Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update Birth chart

Well, like a really strange, odd onion every day a new layer is revealed regarding Michael Jackson. Personally, I could have lived my whole life perfectly fine without learning that sleazy plastic surgeon Arnie Kline provided the sperm for MJ's children.... (sigh--"please mediamakers you can now Stop the dissemination train)...but anyway, one thing that came out this weekend was a new birthtime for The King Of Pop. On David Crook's site he tells of a Vedic Astrologer who met with Michael some time ago. Go to the site for the chart.

The controversy over Michael Jackson's correct birth-time may have finally
been resolved, by new information from Vedic astrologer Chakrapani Ullal, who
claims he consulted with Mr. Jackson back in the late 80's. The time of birth
given by Michael to his astrologer was 7:33 PM

Monday, June 29, 2009

July 1--A Big Day

Last week on June 22 at The New Moon I wrote that July 1 is a very active day. One that is worthy of our attention to say the least!

Early in the Morning (3:37am EDT) Uranus turns retrograde.

Uranus is going retrograde on July 1 and will remain such until December
1. Uranus moves backwards every year so this move is not
unique. Uranus is a mental planet like its lower octave planet Mercury, so
when it retrogrades we tend to go back and rethink stuff. We wonder what
made us do stuff, why we did this and why we did that. However, it
is not a passive period where we casually think, “Gosh, I wonder what that was
all about?” It has more grit to it and we think more, “That was such a
mess how I can change things so I don’t do that again?” Of course
coming up with a solution can be difficult and we may get frustrated. This
is when things can go snap and people do something very impulsive.
Try to avoid that!!! The key is to remember the truth is that there is
always a solution. It will just take a lot of creativity, intuition and a
small bit of genius ( A Uranus word). Of course getting the mind to accept
the creativity is usually the hardest step. Meditation and
reflection (Pisces) will help a lot during the next five months

And we have a lot of other activity.

On July 1 we have Uranus turning retrograde (see above) and we have Venus
squaring Neptune (4:01pm EDT) which brings out a lot of illusions about loved
ones. And we will have Mercury trine Neptune (4:48pm EDT) which will
soften the blow such that even if we are feeling betrayed or just sad our mind
will remind us, “This too will pass”. Then later Mercury makes a great aspect
with Jupiter (9:34pm EDT) that will lift our spirits even
further. But at the very end of the day Mercury goes and gets into
it with Uranus (10:13pm EDT) and pushes us perhaps too far. My
suggestion is stay off the phone and the internet during the evening. It will
just piss you off.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Breaks The Web

Today I tried to go to Amazon.com and found it extremely slow and also difficult to load. This is something I rarely experience. Then I read HERE:

The death of Michael Jackson Thursday sent the internet a surge of traffic that
caused crashes and slowdowns in what one website is calling a major "wake-up
call" for internet infrastructure.

This is interesting to me because back on New Moon which was on Sunday (and feels like an eternity ago)...anyway back there I wrote that the harsh aspect from Uranus on the New Moon would influence the entire 28 days. Specifically we need to watch out for the Uranus items...

Along with Pluto getting into it with the Sun and Moon we also have Uranus making a harsh aspect to the Sun and Moon. The desire to rebel and say, “So what” and do something abrupt will be great. Uranus hates to be trapped, hates to be pigeon hold –it seeks to break ground any way it can. It seeks to be the great provocateur. It is the planet of revolutions. Since this is a harsh aspect we should expect that there will be news events where someone goes “off”. Certainly, the turmoil in Iran feels very Uranus. And Kim Jong Il in North Korea continues to look like a crazy villain in a Batman movie but with Uranus it is often a case of “expect the unexpected.” It may come from some unusual corner of the world.

Of course, Uranus rules airplanes, computers, cyberspace, and electricity so there could be issues on all those fronts. An electrical storm in some unusual place causes problems. Airplanes return to airports because of an unusual short circuit? A hacker sends out a virus? Perhaps the new iphone has big bad bugs. Anything is possible with Uranus.

