resources  grow up.
10/4: Mars/Uranus:  Actions and energy, individual endeavors expand knowledge, build bridges.  Spirit is lifted by action


Monday, September 22, 2014

Libra New Moon is HERE! Finally a really good one.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014
2:13 am EDT

1 Libra 08

You will find the whole New Moon Report Here.   Please click on link for full article but in the meantime here is snippet.

Welcome to Libra New Moon.     No, seriously welcome to Libra New Moon. 
Why do I say it twice?   Because in the last few years Libra New Moons have been so colored by the cardinal planets that it has been hard to really grasp the LIBRA-ness of Libra.   I mean if you meet a person for the first time and they are sitting on the curb hyperventilating after just escaping a mega car crash… …you are not meeting a person under the most optimal circumstance, correct?    And that is basically what the last few years have been like for the Libra New Moons.   Twenty-nine days of hyperventilating.  

Happily, this year we have a much more liberated Libra New Moon chart.   It is not completely free of Pluto in Cap energy but it is NOT nearly as challenged as in previous years.   So, Ladies & Gentlemen, let’s get our LIBRA on. 

Libra is about a lot of things but probably its most elevated focus is “Fairness”.  Libra will often be heard saying, “That’s not fair.”    Libra is also constantly looking for balance.  Even in the eye of a hurricane, Libra will try to find equilibrium.    But the thing about Libra is that it is very cold and sober about fairness and balance.   With Libra it is not an emotional process.  It is mental.    It can see where life is not fair and then systematically will push until some small piece of fair can be obtained.   And then build on it.   Libra knows screaming and pitching a fit will not make life more fair or balanced, it will take strategy and logistics.   If you know any Libras in your life who throw emotional fits it is not their Libra doing it.  It is more likely a moon or ascendant in a fire or water sign making that scene.   Libra is way too cool to get tantrumy.     Look no further than General Dwight Eisenhower who led armies of men through tumultuous WW2 and then was President during the Cold War.  He used his keen shrewd Libra energy to get him through hurdles.  The same with Eleanor Roosevelt, who accomplished much and had to overcome a great deal of harsh realities including her husband’s polio, critical mother and infidelities.  But she kept her Libra cool and calmness and negotiated her way through each turmoil often getting what she wanted.  Ah, that key Libra word: Negotiation.  

go to link for rest of article.    

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pluto Changes Direction--September 22. Not for the weak of heart.

September 22 8:35pm EDT

If you have been paying attention to both TracyAstroSalon AND the world then you know the planetary actions since 2008 have been tough.     No kidding.   

Readers of this blog know that we spent a lot of the last two years talking about the extra burdensome grand crosses which ended in April (thank you, Universe).    Right in the middle of those tough aspects, Pluto turned retrograde (April 14)  at 13-14 degrees of Capricorn.   Now on September 22 Pluto will turn direct at 11 degrees of Cap activating a big, big, big evolutionary cycle.  Let's get into it a bit.  

Pluto is no slouch of a planet and he is doing an important direction change during the balsamic phase of the moon.   During balsamic we let go and we release so that we are open for the New Moon.  On this particular balsamic the accent is on releasing Ego, misguided pride and selfishness.   How curious that the planet that demands death and rebirth is changing direction during the release phase with accent on Ego.   What part of our Egos may die?   

Back in April when we were slogging out the cardinal crosses Pluto tried to hide by turning retrograde.   Of course, he could not exactly hide  since he was a key player in the street brawl.  But let’s say he ducked behind a car for a lot of the fighting.   

Now when Pluto stations direct what information is he going to bring forward?   On a global picture look at Gaza, Syria and Isis and how they exploded during Pluto retrograde (I hadn’t even heard of Isis before this summer).  When Pluto turns direct we should get another wake up call on these matters plus more.   Personally, anyone with planets between 11 and 14 degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will be up to their eyeballs in changes.   

But in truth ever since Uranus and Pluto started to square in 2012 and doesn't end until spring of next year, the walls have been closing in on all of us in some way.     Limited beliefs are a real bitch.    Especially limited beliefs around money, power and resources.   Why?   Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Pluto is in Capricorn.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is in Scorpio.  Having these ruling planets in each other's home sign since 2012 means the planets are in mutual reception but it will end in December when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.   

So, I ask you---If Pluto demands death, rebirth and evolution.   And Saturn cannot stand wasted money, time or resources---do you think these two are going to do everything they can to get our attention?   Yes, me, too.   And let's continue the math, Uranus in Aries has two more squares with Pluto.  December 15th and then the final 7th square on March 17, 2015.      

Even if you don't know astrology can you feel the pressure?  Yeah, it is palpable. 

Starting on September 22nd we are put on notice to clean stuff.  Not stupid cleaning but real deep cleaning in a profound manner.   And what needs cleaning?   
Well ask yourself the following:
How is my money?  
How are my joint resources?
How is my power? 
Where do I give power away?  Even if it is for a minute? 
How is my sex life?    
Where am I stuck fighting a battle instead of winning a war?
What would it look like if I called something 'dead and over'? 
Where am I "Sick and tired of being sick and tired?"

And going back to Spring, is your life looking like your Treasure Map ? 
Where do you need to downshift into a new gear to get what you envisioned for yourself?  
And if you didn't make a Treasure Map, is your life looking like the world you want for yourself?  
What needs to die and be reborn?  

Watch how the energy changes after it turns direct on Monday and you’ll get a good idea what December and March are going to be all about.     And remember if you are stuck on any of it, then once again ask yourself some questions:  “Where do I need to transform?”   “Where do I need to be willing to morph?”  “Where do I need to jump without a net?”   And do not even suggest there is no area that needs morphing.  That will be a waste of all our time.     

Carry on.