Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mercury Retrograde - October 4

Mercury Retrograde
October 4 1:02pm EDT
02 Scorpio 19

The map for this particular Mercury retrograde is the following:  

September 14 Shadow point begins (16 Libra)
October 4  stations retrograde (2 Scorpio)
October 25 stations direct (16 Libra)
November 10 post shadow (2 Scorpio)

Of course you need to get your technological ass covered before October 4.    Back up your computers, iphones and all your mechanical WhatNot before it starts. And yes, if you can --please try to avoid signing important documents between Oct 4 and Oct 25 along with avoiding large purchases.   All of that should be on your check off list.    

But with a Mercury station retrograde at 2 Scorpio we are also talking about processing the deep, scary stuff.  Not just the stuff that goes bump in the night (boo!) but the other stuff like, that ugly side of you that only comes up in relationships.  Why does that happen?  

Or why does your partner save their really ugly side just for you?   And why on God’s green Earth is anyone accepting it?   And what stupid stuff are you feeling deep inside that makes it okay to accept lameness?  Was it some stupid role you learned from crazy mom or crazy dad?  And if you don’t like thinking about childhood patterns then just look at your own Achilles heel how does it speak to your insecurities?    How do you try to control the world to mask your vulnerabilities?  And how are you cutting yourself off from the world to pretend you have control?   And how are you seeking self- empowerment?   There is a monster difference between people who seek power and people who seek empowerment.   Do you know the difference?   Hint: One group is happier. 

With Mercury going backwards first in Scorpio means our mentality demands death and rebirth.  Some thoughts just don’t work anymore and we see it during the retrograde.   Then through the retrograde when Mercury moves back into Libra we are looking at how we can shed fear and debris in order to empower ourselves and bring it to our relationships.   We also will be looking at our partners and   how they empower us---or not.

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