Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sun Square Saturn---bitch, bitch, bitch

Tomorrow on June 5 at 3:10pm (edt) The sun will square Saturn. This happens twice a year but I must say, as a Sagittarius I really loathe these squares while Saturn is in Virgo. There is an old proverb which may be Chinese but frankly I can't remember, it could be Ethiopian, I can't recall...but anyway it basically asks is it better to be killed by one deep slash or a thousand cuts? While Saturn is in Virgo it is about three thousand cuts... arghhh.....
Sun in Gemini is all about communicating information, 'Thanks for sharing"... and when it squares Saturn in Virgo, it is sharing each and every neurosis.... "perhaps you are sharing too much information"
Expect work to be hard, maybe we'll get lucky and the mars trine pluto will still keep us going but our brains will be utterly exhausted.
Also, our neighbors and our siblings will drive us nuts. Correction..spell that nutzzzz.
They can't seem to get their act together and they demand that we do something to make their life better. more argh.
If you want to survive this, keep your phone machine on. No matter what do NOT let guilt drive the show. Clean up your taxes. Go through your receipts. Finally download that Quicken thingy. Keep your curtains drawn. Tell everyone to go away. Do that..and you'll have a perfectly fine weekend.
If you can't...and the ssss hits the fan.... oh, well, remember you don't have to worry about this again for at least six months.


  1. What if you have Sun sq. Saturn natally? Is it just another day another dollar?

  2. Yeah, just another day and dollar for sun square saturn. Same probably for my tribe which is sun conjunct saturn. We already "get" the energy. By the way---i am sure you have already experienced it..but the sun/squares usually start off their lives with deep insecurities but as they work through them during their lifetime they get stronger and stronger and what started as an insecurity will usually turn out to be an asset. Also, we are usually defined as Late Bloomers.

  3. Oh tell me about it, sister! It's a rough ride, Saturn is squaring a lot of my planets, but this weekend is supposed to be particularly difficult? Crossing my fingers for when the blooming begins.

  4. And then when you add to it the Sag Full moon (another mutable) --more yikes!