Anyway, I am not surprised this information comes out while Mercury is squaring Saturn. Remember we are all learning our weak spots during this 28 day Lunar cycle. Never underestimate Pluto Oppose Sun/Moon.

Mercury Square Saturn

Today (June 26) at 4:32am EDT Mercury the ruler of communication is making a square to taciturn Saturn (say that twice).
Our thoughts and our conversations may be dark and stormy. We do NOT see the glass half full today. It is all empty. We feel burdened and we resent those people who keep pushing stuff on our docket. "No, YOU do it!" is what we think but in truth we know, "No, I have to do it." It is not the lightest and breeziest of days. But as the weekend unfolds we'll get further from the harsh aspect.
It is a good day to take care of businesses that have been sitting around waiting your attention. Go to store and buy that birthday card so you can get it in the mail in time. Pay your car insurance, do the stuff you must/have/gotta do. That is something that Mercury and Saturn can agree to do together.
Do not have a drink with a friend tonight. It will blow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

No astrologer can ever predict death. And if they claim they can predict death then please apply the old saying about Buddha ----"If you meet Buddha in the middle of the road---kill him." *
Having said that I am putting up both of their charts for those who want to look at them and note anything going on astrologically. But remember, just because Farrah has transiting Pluto oppose her Ascendent did NOT mean she was going to die. There are millions of people on the planet right now with Pluto transiting that cusp who will NOT die. And just because transiting Saturn is squaring M Jackson's Saturn did not mean death--everyone born in 1957 and 1958 is getting this aspect.
When people leave Earth is between them and their maker.
Curiously, as strange as Michael Jackson was (at least in my opinion) I do remember watching an interview with Elizabeth Taylor who described him as an angel. Perhaps to some he was. And of course Farrah Fawcett was Charlie's angel to many. So, perhaps two angels died today in the city of angels.
And that is weird.

*The true Buddha lies within. In essence, that means to seek your own truth. Whatever it is, if it does not ring true deep inside of you, then it isn't true — for you.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cancer NEW MOON--First of TWO!

There will be two Cancer New Moons this Summer. The first one is today (June 22) in about two minutes. It is going to be a bit rough because it has an opposition to Pluto. But at the same time there is another Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (2 of 3 in 2009) which could help us out during the next 28 days. The bottom line is that we need to fix some problems in our root system. Our family and emotions and where we find nuruturing needs to be rethought and cleaned up and this is the moon to do it. Make the changes on this new moon and by the time we get to the next Cancer New Moon at the end of July we will have vastly improved our support systems.

As always my full article can be found here

But here is snippet:

Home Sweet (…..& Sour) Home

Cancer rules the home, family and where we find our roots. It is our genealogy and it is where we allow ourselves to be cozy. It how we nurture our selves, it is our food. It is sentimental and loves memories. Even the bad ones. It will hang on to good and bad with equal ferocity.

Cancer the crab does not run straight into the waves, it runs from side to side. Cancer is not a straight shooter. It will go to the left and penetrate and then it will go to the right and penetrate. When it is insecure it can get itself into a frenzy going back and forth, back and forth trying to find help from all kinds of places until it is completely spent (both emotionally and financially). However, when it finds its center and harnesses its great emotions it can accomplish Herculean tasks. Enough to make the rest of us look like mere mortals.

Between 2009 and 2023 every Cancer new Moon will potentially be challenged by Pluto. Some years it will be in effect and some years it will not experience mighty Pluto. As it is, this year we are going to have two Cancer New Moons. The first one on June 22 is at an early degree of Cancer and then the second Cancer new moon on July 21 is the last degree of Cancer. It is this first New Moon in Cancer that is a perfect Opposition to Pluto. Let us all say it together-----“OUCH!”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

small note...

