Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mercury Square Jupiter

Today, June 10 at 11:33am (EDT) Mercury at 26 (almost 27) degrees of Taurus will Square Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our system and when it touches anything it exaggerates it. Mercury is the way we think, talk, calculate and the way we interact. Taurus is things that we value that are personal like our money, our purchases for our home, real estate, concrete items, things we feel and touch. Aquarius is about things that can't be touched or felt it is more focused on things that are broader such as community, like minded groups of people, causes greater than self. Our minds will be about our self interest or how to accomplish stuff that is right in front of us but at the same time we are pulled to get out of self and expand to help community. Do I make a call that puts me out there but it is for the greater cause? Or do I stay in the background and preserve my own interests and let the community figure it out without my help? No matter what choice is made it probably does not feel good.

At the same time, Jupiter is so huge and Mercury is so talkative that anything we share with anyone is subject to be repeated..... and Repeated..... and REPEATED. Gossip will be high. Try to use discretion. If you can.

And added to this mix is the fact that Mercury Squared Neptune yesterday. (I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post a reminder) which is clouding up the whole mess. When Neptune and Mercury are interacting with each other we are duped easily, our thoughts are confused and the communication is not all on the up and up. You know that time of the year where it seems everyone you talk to is lying? Or every piece of information you receive is incorrect? Well, this is THAT week. The only way to make your way through this with little injury is to have your antenna up super high. Meditate and reflect upon what you need to say and do and that should help while Mercury and Jupiter and Neptune fight it out.

These aspect were exact yesterday and today but are felt all week.

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