Friday, August 24, 2018

Mars Stations Direct August 27 ---Glory Be, Glory Be

Mars Station Direct 
August 27 
10:04am EDT 
28 Cap 36

Starting May 12thwhen Mars entered its shadow, messages may have appeared that our actions towards the greater good and actions that help our career could be ‘off’.   Were there blinking red lights?   Perhaps but then on June 26 Mars retrograded and we all had to slow down because grumpy Mars hates going backwards.   Obstacles appeared in our path and people seemed to block us.   How we handle these blocks has been a learning curve and probably a lot of us got snippy snappy.   Now on August 27 Mars turns direct.   

We should feel relief immediately.   A breakthrough or a connection may appear and we finally feel like we are moving forward. Because this Mars retrograde involves Aquarius and Capricorn a lot of the blocks involve our place in the world.   Our friends, our groups, our career, our government, our systems which may have been off or just a ton of work.  

Now as Mars unwinds we see our place in the whole process.  Remember it is turning direct in the Leo Lunar Cycle so we are served to ask ourselves, “How was I strong when I hit an obstacle?”  “How was I brave and honest with my community?” “How was I a leader even when it was hard?”   Some of you may do a victory lap others may need to take time and process the last eight weeks of Mars retrograde.  After Mars turns direct on August 27thwe will again do actions that will support our career and how we are seen in the public.  On September 10thMars will returns to Aquarius and between then and October 8th(Mars leaves shadow) we will revisit friends, groups and associations and take actions that put us in sync with like -minded folks who bring out our best.   And like a big old Leo cat we may purr again. 


  1. So excited for this shift though have to say these last couple of months have been the trippiest of my entire life when it comes to synchronicity. It is always intense in my life but lately it has been more so. Is there an astrological reason why this could be so?

  2. The Mars retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn may be hitting ome of your personal planets like Uranus and Neptune which bring out a lot sync stuff. Although, I can argue that Mars retro in Aquarius is front and center the reason for the sync --Aquarius is such an electric energy, and it is the energy of like minded people coming together. That can bring out the synchronicity