Dear Friends, I am sorry I have not been able to post in the last few days. I have been slammed with some outside projects... I think I am going to come up for air in the next day or so..and I'll post...
I apologize for not bringing you up to speed on Jupiter's retrograde on Monday I also neglected to put in my Gemini New Moon (this is what happens when you have too many windows open on your computer..yikes.) In the meantime..let me send you to a nice little write up

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mercury Square Jupiter

Today, June 10 at 11:33am (EDT) Mercury at 26 (almost 27) degrees of Taurus will Square Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our system and when it touches anything it exaggerates it. Mercury is the way we think, talk, calculate and the way we interact. Taurus is things that we value that are personal like our money, our purchases for our home, real estate, concrete items, things we feel and touch. Aquarius is about things that can't be touched or felt it is more focused on things that are broader such as community, like minded groups of people, causes greater than self. Our minds will be about our self interest or how to accomplish stuff that is right in front of us but at the same time we are pulled to get out of self and expand to help community. Do I make a call that puts me out there but it is for the greater cause? Or do I stay in the background and preserve my own interests and let the community figure it out without my help? No matter what choice is made it probably does not feel good.

At the same time, Jupiter is so huge and Mercury is so talkative that anything we share with anyone is subject to be repeated..... and Repeated..... and REPEATED. Gossip will be high. Try to use discretion. If you can.

And added to this mix is the fact that Mercury Squared Neptune yesterday. (I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post a reminder) which is clouding up the whole mess. When Neptune and Mercury are interacting with each other we are duped easily, our thoughts are confused and the communication is not all on the up and up. You know that time of the year where it seems everyone you talk to is lying? Or every piece of information you receive is incorrect? Well, this is THAT week. The only way to make your way through this with little injury is to have your antenna up super high. Meditate and reflect upon what you need to say and do and that should help while Mercury and Jupiter and Neptune fight it out.

These aspect were exact yesterday and today but are felt all week.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Full Moon June 7

Sagittarius Full Moon

June 7 2:12pm (EDT)

The influence of the full moon starts when it is exact (today) and it can be felt for the whole 3.2 days before it moves into its next phase (Disseminating is on Thursday.)

Normally when the Moon is in Sag there is a little streak of optimism. (Of course anything seems a bit brighter after Scorpio Moon.) But this Full Moon in Sag has got a rub going on with Saturn. We already discussed that the Sun in Gemini was squaring Saturn in Virgo on Friday and now the Moon in Sag has joined the tribe and it too is either giving or receiving a whack with Saturn. All of this mutes the normally abundant nature of Sag moon. We continue to be on task to take care of work and responsibilities no matter how much all we want to do is get in the car and drive away.

You will probably either see or experience tensions around the following areas for the next three days.

Tensions around communication and or gossip (Gemini), details, daily schedules (Virgo) opinions, judgments, travel (Sag), vitality, drama, pride (Sun), family, children, mom, nurturing, food (Moon), work, duties, pessimism, responsibility (Saturn).

For those of you who know your charts this tension is happening between 15 – 17 degrees of Gemini, Virgo & Sag. If any of you have a planet at those degrees in Pisces---you should prepare for that planet to get its bell rung. See what comes up.

One other note:
Mercury continues to be under the square from Neptune and Jupiter so figuring out fact from fiction and fact from hope is still very tricky at this time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sun Square Saturn---bitch, bitch, bitch

Tomorrow on June 5 at 3:10pm (edt) The sun will square Saturn. This happens twice a year but I must say, as a Sagittarius I really loathe these squares while Saturn is in Virgo. There is an old proverb which may be Chinese but frankly I can't remember, it could be Ethiopian, I can't recall...but anyway it basically asks is it better to be killed by one deep slash or a thousand cuts? While Saturn is in Virgo it is about three thousand cuts... arghhh.....
Sun in Gemini is all about communicating information, 'Thanks for sharing"... and when it squares Saturn in Virgo, it is sharing each and every neurosis.... "perhaps you are sharing too much information"
Expect work to be hard, maybe we'll get lucky and the mars trine pluto will still keep us going but our brains will be utterly exhausted.
Also, our neighbors and our siblings will drive us nuts. Correction..spell that nutzzzz.
They can't seem to get their act together and they demand that we do something to make their life better. more argh.
If you want to survive this, keep your phone machine on. No matter what do NOT let guilt drive the show. Clean up your taxes. Go through your receipts. Finally download that Quicken thingy. Keep your curtains drawn. Tell everyone to go away. Do that..and you'll have a perfectly fine weekend.
If you can't...and the ssss hits the fan.... oh, well, remember you don't have to worry about this again for at least six months.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mars Trine Pluto ---Earth to Earth

