Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pisces Full Moon

September 8, 3:38pm  EDT

We are halfway through the lunar phase.  Two weeks ago we launched the Virgo new moon and we realized we cannot have a big picture unless we take care of the small loose ends.   Since then, things that need to be mended or tidied up have been in our focus.  We are fixing problems that have needed attention for a long time.   Things that we have not wanted to deal with, things that bugged, things that guilt us out because they have been begging us to  eff’ng address them and we haven’t done it until now.     

Also if we have been on our game we have been purging the nonsense from our calendars.  Seeing this person or that person or going here and there for all the wrong reasons like: needing approval or looking for joy or excitement that is not rooted in authenticity. Now after two weeks of taking care of a LOT of stuff we feel a sense of accomplishment.   Great.  But we’re not done.  There are two more weeks before we move into Libra New Moon so we have got to go back to the our list and take care of more stuff. 

However, before we tackle our list again we need a long drink of water.   You know how when you are at your desk working like a dog and you just need to get up and go to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water?  It is partly because you are thirsty but it also because you need to stretch your legs and change the scenery and get a new perspective.   THAT is what this Pisces Full Moon is bringing us—a break and a change of perspective.    Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is the last water sign.   With Pisces the water comes from the deepest part of the ocean, which speaks to our psyche, our intuition, our karma, our dharma, our fears, our spirituality, our greater purpose for being on this planet.      Kind of deep, no?    That is by design. While we are working away on our list, we may have our head bent down super focused on the tasks at hand that we can forget why we are even here.   That is why God in his magnificent all knowing way, gave Virgo a Pisces Full Moon.   Pisces is not about a list.  Pisces is about going with the flow.  “Let me float along” says, Pisces.  Pisces is about fulfilling agreements made in past lives.  Pisces is about knowing that there is something out there that called us to be born and that something will be out there after we die.  Pisces speaks to our faith.   Pisces speaks to the WooWoo.   Pisces speaks to that part of us that knows not everything can be explained and even if doesn’t make sense there is a calling in us to pursue the unexplainable.   

This full moon has Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune in opposition to Venus.   Many people are going to have their intuition and gut ring loud about issues of love, money and values during the full moon phase.  What is valuable to you?    What really means something to you?  How are you protecting it?  How are you letting it hang out there exposed to the elements?  How are setting up valuables to dissolve?   Or perhaps you have been misguided about what is of value or importance and now it is time to dissolve it all.  
But here is what is important, if anything melts in front of you during the full moon then you have to decide if it is worth you fixing and if it is then put it right at the top of your to-do list.  Or perhaps it is not worth fixing.    In that case let it melt away and trust the universe to put something else on your to do list.   

A cautionary note:  watch the booze & drugs!   Paleeze.

Also Pisces can be slippery, watch the lies.  They could be your lie or they could be someone else’s.  If you are doing the real work of Pisces  you won’t lie because you are so in touch with spirit and your divine purpose that you can’t lie.   And if others are lying to you it is not that important because Pisces always knows the deeper truth.   So go in deep and get the truth and above all  go with the flow.

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