Saturday, August 25, 2018

August 26 - Pisces Full Moon -- We Need it!

Full Moon
August 26, 2018
7:58am EDT 
3 Pisces 12 

This has been one bumpy summer filled with eclipses, harsh aspects and of course a ton of retrograde planets including our warrior friend Mars (gawd, he is an a-hole when he is retrograde).   Luckily Mars turns direct in a couple of days and then September 6 Saturn will also straighten out and fly straight.   Launching us into a new softer terrain will be this Pisces Full Moon that is NOT an eclipse.  Remember, July 13, July 27 and August 11—were all eclipses.  How nice to just get a plain old full moon and in gentle Pisces no less.   Like an oasis in a desert we will get lost in the shade and the water.  

Pisces is the final water sign and with that we tend to tie up things, especially emotional and spiritual loose ends.   It is the symbol of two fish one who is swimming right side up and the other who is swimming up side down.    Of course, it would be so nice if we only got the fish who swims right side up, as it makes charting a course easier but Pisces knows he needs his little brother upside down fish to help with his guidance.   How is it possible that goofy confused fish helps with direction?  Because that fish has to get quiet and feel his way through any current.  He has to go to the area that cannot be defined by logic or facts.  He goes somewhere unworldly for his guidance and right side up fish listens to him.    Thus, intuition is pronounced on a Pisces full moon.   Creativity is also a guiding force.   So many famous artist have a strong Pisces in their chart.  They see or turn into something we mortals cannot even grasp.   Pisces can tune into brilliance.   Yep, that’s what those little fish can find.     The negative spin on Pisces is the feeling of loss and confusion and martyrdom.  That’s when confused fish is not getting quiet.   Even if it comes up remember under all that crazy victim stuff you will find empowerment if you get quiet and recognize, “I am here because I want to be here.”   Even if you don’t want to be doing something or be somewhere the power comes when you acknowledge that you and your maker agreed you would do it. Own that karma or dharma and swim on. 

A little mediation will go far this full moon along with yoga and gentle practices.   Gardening, nurturing, being kind to others and of course going to a place of faith are all perfect for this full moon.  Can you feel how the Universe is preparing us for a new terrain after summer with this full moon?     

There is a beautiful aspect between Uranus and Saturn with both the sun and the moon.   The accent on responsibility and dutifulness is highlighted.   But it is not drudgery.   We will talk more about our daily schedule and how it connects up with our values in two weeks when we discuss the Virgo New Moon.  However with the Saturn aspect on the Pisces full moon we get a little heads up.  Are we doing or does our schedule reflect our values?  Take a look at this three -day full moon and see if you are in sync or out of sync with your values?  Uranus will provide some lightening bolts and brilliant ideas that can help as we figure out how to get our life more in sync with what we really think is important.        

Bottom line:  this is a lovely moon and arguably we all need it.  Find your quiet zone and just keep swimming.  

Friday, August 24, 2018

Mars Stations Direct August 27 ---Glory Be, Glory Be

Mars Station Direct 
August 27 
10:04am EDT 
28 Cap 36

Starting May 12thwhen Mars entered its shadow, messages may have appeared that our actions towards the greater good and actions that help our career could be ‘off’.   Were there blinking red lights?   Perhaps but then on June 26 Mars retrograded and we all had to slow down because grumpy Mars hates going backwards.   Obstacles appeared in our path and people seemed to block us.   How we handle these blocks has been a learning curve and probably a lot of us got snippy snappy.   Now on August 27 Mars turns direct.   

We should feel relief immediately.   A breakthrough or a connection may appear and we finally feel like we are moving forward. Because this Mars retrograde involves Aquarius and Capricorn a lot of the blocks involve our place in the world.   Our friends, our groups, our career, our government, our systems which may have been off or just a ton of work.  

Now as Mars unwinds we see our place in the whole process.  Remember it is turning direct in the Leo Lunar Cycle so we are served to ask ourselves, “How was I strong when I hit an obstacle?”  “How was I brave and honest with my community?” “How was I a leader even when it was hard?”   Some of you may do a victory lap others may need to take time and process the last eight weeks of Mars retrograde.  After Mars turns direct on August 27thwe will again do actions that will support our career and how we are seen in the public.  On September 10thMars will returns to Aquarius and between then and October 8th(Mars leaves shadow) we will revisit friends, groups and associations and take actions that put us in sync with like -minded folks who bring out our best.   And like a big old Leo cat we may purr again. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

This Weekend & Week in Astrology

Yes---you heard it here first.  Mercury will be turning direct.   I kid you not.   