Yipee Skipee ---Tomorrow on June 4 at 12:36am (EDT)
Mars in Taurus will make a beautiful trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Taurus of course is an earth sign and Capricorn is an earth sign. Mars is a warrior and no nonense about getting work done. Pluto is an excellent driller in fact he can go down to the middle of earth and bring out the magic diamond if need be.. (remember Pluto's home is Hades).

So, when these two hard working no nonsense types get together in earth signs, well, expect the energy to propel you through your day. If you have had some things on your TO DO list and you have dreaded doing them... tomorrow is the day to do it.
Feel the energy move you. Think of yourself as a bulldozer finally dealing with the muck and mire to make something grand.
Start pushing the dirt.....you can do it!
You may surprise yourself

Monday, June 1, 2009

Titanic's little Survivor---RIP

The youngest survivor of the Titanic disaster has died. See link below.
When I look at the chart for the disaster (Lois Rodden) I think one of the most compelling parts of this chart is the fact that Moon is at 26 degrees 03 of Pisces.
On May 23 (last week) Uranus moved into the 26 degree of Pisces. This is the first time that the Titanic's moon has had a conjunction with Uranus since 1926. I am not a scholar of Titanic History--(frankly I didn't even like the movie) but having said that I did a quick search for Titanic History and in 1926 I found that the designer of the Titanic died in March 1926. (Perhaps in his next lifetime he'll design more life boats!) The Moon of course is Mother and Childhood and for intents and purposes, the mother of the Titanic could easily be the Designer ...and now here we are and the youngest child --some 83 years later dies. Eventually Uranus throws everything up to the universe, doesn't it?


Last survivor of "unsinkable" Titanic dies at 97
LAWLESS – 12 hours ago
LONDON (AP) — Millvina Dean was the youngest
passenger on RMS Titanic, just nine weeks old when she was wrapped in a sack and
lowered from the sinking ship into a lifeboat bobbing on the frigid North
Dean lived to become the disaster's last survivor. She
died Sunday at the age of 97 in Southampton, the English port from which her
family sailed on the ill-fated liner, intending to begin a new life in the
United States.

I wish we all had a crystal ball. I think one of the reasons why crystal balls are so appealing in myth and storytelling is because they are so simple. Go to the ball, look in the middle of it and see the future. Oh, how I wish we could do that. But at the same time, the burden on that crystal ball and the seer is probably more great than we would ever imagine. And that is why we don't get a ball when we are born.
Anyway, I say all that to say that astrology is NOT a cyrstal ball. Astrology has many nuances. The planet that rules airplanes is Uranus. But at the same time Uranus also rules electricity. Uranus also rules revolutions. Uranus rules computers. So if there is an aspect with Uranus it could involve any or all of those areas. Like I said nuances......
Which leads me to Neptune. A few days ago Neptune retrograded. Like I said it happens every year so that is not a surprise but I think it serves us this summer to watch some of the stuff that comes up during this retrograde and see what it means on the other side when it turns direct. Since it retrograded on 5/29:
GM Declared Bankruptcy (6/1)
Air Bus Flight 447 appears to have crashed (6/1)
Family planning doctor murdered (5/31)
I don't have much to say because these are all sad on many levels. But I just wanted to put it up here so we have something to ponder as we wonder about Neptune's retrograde this summer. And we wonder about Uranus Oppose Saturn that influences this year and next.