Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Uranus Retrograde

August 7 12:49pm EDT 
Uranus station retrograde 2 Taurus 33

May 15, 2018 Uranus enters Taurus 
August 7, 2018 Uranus station retrograde 2 Taurus 34 
November 6 Uranus returns to Aries 
January 6 Uranus stations direct 28 Aries 35 
March 6 Uranus returns to Taurus where it will remain until April 26, 2026

So, are five planets retrograde leaving you with the feeling of wanting more?  Oh, good because on August 7 we get one more planet retrograde:  Uranus.  Six is the charm!  

Uranus spends around forty percent of every year retrograde so at first blush this is no big deal.   But this retrograde is a wee bit more profound in that it is the first retrograde since Uranus moved into Taurus (May) and it is going to back to our dear friend and warrior Aries.     

Uranus retrograde can be a bit chaotic in general but when it goes back into Aries it may remind some of us that we left a soldier on the field.    Since 2011 when Uranus began to transit through Aries we learned the value of self- motivation, personal identity and relying on ‘self’ for our future.   It does not mean we don’t have spouses or family or friends or coworkers it is more about what does “Self” need and want and where is it heading?  

And just for clarity Uranus rules technology and the fact that “The Selfie” originated during this period was not lost on any astrologer.   Anyway, now with Uranus retrograde back into Aries one last time and we may realize there is one area left that needs our Self directed energy.  Perhaps we have been careless and have put someone else in charge of our happiness.   Or perhaps we have found out that there is someone not on board with our future as we thought or planned.   Whatever it is, we have from November until March to figure out where we need to put “I” back in our life.  And then on March 6 we go back to the task at hand and build something from the ground up in a way Taurus respects.  No short cuts, we do it bit by bit. 

Adding note: 
And the juju of this particular Uranus retrograde has a wee bit more electricity than other retros---Uranus return to Aries on the day of  the Midterm Elections in the USA.   
What starts off in the morning will get on fire around 2pm EST.  

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