Astrology this Week & Weekend 

The lunar phase of the moon moves into First Quarter on the 18th.  
We get to do another round of actions based on the seeds we planted on new Moon.   How are we finding our honesty and integrity and strength as we deal with shared resources?  

Then early in the morning (EDT)  on August 19 Mercury our favorite trickster planet stations direct.  This is 12:24am on the 19thor 9:24pm PDT.  If you are in between you will know when it turns direct because you will feel it! 

After Mercury turns direct we should feel a lot of relief as things start to right themselves again.  Plus we have a series of nice aspects during Gibbous that put the emphasis in a pleasant manner on change reform, out of the blue and structure and responsibility. Together we say “amen.” 

First Quarter Moon 
Aug 18
3:48pm EDT 

Focus on: What actions are you taking that speak to debt?  What actions are you taking that speak to sex?  And taxes?  And going down deep and investigations?   How are you accessing your strength to let something die so something new can be born? 

Special focus
8/19 12:24am: Mercury direct 11 Leo 32 –get down on your knees and thank the universe that is over!  
8/19: Jupiter trine Neptune:  Sometimes we need to be reminded by the universe that our resources are more vast than we realize.  

Gibbous Moon
Aug 22, 2018 
4:48am EDT 

Focus on: 

How are you refining your executive abilities?  How are you refining and relying upon your inner CEO?  How are you using your strength to refine your path that moves you higher up the food chain?  How are you being brave as you move up?  

Special focus: 
8/22: Sun enter Virgo 
8/25: Sun Trine Uranus  Accent on brilliance as if gotten struck by a lightening bolt.  Ideas and breakthroughs surround us.  And for some maybe internal as well. 
8/25: Sun Trine Saturn.  Today we see that success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.  

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Leo New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Leo New Moon & Solar Eclipse
August 11
5:58am EDT
18 Leo 41

Be bold, my friend.  Be bold.   Leo Eclipse is upon us.  Go HERE for article.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Final Days of the Cancer Lunar Cycle

Balsamic Moon Phase

August 8 2018
1:01 am EDT 

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  

Focus on How are you releasing your emotions?  How are you releasing your hard shell of protection? How are releasing your need to over nurture others?  How are you releasing your crabbiness?  

Special Focus:
8/7: Venus Trine Mars  Actions and values are in sync.   Warrior for love and for money and relationship can be a thing of beauty. 
8/8: Sun conjunct Mercury Thinking needs a tune up. What did you forget about your self esteem?   How is your thinking supporting your internal truth and value? 

8/9: Venus square Saturn values like love and money feel tight.  How are they out of sync with your outer appearance?   
8/10: Mercury square Jupiter .  Big opinions and noisy conversation serves whom?  Think about the warring words and whom they benefit.  

August 11, 2018   5:57 am EDT  New Leo Moon Solar Eclipse 

Uranus Retrograde

August 7 12:49pm EDT 
Uranus station retrograde 2 Taurus 33

May 15, 2018 Uranus enters Taurus 
August 7, 2018 Uranus station retrograde 2 Taurus 34 
November 6 Uranus returns to Aries 
January 6 Uranus stations direct 28 Aries 35 
March 6 Uranus returns to Taurus where it will remain until April 26, 2026

So, are five planets retrograde leaving you with the feeling of wanting more?  Oh, good because on August 7 we get one more planet retrograde:  Uranus.  Six is the charm!  

Uranus spends around forty percent of every year retrograde so at first blush this is no big deal.   But this retrograde is a wee bit more profound in that it is the first retrograde since Uranus moved into Taurus (May) and it is going to back to our dear friend and warrior Aries.     

Uranus retrograde can be a bit chaotic in general but when it goes back into Aries it may remind some of us that we left a soldier on the field.    Since 2011 when Uranus began to transit through Aries we learned the value of self- motivation, personal identity and relying on ‘self’ for our future.   It does not mean we don’t have spouses or family or friends or coworkers it is more about what does “Self” need and want and where is it heading?  

And just for clarity Uranus rules technology and the fact that “The Selfie” originated during this period was not lost on any astrologer.   Anyway, now with Uranus retrograde back into Aries one last time and we may realize there is one area left that needs our Self directed energy.  Perhaps we have been careless and have put someone else in charge of our happiness.   Or perhaps we have found out that there is someone not on board with our future as we thought or planned.   Whatever it is, we have from November until March to figure out where we need to put “I” back in our life.  And then on March 6 we go back to the task at hand and build something from the ground up in a way Taurus respects.  No short cuts, we do it bit by bit. 

Adding note: 
And the juju of this particular Uranus retrograde has a wee bit more electricity than other retros---Uranus return to Aries on the day of  the Midterm Elections in the USA.   
What starts off in the morning will get on fire around 2pm EST.