Monday, June 22, 2009

Cancer NEW MOON--First of TWO!

There will be two Cancer New Moons this Summer. The first one is today (June 22) in about two minutes. It is going to be a bit rough because it has an opposition to Pluto. But at the same time there is another Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (2 of 3 in 2009) which could help us out during the next 28 days. The bottom line is that we need to fix some problems in our root system. Our family and emotions and where we find nuruturing needs to be rethought and cleaned up and this is the moon to do it. Make the changes on this new moon and by the time we get to the next Cancer New Moon at the end of July we will have vastly improved our support systems.

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But here is snippet:

Home Sweet (…..& Sour) Home

Cancer rules the home, family and where we find our roots. It is our genealogy and it is where we allow ourselves to be cozy. It how we nurture our selves, it is our food. It is sentimental and loves memories. Even the bad ones. It will hang on to good and bad with equal ferocity.

Cancer the crab does not run straight into the waves, it runs from side to side. Cancer is not a straight shooter. It will go to the left and penetrate and then it will go to the right and penetrate. When it is insecure it can get itself into a frenzy going back and forth, back and forth trying to find help from all kinds of places until it is completely spent (both emotionally and financially). However, when it finds its center and harnesses its great emotions it can accomplish Herculean tasks. Enough to make the rest of us look like mere mortals.

Between 2009 and 2023 every Cancer new Moon will potentially be challenged by Pluto. Some years it will be in effect and some years it will not experience mighty Pluto. As it is, this year we are going to have two Cancer New Moons. The first one on June 22 is at an early degree of Cancer and then the second Cancer new moon on July 21 is the last degree of Cancer. It is this first New Moon in Cancer that is a perfect Opposition to Pluto. Let us all say it together-----“OUCH!”

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