Monday, June 1, 2009

Titanic's little Survivor---RIP

The youngest survivor of the Titanic disaster has died. See link below.
When I look at the chart for the disaster (Lois Rodden) I think one of the most compelling parts of this chart is the fact that Moon is at 26 degrees 03 of Pisces.
On May 23 (last week) Uranus moved into the 26 degree of Pisces. This is the first time that the Titanic's moon has had a conjunction with Uranus since 1926. I am not a scholar of Titanic History--(frankly I didn't even like the movie) but having said that I did a quick search for Titanic History and in 1926 I found that the designer of the Titanic died in March 1926. (Perhaps in his next lifetime he'll design more life boats!) The Moon of course is Mother and Childhood and for intents and purposes, the mother of the Titanic could easily be the Designer ...and now here we are and the youngest child --some 83 years later dies. Eventually Uranus throws everything up to the universe, doesn't it?

Last survivor of "unsinkable" Titanic dies at 97
LAWLESS – 12 hours ago
LONDON (AP) — Millvina Dean was the youngest
passenger on RMS Titanic, just nine weeks old when she was wrapped in a sack and
lowered from the sinking ship into a lifeboat bobbing on the frigid North
Dean lived to become the disaster's last survivor. She
died Sunday at the age of 97 in Southampton, the English port from which her
family sailed on the ill-fated liner, intending to begin a new life in the
United States.

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