Friday, August 17, 2018

This Weekend & Week in Astrology

Yes---you heard it here first.  Mercury will be turning direct.   I kid you not.   

Astrology this Week & Weekend 

The lunar phase of the moon moves into First Quarter on the 18th.  
We get to do another round of actions based on the seeds we planted on new Moon.   How are we finding our honesty and integrity and strength as we deal with shared resources?  

Then early in the morning (EDT)  on August 19 Mercury our favorite trickster planet stations direct.  This is 12:24am on the 19thor 9:24pm PDT.  If you are in between you will know when it turns direct because you will feel it! 

After Mercury turns direct we should feel a lot of relief as things start to right themselves again.  Plus we have a series of nice aspects during Gibbous that put the emphasis in a pleasant manner on change reform, out of the blue and structure and responsibility. Together we say “amen.” 

First Quarter Moon 
Aug 18
3:48pm EDT 

Focus on: What actions are you taking that speak to debt?  What actions are you taking that speak to sex?  And taxes?  And going down deep and investigations?   How are you accessing your strength to let something die so something new can be born? 

Special focus
8/19 12:24am: Mercury direct 11 Leo 32 –get down on your knees and thank the universe that is over!  
8/19: Jupiter trine Neptune:  Sometimes we need to be reminded by the universe that our resources are more vast than we realize.  

Gibbous Moon
Aug 22, 2018 
4:48am EDT 

Focus on: 

How are you refining your executive abilities?  How are you refining and relying upon your inner CEO?  How are you using your strength to refine your path that moves you higher up the food chain?  How are you being brave as you move up?  

Special focus: 
8/22: Sun enter Virgo 
8/25: Sun Trine Uranus  Accent on brilliance as if gotten struck by a lightening bolt.  Ideas and breakthroughs surround us.  And for some maybe internal as well. 
8/25: Sun Trine Saturn.  Today we see that success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.  

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