Monday, September 22, 2014

Libra New Moon is HERE! Finally a really good one.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014
2:13 am EDT

1 Libra 08

You will find the whole New Moon Report Here.   Please click on link for full article but in the meantime here is snippet.

Welcome to Libra New Moon.     No, seriously welcome to Libra New Moon. 
Why do I say it twice?   Because in the last few years Libra New Moons have been so colored by the cardinal planets that it has been hard to really grasp the LIBRA-ness of Libra.   I mean if you meet a person for the first time and they are sitting on the curb hyperventilating after just escaping a mega car crash… …you are not meeting a person under the most optimal circumstance, correct?    And that is basically what the last few years have been like for the Libra New Moons.   Twenty-nine days of hyperventilating.  

Happily, this year we have a much more liberated Libra New Moon chart.   It is not completely free of Pluto in Cap energy but it is NOT nearly as challenged as in previous years.   So, Ladies & Gentlemen, let’s get our LIBRA on. 

Libra is about a lot of things but probably its most elevated focus is “Fairness”.  Libra will often be heard saying, “That’s not fair.”    Libra is also constantly looking for balance.  Even in the eye of a hurricane, Libra will try to find equilibrium.    But the thing about Libra is that it is very cold and sober about fairness and balance.   With Libra it is not an emotional process.  It is mental.    It can see where life is not fair and then systematically will push until some small piece of fair can be obtained.   And then build on it.   Libra knows screaming and pitching a fit will not make life more fair or balanced, it will take strategy and logistics.   If you know any Libras in your life who throw emotional fits it is not their Libra doing it.  It is more likely a moon or ascendant in a fire or water sign making that scene.   Libra is way too cool to get tantrumy.     Look no further than General Dwight Eisenhower who led armies of men through tumultuous WW2 and then was President during the Cold War.  He used his keen shrewd Libra energy to get him through hurdles.  The same with Eleanor Roosevelt, who accomplished much and had to overcome a great deal of harsh realities including her husband’s polio, critical mother and infidelities.  But she kept her Libra cool and calmness and negotiated her way through each turmoil often getting what she wanted.  Ah, that key Libra word: Negotiation.  

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